Q&A with Daniel, part 8

Questions And Answers with Daniel.   Part 8.
FC with Daniel, Jerusalem, 16-May-2007.

Ask:  Gershon   (04-May-2007)
You say that every Rav agrees with you that today's wigs are forbidden. That is simply false! in my city, the wife of the heads of kollelim, roshei yeshiva, and poskim who are filled with yiras Shomayim, all wear wigs.
I am beginning to think that this whole website is one big lie! I didn't until I read what was said about wigs. I also don't understand how you could claim that women must all wear thick stockings.
Where in "Shulchan aruch" does it say so? Once again, I ask, what about all the wives of all the very big talmidei chachomim in my city. We're talking about homes filled with yiras shomayim. Something tells me this website is a big hoax!

First of all I never said that all the Rabbonim agree.
I said that no rav can say that the modern wigs, the custom wigs
are ‘Mutar' (allowed), because there is no way they can be Mutar, they look like hair, they are very 'mosech' (attractive) and woman don't look as if they are married.
Beside of course the ‘Avoda-zara' that still is a problem.
It's true there are many rashey yeshivot and Rabbonim that ignore this, however many of the greatest of the great spoke out against wigs even when the wigs where made of straw because they could see the future what would be from this, and therefore it's true many rabbonim and roshei yeshiva agree to this. However I'm personally davening for them all.

As far the stockings go, you're not supposed to see the leg. Period.
If the stockings are thin than you can definite see the leg.
If the stockings are thick you don't see the leg.

Today many ladies are totally confused, Their husbands dress like 200 years ago and they dressed like a fashion model that walk out of Burda.
I want to understand, you really want to tell me that roshei yeshiva say this is "casher"?
How could it be "casher" just because you decide that this is what it suppose to look like?
We have "Masoret", the way the husbands wear long coats, black hat ect. Shtraimel ect.
So why shouldn't your wives have a "Masoret" of the way their grandmother and great grandmother look ?
Unfortunately many of their grandmother were in the "Haskala", so the really didn't look too much like yiden.
Now, How much the Rabbonim that you speaking of are Yirey Shamaim - that's not for me to say.
I can only say what I know, and I know that such sheitel
that are prevalent in America that are called custom sheitels, with white parts as you call it with the hair look like real hair that stuck on the scalp blow in the wind back and forth that is blond and very very beautiful, It can't be muter.
And if yireei shamaim says that something that is treyfa is mutar than I don't know, (maybe) it's part of the confusion of "ikvot amashiach".

In Shulchan aruch it says that a woman should look married.
A woman has to look married, A woman has to be zanua (Modesty).

This ladies look like they came out of a fashion magazine.
It can't be "mutar".

I want to understand if it's mutar to bring ‘treyfa' into the house? No, it's not.  But "treyfa" was brought to their homes through so called Tzadikim. In Monsey, the people that were involved in the meat's scandal were all Tzadikim.

We live in a "dor" (generation) of bilbul, bilbul, bilbul.
We have to go back to what was, not 200 years ago, more, because we were confused already 200 years ago.

Ask: xxx    (14-May-2007)
Question: dear parent, if what the respectable doctors diagnoses is right, it is unheard of that your son daniel nero yair had written all those answers to problems which many rabbis and others cant find the real reasons for their existence, as a person who is familiar with autism I believe you are trying to "take advantage" of a poor situation, why don't you leave him alone?
Don't you realize there is nothing to do with such horrible consequence? many tired, many tried with the board reading which had proven fraudulent and such. It is sad and heart breaking...

Let me answer you dear xxx, your name is perfect for you xxx, you hurt my feeling very much, it's known that auotistic young people can be great genius's.
I refer you to Dr. briklin
(Facilitated Communication Institute
School of Education
Syracuse University
370 Huntington Hall
Syracuse, NY 13244-2340
Phone: (315)443-9657)

Who made many "nisyonot" (experiment), many "mechkarim" (research) on the subject.

I must tell you that FC has been used successfully by thousand of parents who find that their children are saying and know many things that are hidden inside them without the ability to say.

If you think we are not saying this that's your problem.
If you think that your comment don't hurt us than I tell they do, because they are absolute wrong.

Even down-syndrome children and children all kinds of Mentally handicapped have been proven by their parents to know many things that no one would believe they know, and why?
Because obviously they have a soul, and that soul is where all the intelligence is, it's not in the brain, that muscle.
That muscle can't make a personal intelligent or not.
The intelligence is in the soul, and the soul of human being.

Therefore if the body doesn't work, the soul stay intelligence,
and sometimes we can access this intelligence and get "Simcha", "Nahat" from the handicapped person.
The parents get simcha and nachat from the handicapped person. Obviously that you are not a believer.

Ask: Sara  (14/05/2007)
Question: Dear parents, it is sad and getting sadder to see how you as parents are trying manipulate his illness for your financial existence. We all know it is quackery, lies and frauelency. All this against the torah, someone is trying to use your sadness for their financial trap...
May I ask this person, in which way we're having any kind of financial help from this.
We are getting nothing, only my father is putting money into this which make it hard on us.
We've no ask a person for 1 cent and we're not ask anyone for money, so I really don't think that what you're saying has any consequence, the only think is obviously you don't believe that Hashem can create a person who is mentally handicapped
intelligent and able to express himself and I say that
"Ribono-Shel-Olam" the Creator of all things can Create enyting.
Again I say what financial assistant are we getting for this,
we're getting nothing for this, my father is only putting money
into it in order to make me feel like a human being that people might listen to and not only a despicable, tool for therapist and special teacher.

Ask: Chaim   (01/05/2007)
Question: Since there are no Tzadikim as it used to be and there is no person who is going to lead you then how come That on the people who are fighting with the yetzer hora and do Tfila to
Hasem day and night why to them there would be such a great HASTORE it seems like the satan is fighting them with all his might (maybe this is too hard for him to answer or explain but please give a try).
Of course satan is fighting with all his might "Davka" again the people that can bring the Geula. He's trying to stop them.
But don't stop, just hold on stubbornly as it is written that at the and of times Hashem hold a rope and we're holding the other hand, And it's going to shake us very hard and the whole think is not to let goes the rope. Not ever to let go that connection to Hashem, that what will save us. But it would not be easy, and it isn't easy.

Ask: Anonymous,  Yerushalayim  (08/05/2007)
Question: How can you rule halachos for people when you know for sure that the halachah is always according to the majority opinion? I mean how can you, for instance, rule for a woman not to wear a wig but wear a kerchief?
You said that this person should check it out for themself but many Rabbonin unfortunately do allow wigs of course not all but there are those that do. So can you please explain this?
Thanks again so much for this site.
I just tell you this: I'm not posek, I just said that it's obviously that the wigs of today are "Asur", you don't have to be a posek
to understand that.  You only have to be a little bit intelligence
and have a little "Yeda" to understand that.
If you want to have more answers for that subject send your email to my father (in the website) he'll send you back name and telephone of a Rav who will answer all your questions.

Ask: Anonymous,  Yerushalayim  (08/05/2007)
Question: Someone asked: some of the answers concerning modesty such as thick stockings, braided hair and removing make-up, seems to be extremely inflexible. Surely some rabbis think and rule differently. I agree with this very much I have learned B'H that it's "osser" to wear those things but when you say to go learn there are those that do/did go learn but learned that it is O.K. There are many that said it's O.K.
Its very true what you're saying and that the mixed up of this
generation, so who ever is interested, see previous answer to get more questions.

Ask: Dan from Johannesburg   (09/05/2007)
Question: You mentioned that in the future money will not have a value. How then will people be able to make purchases.
I really don't worry about that right now, we've got a lot of things to worry about before that.

Ask: A. Michael,  Yerushaliem  (10/05/2007)
Question: Regarding the war of gog umagog, what is the inyan about coming to live in Eretz Yisrael before the war and Moshiach revealed, and does heaven have anything to say about it? I have seen writings from mekubaliem and was told by a sepharadi rabbi that any Jew who doesn't come to Eretz-Yisrael will perish in the upcoming war of gog umagog, wheras
may chasidim say that Moshiach will gather everyone from chutz-laaretz. Do you have anything from heaven that could clarify this machlokes ?
Both things are true.  However there is a special "Zcut" in living in Eretz-Yisrael, and since the person need all the "Zcuyot" He can get at this time, I'd rather be here.

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