Chapter 108A - FC with Daniel
Apr. 19.2009

Foreword from Daniel's father:


I had planned on communicating with Daniel to go over the questions and answers sent to the site over the past month. Some of the people are baruch Hashem starting to realize that the answers are coming from on high and some are still sending letters of anger and resistance.

Although Binaymin has said in a former FC that Hashem does not give them His timetable, we can see clearly that the world is in trouble.

We can't ignore Daniel's message from half a year ago, titled "The Golden Calf is dying" (chapter 95 on the site), and even before that, about two years ago when Binyamin said to me, "it won't take long for the entire financial system of the world to crash." (chapter 37 on the site).

I want to remind you that a couple of years ago, everything seemed fine in the world, no banks had fallen yet, people's pensions were set and ready, the stock market was running as usual and so on and so forth.

Yet, since Elul we have been witnessing the fall - the economy really is falling apart... big time.

I would therefore advise all the readers to pay serious attention to every word the Autistic men, Ben and Daniel are saying, particularly to the Jews overseas.


Just don't forget that the main thing is to repent - teshuva.

Daniel's father

FC with Daniel:

Am Yisrael, Hakadosh Baruch Hu is so happy with all the prayers that took place at Birkas Hachamah (the blessing of the sun), seeing that throughout the world, thousands upon thousands of Jews streamed into the streets, stood in the street early in the morning and made the bracha - it showed Hashem that truly a lot of Jews are awaiting the coming of Moshiach. Thus in very central places throughout the world; Jerusalem, Bnei Braq, New York, Los Angeles, Lakewood, Monsey, London, in all the places the sun was bright and easy to see and particularly in Jerusalem the sun was strong, pleasant and spiritual, one could sense a certain unnatural element, a Heavenly element. But Am Yisrael, open your eyes well; it's all over.


To the Jews in America; you don't have a lot of time. Your president is going to bring a lot of trouble upon you.  You should start making your way to Israel.

To the Jews in England, it is becoming more obvious that the goyim hate the Jews - anti-Semitism, and it won't take long for it to fully develop. Jews of England, start thinking about leaving.

Jews of Europe, you are the goyim's next target, the Muslims. You should start leaving and wherever else there are Jews in the world, you should start considering - not just considering - you should start moving. Start making your way to Israel.


Am Yisrael, Moshiach is almost here. We are going to suffer very harsh things and only those that are truly tied to Hakadosh Baruch Hu with emunah and bitachon (faith and trust) that He is the Omnipotent and not any other force, only He guides and directs our lives, He gives us everything we need to live, to exist, only those will receive Moshiach Tzidkenu.

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