A Message From Binyamin Golden, An Autistic Man        5769

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We said that we would give a message only when a real change takes place in the world, and this has now happened.

Before Elul we said that from Elul onwards, the world would change completely and indeed, since Elul the economy of the whole world began falling. Afterwards, Barack Hussein Obama was elected president. Between Elul and Adar, the world has changed immensely and from Adar until now the world has changed even more.

In most areas, everything is going down. Countries are getting ready for a huge war. More and more countries now have operational nuclear weapons, anti-Semitism is severe around the world and more and more people are being left without even minimal employment.

Let us remember the way the world was three years ago and how it is today.  So many countries are arming themselves with the most treacherous weapons and no one can stop them. Only one thing is clear: everyone is against Israel and the Jews.


Barack Hussein Obama is a messenger sent from Heaven, and Hashem is causing him to do strange and illogical things that are almost foolish. However with much help from Heaven he achieved his role as the president of the United States and Hashem has put in him the will to rule the world. He is an evil messenger who will cause the destruction of most of the world [See Zechariah 13:8].

Obama wants to be a dictator over the United States and he is succeeding greatly. He is in control of at least thirty percent of the businesses in America. It is very interesting that he manages to do things that no other president would have dared to try. He can't even prove that he is American, and this is amazing. He has signed hundreds of laws since he came to the White House. No other president had ever managed to pass so many laws in such a short time and some of them are very, very strange as well as anti-democratic and anti-American [These things show that this is not a natural phenomenon rather this is all arranged from Heaven as stated above].

Barack Hussain Obama is a combination of Edom, Yishmael and Amalek and he reached the presidency by open miracles. He supports all sorts of things that are forbidden not only to Jews but even to B'nei Noach.


He wants to rule America more like a king than a president and that is not part of the ‘American Dream' [as it is undemocratic]. He came into the world as if he were the secular "Messiah", the goyish "Messiah" who does not believe in anything even close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu [G-d]- and he believes he can save the world. It's unbelievable and supernatural that such a wicked and unintelligent man could advance as far as he did. It's a miracle [All of which shows that he was sent from Above -  since he did not arrive by normal processes - and this is reminicent of the unnatural way that Hitler, yimach shmo, came to power].

Lately he has revealed even more of his compulsive hatred for the state of Israel, that is based upon his hatred for Jews. It is now becoming more and more obvious that he wants to destroy Israel, tear it apart, and he doesn't care if the Arabs eliminate the Jews, chas vesholom. It doesn't interest him one bit.

He believes that the State of Israel is the main problem of the Middle East. About this, he's not far from the truth. It is clear that the Zionists brought all the troubles upon the Jews here in Eretz Yisrael and all the wars. If they would have done the will of Hashem, we would not be having all these troubles and the Geula [Redemption] would have already come, particularly after such a painful Holocaust [Which atoned for so many of our sins].

Nevertheless, we are still Jews, even though we don't believe in the crooked ways of the Zionists, we still live in Eretz Yisrael and we really don't want to have the Arabs ruling over us, which would be a life - threatening prospect.


Obama is clearly stating that the State of Israel has to give up [sovereignty over] Jerusalem, return to the borders of 1948 and allow all Arab "refugees" to return to Eretz Yisrael. We must pray to Hashem to help us do complete teshuva so Hashem will nevertheless have mercy on us, even with all our sins, and bring Moshiach Tzidkenu with rachamim [mercy] ["If Israel would do teshuva they would immediately be redeemed" Sanhedrin 92].

We have been speaking about this and explaining the terrible dangers that we are facing to Jews all over the world. Yet not only are Jews not accepting our words, most Jews are not even prepared to accept what is written in the Prophecies of the Torah. Open your eyes and see for yourselves that the end is near, the difficult end [everything that is mentioned regarding Geula Be'itah].

It's not just that Eretz Yisrael is in danger; every Jew in the world is in danger. Anti-semitism is very great. All the Jews in the world are in danger. Do not think that if a Jew lives in the US then he's safe. Wait until your president gets really angry at the Israelis; see where you'll be standing then and what he will do to you.

How many Jews are there in the world? The numbers are microscopic compared to the gentiles. What will become of you, Jews of the world? What does the future hold for you in your countries?


Open your eyes, Jews! We are so few compared to all those that are against us, the only thing that can save us is Hakadosh Baruch Hu. He sent us the Prophecies to give us guidance for this period in time, what to do and how to do His will in order that we should be saved.

Jews living abroad, if possible, it is better for you to be here in Eretz Yisrael. If there is simply no way for you to come, then do what all the Jews, including those in Israel, should be doing and that is doing real teshuva. This is a message for the secular, the religious and the Charedi: do teshuva the way we explained in the previous messages [especially messages 27 and 37 [The messages can also be received by fax. Call: [972] [0]77-4502234].

From WWII until today the world has never known such an abundance of gashmius [materialism] as there was up until September 2008. We grew accustomed to having all that gashmius and we truly felt that we could not live without all those things.

The abundance of gashmius was so great that it totally distorted our way of life. When a person lives such a distorted life style, it completely distorts his outlook on the world. Even a Jew who believes in Hakadosh Baruch Hu, davens [prays] three times a day and learns Torah, if he remains connected to this world of sheker [falsehood, the Golden Calf] with all his heart and tries to live in both worlds [the world of gashmius and as well as the world of spirituality], he will vanish from existence, lo aleinu. Because one cannot live in both worlds at once - the world of emes and the world of sheker [See Chovas Halevavos, Shaar Haprishus, chapt. 2].

Now is the time to choose. Now, is the epoch before the end. And you should know that this is indeed the final period before the end. This is the time for you to make your choice. Whoever does not choose to have full bitachon [faith] in Hashem - which means doing His will completely without any sheker whatsoever - can have no place in the world of Moshiach.


Therefore the first thing we need to do is truly return to Hashem. We must get rid of all the ideas and all the desires that have no connection to Yiddishkeit [Judaism], and go back to doing nothing except the will of Hashem. And not to distort the will of Hashem to suit our desires; rather we must do what is really the will of Hashem.

However, we are presently so far from the real emes [Truth], including many of our leaders, that I fear very much that we will not be able to reach the Truth. Once a person's way of thinking is so seriously distorted and his desires are so distorted, such a person will generally not be able to reach the Truth.

I am very worried that we will end like we did in Miztrayim, where only a fifth of the Jews were redeemed. And I fear that with the present situation of the Jews, it may even be far less, chas veshalom ["Vechamushim alu" - one out of five, some say one out of fifty and some say one out of five hundred - Yalkut Shimoni and Mechilta, Shemos 12].

[A similar thing has already occurred in the past: "And I will leave among Israel seven thousand, all the knees that did not kneel before the idols etc." [Kings 1:19:18, Malbim Kings 2:13:7] and see also Chessed LeAvraham 3:20 who wrote that this is how many Jews will be left in Israel when Am Yisrael is redeemed by Moshiach].


Because most of the Jews are still living in a fantasy world [Egel Hazahav, the "American Dream"]. And even though everything is collapsing, they still have the desire and the hope that maybe still the situation will go back to the way it was previously. If I would ask most of the Jews: "Would you prefer to go through some hard times in order to get to the good times - of Moshiach Tzidkenu and Beis Hamikdash - or rather return to the world the way it was three or four years ago?" I'm afraid that the majority would say that they would prefer to just go back to the past.

I therefore want to make something very clear: this is the end. In the very near future the world will come into the most terrible times, most frightening. Two thirds of the world will be destroyed [Zechariah 13:8], may Hashem protect us, and vicious wars will take place. Only those that are truly close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu will remain ["...and it will be that all who ‘call in the name of Hashem' will remain" [Yoel 3], as Metzudas explains there: "Only the select few amongst them who call out to Hashem and cry out to Him and put all their trust in Him"].

What more can be said? Read everything we have written until now and better still, read the Prophecies written in the Torah, and you will know what to do and how to do it in order to save yourselves. The world of Moshiach will be a world of emes [Truth] and only people of emes can exist in a world of emes.


Q. I have heard from several intelligence sources that Iran has over a hundred atomic bombs which they sent with suicide bombers who smuggled them through the breached area of the border between Mexico and the USA and that they are now hidden in many different states, awaiting the order to detonate them. Is this true?

A. One thing is certain: America is in for a really big bang and this is no joke. America is going to suffer terribly in the very near future. Hussein Barack Obama wants to rule the world. The problem is that he's not so smart. He's a big rasha [evil man]. The world is again going to change immensely and eventually, all the prophecies that are supposed to materialize will do so, down to the very last detail.

Our concern is whether not we will survive; our concern should be whether we will be capable of living in a world of emes. We must do teshuva - that is our whole concern now, not shelters nor gas masks or anything else, just that...

Q. I want to know what we have to do to be saved by Hashem. I pray for Am Israel all the time because I'm afraid about the financial and spiritual world but it's written: "without food there is no Torah", so we need them both to do what Hashem wants. [S. from France]

A. You are right, but, first of all, you must come very close to Hashem and trust Him. We are approaching the point, similar to the Jews in the desert: being without a source of sustenance. We are in the stages of disconnecting ourselves from the olam-hazeh [the material world], financially, materialistically and in every way.

If we learn to trust Hashem wholeheartedly and know that He will provide for us even though we are not succeeding in our own efforts, then we will be saved ["Blessed is the man who trusts in Hashem etc." [Jeremiah 17].

However, those who believe in their own abilities, in "kochi ve'otzem yadi" [MY strength, MY powers...] will not be saved ["Cursed is the man who puts his faith in man etc" [ibid]. And whoever is still living in France, woe to them.

Q. I live in Montreal with my family. Should we follow the same instructions that you gave to American Jews [Rachel, Montreal]?

A. Every place in the world, the Jews will be a target for Anti-Semitic actions. They already are in many places. According to the Torah prophecies Eretz Yisrael will not be destroyed ["For the day of Hashem is near upon all the nations... and in Mount Zion will be the refuge" [Ovadia 1:17 and Yoel 3:5], but Edom will certainly be destroyed [Ovadia 1:17] , and you are living in a part of Edom.

Q. Will it be safer to be in Canada than in America at the time of Mashiach? [Moshe, Canada]
A. It will be safer to be with Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

Q. How can a person know if he will be saved from Gog Umagog? [Moshe, Brooklyn]

A. No one can know ahead of time. Just be close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and stay far away from the Egel Hazahav and the lies of this world.

Q. What happens to a person who is very confused in life? Will he go to Gehinnom or Gan Eden? [Menachem, Brooklyn]

A. Confusion [bilbul] is against the Torah.

Q. It has been already two months since you wrote that the Jews in America are in grave danger and Baruch Hashem, we did not see anything happen. Now I am going through what you wrote and I see that you wrote something similar to the Jews of Russia a very long time ago and Baruch Hashem, you were wrong there too. So what is this, Fake Predictions Inc. or just deception?

A. As the saying says: He who laughs last laughs best. But I won't be laughing, I will be crying for every single Jew. We are not prophets, however Jeremiah the prophet warned Am Yisrael for eighty years that a disaster would befall them if they do not repent and they only laughed at him ["And I spoke to you and a word you did not hearken" [Jeremiah 25]. In the end, the First Temple was destroyed and the Jews were exiled.

Noah built the ark for one hundred and twenty years, and the whole time he warned the people that they should do teshuva and that if they didn't, a flood would come and they would all be killed. They laughed at him and in the end, it happened.

We have been giving messages for seventeen years now, and what we are saying now will not take eighty years or a hundred and twenty, it will happen soon.

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