A Message from Binyamin Golden, an autistic man   20 Av 5769  
(AUG 10, 2009)

I have much to say. Time is very short. I want to give a message to the Jews all over the world, especially those in America and Eretz Yisroel. I am sure that most of you know that since last September - Elul - the world has changed completely. And now the last stage has started before the end, the "end" meaning the Geulah Shleima - the Redemption that we have all been waiting for - and Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

But what does all of this mean to the Jews of the world and also to the goyim? It means that all those who prefer to live a lie, will not survive. I don't mean they will simply die, I mean that they will not have eternity [which is the worst punishment, see Rambam, Teshuva 8:5]. Those who go in the direction of the Truth will have eternity and will have made the tikun for Adam and Chava.

Before the first sin, man had no yetzer hara in him. He himself put the yetzer hara inside himself, and we have been suffering from this for thousands of years. This generation is the generation that will separate again the bad from the good and finally throw the yetzer hara out of the human heart.


This lowly generation has and will have it's few individuals who will go towards the Truth and throw away the yetzer hara forever. These few will be the foundation of the future yemos hamoshiach.

Who will these people be? Those Jews who in spite of all the confusion of this world, in spite of all the excess materialism that pulls people so strongly, in spite of all the lusts and desires that are readily had - and sanctioned in the highest quarters - in spite of all of that, they will reject all the lies and run to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

These Jews will be come from all different groups, but the main group will be of what is termed in English the "ultra orthodox" - the Charedim, the kitsoniim [the so called "extreme"]. Why? Because they are the only ones that can separate themselves from the lie [Egel Hazahav, materialism]. Because they have taken upon themselves to live as true Jews even before the big trouble starts. They will make their own ghetto and not wait for the goyim to make it for them.

They will run into their ghettos and lock the doors so to speak, so that the tumah [impurity] of the wild outside world that is celebrating it's decadence, will not enter their homes, will not enter their minds and will not enter their desires. These are the people that will survive.



I am now speaking to the Charedim that have created a plastic Judaism of lies and many of them have copied the goyim in all of their decadence. For example, the restaurants and eating-places of all kinds, from pizza stores to elegant restaur ants. There are many problems of kashrus because the demand for meat of any kind is so great and problems with kashrus in general because the demand for food is so enormous.

People eat and drink and then diet. Everything is motivated by money and profits, and not by kashrus. Kosher pizza - chalav yisroel. kosher milkshakes - chalav yisroel. All kinds of dairy delicacies - chalav yisroel. When they need a diet, it is also with the best hechsher and chalav yisroel and even yashan.

The world, including the frum world, has gone absolutely mad. They are wild with all the gashmiyus'dik toys that they can have, such as videos, mp3's, with all the push button anything you can think of, with all the gadgets, with all the possibilities for vacations and even the tremendous possibility for absolutely forbidden things. Many of the absolutely forbidden things come with supposedly "absolutely good" hechshers.


All those people are doomed if they don't change immediately. However, it is almost impossible for them to change because their minds are clogged. Their minds are clogged with the soot and the filth of the sheker of the Olam Hazeh, of the Egel Hazahav that shines so brightly and glitters in their eyes. Tell them to destroy the Egel Hazahav and they will tell you: "Chas Veshalom! That isn't the Egel Hazahv, that's (Chas Veshalom) Hashem!"

They are confused and even at the last moment (when any fool will be able to see what is truth and what isn't) will opt for the lie and insist that it is true. Oy, oy, Am Yisroel, Hashem's sweet first born. His first and only child. The child that He loves most of all. What has happened to you? Am Yisroel, you have run away from your chosson. You ran to all the countries of the world and they threw you around and stepped on you, and made you a harlot for them and now you're a shameful sight.

But Baruch Hashem, there are those who will return and those that have already returned. They are the ones who have rejected throughout the generations the goyish way of life. Those neshamos are also living now and they will come back to Hashem and their bridal gown will be white as snow and the chosson and the kallah will be joined together once again.

The rest of the worlds, including many of the Charedim, are reveling in their drunkenness. They don't realize how terrible they look. They don't realize in their drunkenness how low they have gotten. And the only moment that may bring them to the realization of what they have become is when they wake up from their drunken stupor lying in the street face down in their own vomit


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