120 FC with Galia

Chapter 120 - Message from Galia

Chol Hamoed Succos  (8 October, 2009)


"Do not fear; the Redemption is right on our doorstep"


Ima: My dear Galia, how are you? What are you allowed to tell me without my asking?

Galia: My dearest Ima, I am allowed to reveal to you that very difficult times are in store for the world as well as for Am Yisrael. Everything is going to turn into one great big concoction very soon. I do not have permission to elaborate on dates or timeframes, but everything I said a few years ago I did not say in vain and the things will happen in the very near future. All the messages given by the brain damaged people were not given in vain; everything those precious souls predicted will indeed take place; it's all a matter of time. But the prayers of Am Yisrael and their mitzvos can nullify even the harshest decrees, for Am Yisrael has the power to change the world, reality - everything. Just do as many mitzvos as you can and Heaven will show mercy upon us.


My dearest mother, this is the time of the Geula (Redemption), a very difficult time full of pre-birth pangs. I have already told you everything; it is not easy to live in such times since there is no time for concessions (from Hashem). The Geula is right on our doorstep and all the tikkunim (rectifications) must be completed by a certain time. That is why the world has been inflicted by terrible suffering unlike ever before since the time of creation. Many people are suffering and great tzaddikim are suffering for Am Yisrael in order to complete the tikkunim and those suffering for the sake of rectifying themselves do not get any easing because the end is near and there is no time for easing. We must do the best we can now rectifying ourselves.


Therefore, my dearest Ima, do not be afraid in the rapidly nearing rough times, for Hashem does not intend on punishing anyone from Bnei Yisrael in the birth of the new world. It is birth and therefore painful, it is a painful procedure and will hurt everyone. However, Am Yisrael is always most beloved to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and Hashem Yisborach is always protecting them from harm. Therefore, my beloved Israel, do not fear. As I said before, the more mitzvos you do, the greater the protection for Am Yisrael and the more nullification of decrees.


The world is reaching the completion of its tikkun in the very near future. Times will be most difficult particularly with the Arabs here in Israel and everywhere else. The whole world will face vicious wars and powerful countries will struggle with each other but after all that, the world will become quiet and peaceful. It will be a world of supreme beauty, truth, honesty and revelation of Hashem Yisborach. Many of today's heretics will suddenly discover that this world has a king; the King of all Kings, Hakadosh Baruch Hu, the creator of Heaven and earth, He is one and there is no other.


Everyone will be overjoyed to discover this revelation after they had been drenched in the darkness like beasts, the world will be pleasant and all the terrible violence that has filled the world and reached a peak lately will cease - there is no way such a violent and un-rectified world can go on.


Baruch Hashem, the time for the Geula has arrived. Be merry and rejoice my brothers and sisters, you will be celebrating very soon.


There will be wondrous miracles very soon, a real change in the laws of nature.



Ima: Gog Umagog? A war? Are you allowed to elaborate?

Galia: My dearest mother, I have already told you that the Geula is on the doorstep, which includes Gog Umagog and a big war. It is all pre-birth pangs before the birth of a new, wonderful, beautiful, healthy and fair world for all of humanity, while at its center stands the pearl of charm: Hashem's beautiful Am Yisrael. We are His pearl of charm, we are the only ones who spread the immense kedusha (holiness) throughout the world, the holy Torah, the mitzvos, the absolute emunah (faith) in Hakadosh Baruch Hu Yisborach, He is one and His name is one. Therefore, even in the upcoming rough times for us and all of humanity, we must have great patience and know that everything is actually a preparation for the future joy - all the suffering and difficulties is in preparation for the rectified and good life. War is preparation; it is a more serious method of educating people after easier and more pleasant methods failed, sometimes a more serious way of educating is called for and it proves successful. The difficulties bring about the desired change; they lead to other ways of thinking, other ways of doing things, they make the world look different and better.


All of the tzaddikim and all the angels are praying for Am Yisrael to be redeemed with great mercy. There will be wondrous miracles very soon, true changes in the laws of nature. Very meaningful things will happen - things that contradict any kind of basic logic because we are no longer in regular times.


Whoever does things now to merit Am Yisrael will be rewarded greatly [in Heaven].


Ima: Someone told me that your messages were printed out and distributed all over Jerusalem. You have a great zechut (merit), you are a great tzaddekes who suffers her whole life in that body, you can't even speak a word to anyone - they do to you what they do and you cannot say one word! But baruch Hashem that you are in such a good place [hostel for special-needs].

Galia: Ima, I know that pages of my messages have been distributed. It merits Am Yisrael, me and you and all those who go around distributing these messages. Their merit is very great. Whoever does things now to merit Am Yisrael will be rewarded greatly [in Heaven]. This is a critical time and whoever can arouse even just the mere thought of teshuva in the heart of another, will merit, be'ezras Hashem, infinite rewarding.

Ima, I accept all my suffering with great love; I am very happy that I was given the chance to come to this world and help complete tikkunim. You see, after my hard work you have done teshuva, baruch Hashem. It was already worth my coming down for that and even if it had been only for that it would still be worth my being born into this world and suffering my whole life. Every person has a task to fulfill here in this world and sometimes people are completely unaware of the immense task they are fulfilling here as emissaries of Hashem Yisborach. They are not always aware of these things because the world conceals these things for many different reasons. One of the reasons is because only if there is concealment can the soul undergo a true test. Without concealment there would be no way to test the soul.


All of Am Yisrael will do teshuva soon


Ima: Do you have anything to say to your brothers?

Galia: No, Ima, Hashem will already bring them to teshuva. I don't think there is a chance that they will not do teshuva. All of Am Yisrael will do teshuva very soon, in light of the events that will take place in Israel and throughout the world and my brothers are included, be'ezrat Hashem.


The Torah is natural water


Ima: Do you have anything to say to the people that really look forward to reading the messages each time and truly love them?

Galia: They can continue (their excitement), there is nothing wrong with it. On the contrary, sometimes it strengthens the person very much and gives him hope and the will to go on. But the close connection with the Torah is what gives us life and vitality and it strengthens us and works wonders for the person and for all of Klal Yisrael. The Torah is natural water, it gives the person life and he should continue with the Torah of Hashem Yisborach.


The seductions of the Sitra Achra


Ima: How can a person prepare himself for leaving this world? What can he do to not have fear?

Galia: Ima, all of his life, man prepares himself for leaving the world, as soon as he comes into the world he is already preparing to leave. Every day that passes prepares him for leaving. Doing mitzvos and good deeds is the best preparation for leaving, they take away all the fear. Whoever knows that he is fulfiiling the will of Hashem Yisborach and his task in this world of coming close to Hashem Yisborach, has nothing to fear or worry about. Whoever carries out the mission for which he was sent to this world - what has he to fear? Also a person who returned to our Father in Heaven after many years - he too is fulfilling the will of Hashem Yisborach, therefore he too has nothing to fear for he has carried out his mission. The Sitra Achra (evil inclination) is constantly mocking the person and luring him with all sorts of forbidden pleasures, all in order so that it can take the kedusha (holiness) away from the person and transfer it over to his side. Look how important the kedusha is, that the Sitra Achra does everything it can just to bring some kedusha over to its side (the impure and evil side). However, everything is over for the evil side now, it will soon be left without air to breathe, without kedusha. It will thus wilt away. The kedusha gives life. Yet as soon as the public discovers Hashem Yisborach, the King of the whole world and of all of the worlds, its seductions will fail and all the kedusha will be returned once more to the supreme source, be'ezrat hashem. This will all happen very soon.


Ima: Are we allowed to publicize this message?

Galia: Certainly, my dearest Ima. One of the goals of our communicating together is that you should publicize all this to my precious Am Yisrael.

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