Now Is The Time To Choose

A Message From Moishe

28 Teves 5770  (Jan 14, 2010)


Bubby, I want to talk. My heart is breaking, my head is spinning. I am suffering terribly for Am Yisrael, for Am Yisrael, Hashems bride in the dessert, for Am Yisrael, Hashem's Am Segulah, (chosen people), for Am Yisrael the stiff necked people who have so often given there lives rather then desecrate Hashem's name. What will be with you Am Yisrael? My tears fall on empty ears, my heart longs for the peace and tranquility of the Beis Hamikdash - Beis Hashem.


The world is agitated and going in the wrong direction. Once great countries are on the verge of war, other countries are already in the midst of the fighting. The world faces the possibility of a most dangerous and cruel war, a war that the human imagination cannot visualize fully. And with all this the Jews, as well as others, are living as though nothing were happening around them.


It is well known that the gedolim from former generations wrote that at the end of time, close to when Moshiach will appear, most Jews will be erev rav and some will even be Amalek. This is happening in our generation. It's hard to find throughout the world a Jewish face, a real temimus'dik Jewish face. What will be Hashem? What will be with your beautiful Efraim Yeled Sha'ashuim? What will be?


Hakadosh Baruch Hu sent terrible destruction through an earthquake to the world, to a land called Haiti. He showed us in a small way how he could bring death and destruction without an atomic war. Still no reaction from the Jews, Hashem's people! This earthquake had better not be taken lightly, because it's only a small example of what Hashem can do levado uvi'atzmo without the aid of weak people and technologically advanced weapons.


So am yisrael take this message to heart because its real and it's telling us exactly what's in store for us if chas v'shalom we don't change our ways and come close to Hashem [this is a definitely a message to the Jewish people, as stated in Yevamos 63a].


Hakadosh Baruch Hu sent another message to the world, another lesson for Am Yisrael that should be taken very seriously.  That lesson is the dibbuk that appeared lately. It was sent also to show us ultimately, not with a huge earthquake where millions of people are dead and suffering, but a voice from within a tortured man. A dibbuk, a lost soul who entered and occupied someone else's body and is bringing a glimpse of what happens to a soul who is steeped in avairos.


These two incidences this week should have brought Am Yisrael to the Truth. But Am Yisrael is asleep and the way it's going might sleep through the whole Geula. What else can I tell you? I have nothing more to say except: come back Am Yisrael! Come back to your loving Father Hakadosh Baruch Hu.


Come back before, chas v'shalom, there will be no hope for us. Remember, those Jews, whether frum or not, that don't completely accept Hakadosh Baruch Hu as their Ribono Shel Olam, the complete and total Creator of everything, those Jews, chas v'shalom, will cease to exist in every way, lo alainu.


But those Yidden who accept Hashem as the King of all Kings the Creator of all and accept the 13 Principals Of Faith, those Jews will attain Eternity and with it eternal bliss. Now is the time for everybody to make his choice!

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