Chapter 127

Chapter 127

A meeting with Daniel Feb. 19 2010

I went to visit Daniel on Friday.
I brought him chocolate milk and cookies like he likes. Daniel asked to listen to some music so I played him songs by the singer Michoel Shtreicher.

Many years ago, that singer came to perform in our neighborhood on Succos (for free). We danced to the music and I even have a picture of Daniel together with Michoel Shtreicher as a souvenir.

Daniel said verbally that Mr. Shtreicher's songs are like the Olam Haba of this world.

Here are some excerpts taken from several recent FC sessions I had with Daniel:

Regarding the "sacks and ashes" teshuva tefillos (prayers), Daniel said that although there were very few men, the tefillos reached the Throne of Honor glory in Shamayim.

We received several e-mails lately on the matter of shalom bayit (marital issues).
One person wrote that his wife is merely a "rib" and I accidentally relayed the message incorrectly to Daniel by saying that the man wrote "bone". Daniel replied that whoever thinks his wife is merely a "bone" will get a bone caught in his throat.

I remembered that Daniel once said that a Jew should shower his wife with love and he should feel and live with the sense that she is a part of him.

I asked Daniel if there will be a message this month and Daniel replied:

"I think Hakaodsh Baruch Hu is going to be sending us some very big and obvious messages.

The messages for the world now have been arriving in the most difficult ways.
Although this messages are quite terrifying, they have not destroyed the world. However, any person with a bit of sense can see and understand that the whole world is in grave danger.

In any case, even the goyim are very seriously discussing the end of the world.

In the very near future we will be sorry that we did not prepare properly for the upcoming situation the world is about to face.

By preparing, I don't mean the way the governments here in Israel and all over the world are preparing.
They are building huge bunkers deep, deep into the ground in order to save themselves. It won't help them; those bunkers, many of which are very luxuriously built, are going to turn into their mass graves.

However, the Jews that cling tightly to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and His Torah will be saved.

Shabbat shalom.

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