Chapter 157a
Chapter 157a Worse than the Plagues of Egypt

FC with Menachem 5 Cheshvan 5771

This FC was a conversation with several Rabbis who give chizuk ( spiritual strengthening).

Menachem: Thousands of Iranian soldiers are standing by the borders and there are presently more missiles aimed at Tel Aviv than at any other place in the world. Yet, even with all this going on, we, the Jews are still drowning ourselves in the Egel Hazahav - Golden Calf (materialism, matters of the olam hazeh, etc.).

Thus, our current situation is a very sad one. The first missile to be fired will lead to a real real shock for most of the people, even though they know clearly that this is what is in store for us. It is all over the news that we are in grave danger.

The majority has already forgotten about the Torah Scrolls that were burnt in Viznitz, which was a huge warning for the entire Charedi world, that we have taken the Holy Torah and burnt it. The Yiddishkeit of today is not the Yiddishkeit of olden days. It's 'supposedly Yiddishkeit'.

The majority of the Charedi community is in a coma. We are completely drunk from the gashmius surrounding our lives and Hashem is throwing cold water on us to wake us up and bring us back to the emes (truth).
We have to do whatever we can to try and revive the Jewish Neshama within every Yid; that is our purpose. However, much of the Jews today are Erev Rav and we will not be successful with them. Nevertheless, with Hashem's help, we still have to try. The way to achieve this is to go from one person to the next and strengthen them, give them papers to read (i.e. messages, chizuk lessons from tzadikim), etc.

It will soon be easier to wake people up because the world is about to turn upside down. Every one can see the natural and un-natural signs, the strange weather, earthquakes all over the world, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico which can lead to a frost the likes of which have never been seen for the past thousand years in Europe and throughout the East Coast of the United States. There is the Danube River which is about to become polluted by a leak from an aluminum factory and ten million people are currently drinking that water! What color is the polluted water? Red, just like the plague of blood (that was in Egypt). Moreover, do any of you remember that plague of frogs in China?

This sounds a bit funny but in America there is now a plague of bad bugs!
You walk into a fancy furniture store, buy a bed that costs a fortune and come home full of bad bugs, something which is now quite common in America, to the point that huge stores have had to close down those departments.

This is only a fraction of what is happening now around the world. There is also the battle people are having to fight against all the viruses in their computers of which we don't hear about so often because today, even the news is being controlled by some very wealthy business men in high up places.

Democracy? That was the flag the United States and Europe both waved around and now it is dead. There is no more democracy. Isn't that amazing? America will soon be a dictatorship and apparently so will Europe. So, what more proof do you want?

The situation of the economy all over the world is deteriorating at a very fast pace. Perhaps the fall of America's and Europe's economy will wake us up; no matter how much the stock market seems to rise, it is all fake. It's just a cover up but soon the money will be totally worthless.

I am very worried about the lack of tznius (modesty) that has entered many Jewish homes. I am worried about the secular programs that are now being taught at many of our schools. I am very concerned because a lot of girls that come from the best charedi homes are now hanging out at malls and parks amidst the secular majority with the worst influences and lack of kedusha from the olam hazeh. I am also very worried about the charedi men who are suffering from lack of tznius in thought and in action.

If you check closely to see how many religious Jews are properly observing the laws of Family Purity, you'll find some very bitter surprises.

Every Jew needs to strengthen his faith in Hakadosh Baruch Hu, not be afraid of anything. All we have to do is have faith in Hashem and prepare for the end of this world as we know it, prepare ourselves for the coming of Moshiach Tzidkenu and the end of the galus (exile). It will certainly not be easy, but we will witness tremendous miracles greater than the plagues of Egypt.


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