Chapter 166 We are slaves
Chapter 166 We are slaves

Message from Yitzchak Izik
Motzei Shabbos, 11 Teves, 5771

Yesterday was the tenth of Teves. That is very, very frightening. The fast fell on a Friday this year and that has a lot of significance (being so close to Shabbos). We are nearing the Shabbos of the world, i.e. the Geula, Moshiach, Beis Hamikdash, korbanos, etc. We are very close to the Geula and I am very worried. Very few people realize what is happening, just like in Egypt. May Hashem help us.

I really am very worried. We are not aware of all the things that are happening but this week major things happened. The world is going downhill. This week, the world underwent a real deterioration; economically, nature-wise, in every way and in every place.

Very soon, terrible violence will erupt throughout the world; demonstrations, riots and so on, because people will begin to realize that they are slaves. When they find out they are not going to have any way of getting food or money to pay the rent... That situation will not change until they realize that the only way they will be able to live will be by making themselves slaves. Then, once they find out they have become slaves, they are going to lose their minds.

We (the Jews), too, are facing the most frightening wars. Nature is going to protest the ill treatment it has suffered from mankind until now, in a most frightening way. After that happens, Hashem is going to reveal Himself in such a way that many, many people will die from sheer fright. Only those who have faith in Him and are close to Him will be able to withstand it and will have the strength to face the enormous revelation that will take place. These are the people that will be worthy of receiving Moshiach tzidkenu. Hashem's plans will soon become clearer to all.

I want to tell you that we came out of Egypt, from a "foreign nation". Now, we are once again facing the "Egyptian" slavery, only this time it is not Egypt and it is not only Jewish slaves. The whole world is going to become slaves! There is a plan underway that is only now starting to slowly unfold and become known.
A sinister plan created by the "gilgulim" (reincarnations), of world famous "reshaim" (evil people).

Dor Hamabul is in the world today as well as Dor Hahaflagah, which is Edom (the Christian world), arabs and Jews.

Those that were in Dor hahaflagah want to rule over the whole world. They already rule more or less over America and Europe and by this we are obviously referring to the kingdom of Edom. Now they are looking to rule over other countries as well. America, Canada and Europe are already in their hands.

These VIP business men are presently ruling over the population of these three countries. They are deliberately causing money to lose its worth. This is leading to poverty and all the various problems caused by poverty.

These same business men created terrorist groups in order to frighten mankind and convince them that only the police and the government can save them from danger, thereby allowing the police to take charge over everything.

They are frightening the population of the so called free world so much that they are simply allowing them to take over their democratic governments and thereby willingly give up the democracy they so believe in. In essence there isn't any more democracy. It's gone. We have returned to the slavery of Egypt, Paraoh and his servants.

They want to rule over the whole world and gain control over everything people need in order to live. They will not allow a situation where one can grow food in his own garden, or have a goat that will supply him with milk or a few chickens to lay him eggs or for slaughtering, or a few tomatoes and cucumbers. No! They want to have control over the water, the electricity, and anything at all man needs in order to live.

The ordinary person will not have enough money to buy whatever he needs. They are making sure the inflation will be tremendous, while the value of the money has gone down and will continue to go down in value. This has already begun. There is terrible rioting taking place in Europe and in all Arab countries and we are just waiting for this to spread to the USA.

The Americans still think they have democracy.
They are dreaming that Obama the Democratic will be defeated and replaced by a Republican within a couple of years.
This is foolish because even Bush, the Republican, was under their control.

The greatest democracy in the history of the world is finished, but not just in America, also in Europe. Democracy is passed history.

The goyim in the Western countries are already turning into slaves. The leaders of today's Dor Hahaflagah are going to decide who will work, who will live, who will eat and who won't. They will be making decisions for almost every person in the world. Their intention is to greatly lessen the population size of the world because there are too many people in the world. They want to be like those who built the tower of Bavel.

Where do the Ishmaelite Arabs fit into the picture? Dor Hahaflagah cannot control them. The Arabs don't really want to do what those ruling over Europe want them to do because they are not prepared to be slaves. So there will be a big war between them.

How do the Jews fit in all this? Everyone hates the Jews, no matter where you go. In other words, the Jews face danger wherever they are and their situation is very bad. Soon, a much worse form of anti-Semitism will spread throughout the world. In Holland the Jews have been told that they can no longer be protected and that they should get out as soon as they can.

As for Israel, here too, there are certainly plenty of Jews and politicians that want to join the new-world-order (Dor haaflaga).

Will the new order be able to take control over Israel?
This I do not know. We'll see.
There are plenty who would like that to happen, but Hashem rules the world, not them.

The government here in Eretz Yisrael is not a wise one. They care only about their gashmius and nothing else. That is why they cannot grasp at all what is going on. They are still living in the fifties and sixties of the last century and they can't get away from that. They just want peace and quiet so they can go on living and enjoying life. They want to just sit back and enjoy their materialistic lives.

Slowly, slowly, even the Israelis are starting to realize that most of the gashmius world is just a sheker (lie). Soon enough, there will be no money left for anything. In such a situation, the best thing to do would be to just stay inside the house, shut the door and not have any part in what's going on outside. There will however be a shortage of food and water, etc. We will see how things develop then. Whoever clings to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, holds on to the rope and doesn't let go, need not be afraid. Hashem will give him water and food and anything else he needs.

Let's get back to explaining the situation of the world. The people that want to turn the world into one big "Egypt" also want to control nature and that is a very big mistake on their part because nature will always win over them. Nature is not a weak human being. Hashem made nature much stronger than man. In any case, they have a lot of nerve thinking they can also control nature. They have already done a lot of damage and nature has changed greatly due to this. It is striking us and there is not a thing mankind can do to stop it, no matter how much money those people have.

There are great snow storms now in Europe and also a few weeks ago there was a terrible frost and a lot of snow all over America. This came directly from HKB"H but on top of that it was also caused by people's wickedness, the chutzpah of Dor Hahaflagah - Edom, Mitzrayim.
There are going to be tremendous natural disasters in the near future as well as a terrible political situation and wars all over.

In the end, however, just as the world is turning upside down with chaos, Hakadosh Baruch Hu will bring upon the goyim - the Erev Rav, the Amalekites, the Edomites, and the Ishmaelites, all the plagues that were in Egypt and more. Much more.

As for all the reshaim, the wicked people will realize the terrible mistake, a moment before they are killed and they will all call out, "Ein od milvado!" That will be their end, though, and it will already be too late for them. Just like with the Egyptians who watched the waters drown them and they could not be saved.

For the Jews that are completely loyal to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, there will be such wondrous miracles the likes of which have not been since Matan Torah. How will we merit that? By holding on to the rope that ties us to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. The modesty - the long, wide clothes, the tichels, the "shawls" (capes), the aprons and capes you wear over your heads will protect you. (Note: The session was held in the presence of very modest charedi women)

What will protect the men? Learning Torah "lishmah", donning tefillin, wearing a tallis, tzitzis, peyos and beards, prayers, chessed (acts of kindness), guarding our tongues, shmiras habris (guarding the covenant), modesty, trusting in Hashem and the having the will to follow the way of Hashem - only these will protect us.

I know everything is confusing now and at times it is hard to know what to do, but if we just hold on to the rope no matter what happens, even if we feel that
we have done a sin, we must nevertheless continue to hold tightly to the rope and Hashem will save us. Don't let go, just don't let go.

The situation today is very sad. What I have said till now is not nearly strong enough. It is much worse than 'sad'; it is truly heartbreaking. There is no "yiddisheh" feeling, truly. The Jewish neshama of today's generation is covered with layers upon layers of gashmius, goyish ideas and ways of thinking. We lack the Yiddish neshama, the Jewish neshama of olden days.

What do we need to do? We need to clean out all the layers of filth and muck that are clinging to us, search and dig deep inside ourselves until we reach the Yiddisheh neshama, which is our direct connection with Hakadosh Baruch Hu. We must find that and bring it back to the way it used to be. It is not an easy task; we have to make an effort and work on it. We must give up the "Egel hazahav" toys we have loved so much, all the goyish ways we've grown accustomed to. We must pray and cry to HKB"H that He should open our hearts so that we should come to the truth that there is none besides Him.

If we don't do this, if we don't do real teshuva, HKB"H will bring us to the emes (truth), but you should know that that will hurt. Woe to us, woe to us. May Hashem help us that we should truly be able to do real teshuva and merit receiving Moshiach Tzidkenu.

Questions and answers:

Q. When is this all going to happen?
A. It can happen in a second or it can take time. I don't know how much time. But one thing I do know, that it is already happening. If you hold on tightly to the rope you will have a lot of chizuk (strengthening) and you won't feel like all the poor, sad people in this world. Even if the whole world has become slaves, whoever holds on to the rope will not become a slave. All of the evilness must get out; all of the wickedness must float to the top so that all of the sheker will become exposed. Then Hashem will do away with the sheker and the yetzer hara all at once.

Yes, yes, there are people in Israel who are in essence from dor hahaflagah. They are "so called Jews" and they also want to enslave the Jews in Eretz Yisrael. They have always wanted to have a state like all the other states and this happened without a war. The foreign culture conquered Eretz Yisrael without any war so the Erev Rav can be happy, particularly those in the government. And along with the rest of the world, the democracy in Israel has died. What's more, the Jews in the Diaspora are going to suffer in particular because the jails in America were not built only for the poor goyim. The Jews in the USA are already being persecuted but in a hushed way. A lot of Jews are already sitting in jail. In Europe, the level of anti-Semitism is rising and becoming even stronger than it was before the holocaust broke out.
When I started communicating through FC, about twenty years ago, we all thought Moshiach was already coming. And he still hasn't come. Don't be worried, though, he is almost ready to reveal himself and all those holding tightly to the rope will merit be'ezras Hashem greeting Moshiach Tzidkenu.

Q. We are coming into the "Shovvim" days, a time for doing teshuva over matters pertaining to kedusha. As it says, "Shuvu banim shuvu". How can we define our purpose in these days? There is a lot of confusion, people going to kivrei tzadikim, etc.
A. What can I say? Every person with the least amount of "brains" can figure out what's necessary: We MUST do teshuva! Every Jew, even the simplest Jew can open his eyes and look around, in the street, in the yeshivas, the schools, everywhere, in the homes... and see that we have a very serious problem. Every day we transgress very serious sins particularly in kedusha and shmiras habris (guarding the covenant). So what needs to be done?! Going to kiveri tzadikim is not enough! We must sit on the floor, tear our clothes, put ashes on our heads and body and cry, ask for forgiveness and firmly decide that we are returning to HKB"H and to the emes (truth).

Q. In our present situation, it is no longer an "eis ratzon", it is an "eis tzarah" (time of troubles), a time of teshuva. What should we do? Should we go to kivrei tzaddikim and put on sacks and ashes?
A. Of course, of course. There was a time where the Rabbis in Jerusalem would walk around most of the time wearing sack. Today, most of Judaism has turned into one big party. People run to Uman, to Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, to all the kevarim. For what? It's entertainment! It's not real - for the most part it is mere entertainment! They make a field day out of it, a fun trip and after they return from the holy sites the people usually don't change their ways and do teshuva. If the prayers were sincere, from the bottom of their hearts the world would be in a very different situation. And it is certainly not the fault of the tzaddikim that the prayers are not accepted in Shamayim, they are crying now more than ever, over every Jew.

Q. There is an article written by the mashgiach Rav Yechezkel Levinstein, zt"l, in the book "kovetz sichos" as well as in the book "pe'er hador" that speaks about the Geula, that the world is about to end in its current state and that not everyone will merit the Geula and about the need for spiritual preparation in order to be worthy of living in the days of Moshaich, etc.
A. Are you trying to ask me if he's right?!
Who am I to answer a question about such a great Gadol ?
I'll just say that it is obvious that we need to be ready for Moshiach. Therefore people should not complain that the end is taking a while because even every person sitting here in this room knows that two years ago you were not as prepared for Moshiach as you are today. You wanted Moshiach to come very much, but within yourselves, your spiritual level was lower than it is now. You have grown; you have added spiritual weight to yourselves. That is very important because you are now more prepared to receive Moshiach. You should rejoice with every moment that passes. Hakadosh Baruch Hu has a plan for this. You can't just expect Him to skip part of the job. HKB"H wants to prepare us for Moshiach's arrival. That is what is happening now; Hashem is preparing us that we will need to put our faith in Hakadosh Baruch Hu alone. With all the troubles, just depend upon him and don't be afraid.

Q. Is there any way for us, today, to grasp at all what the Geula is going to be like?
A. No one here can understand what the Geula is going to be like but Hashem is preparing us so that when the time comes we will suddenly be able to understand.

Q. Regarding the dispute on the matter of conversions, is there any significance?
A. Of course. The evil people want to eradicate yiddishkeit, that's obvious. They don't want any REAL Jews to remain. And as I mentioned before there are plenty of politicians who want to be part of the new world order. They also want Israel to be part of America and Europe, etc. That is their plan but Hakadosh Baruch Hu has other plans.

Q. The Ramban says that the rich, arrogant people are against Moshiach.
A. They are against HKB"H, Hashem Yishmor, not just Moshiach. However, they have a real problem with the Arabs because they actually do believe in HKB"H and in Moshiach. Although not in the same Moshiach as we believe in, but rather in some imaginary mashiach of their own. In any case, it's going to be very interesting.

Q. It would seem, then, that we are facing one of the greatest changes the world has ever seen since yeztias Mitzraim.
A. It is the biggest change. This is the end. It is not one of the biggest changes, it is THE biggest change. After this there is nothing. Meaning, there will be something but not the world as we know it.

Q. How does it work out with the process of the Geula, that on the one hand we are in the height of the process leading to the Geula yet on the other and the world is turning into one big "Egypt". How does that work out?
A. All of it is part of the Geula. This is part of the troubles we must undergo before the Geula. Europe and America are completely turning into police states controlled by a few people with the backing of the military. I think the state of Israel is also heading in that direction.

Q. What will happen here in Israel?
A. Whoever is holding tightly the rope connecting us to Hashem will live and are truth Jews.
The tzaddikim who know the truth are happy because they can already sense the end.
Any more questions? No. I want to tell you that from this moment on you are going to start seeing things much more clearly. Everything. Don't be afraid. Hashem is going to protect the true believers with tremendous open miracles. Don't be afraid and don't worry.

Message from Menachem, 18th Teves 5771

Yes, we see on the news that very scary things are happening. You hear about the weather in particular but beyond that there are worse troubles, those the people call "Security problems", as well as other different terrible problems that will happen in the very near future. Every day, terrible things become exposed; huge lies that no one can believe have happened and are still happening. You can't count on anything. Hakadosh Baruch Hu is causing this to happen, causing the world we know around us to collapse from every angle. It's very interesting that people are still walking around and going on trips as though nothing were going on. Look at Europe. There was a terrible frost and huge snowstorms. People got stuck at the airports without heating and without lights. Yet no one cares. As soon as the weather improves and the snowing stops they will continue to fly. As soon as the snow stopped falling in Europe, tons of people fled from Israel to go to Europe without any trouble at all, without fear. This is the general attitude all over the world. Once the danger is over, we just go on deliberately living our lives of sheker. But it will come to an end.

In the meantime, the greatest disasters took place in the third world countries. This will slowly, slowly, or maybe not slowly, very quickly, spread to the Western countries. I am not talking about just snow and uncomfortable situations; I am talking about very scary situations and a great amount of human loss! I am warning you all: do teshuva! Fools, do teshuva! I don't know any other word, any stronger words that I can say. Do teshuva. Don't you see that HKB"H is the Master of the World??

At first, Hashem tried bringing the Jews to teshuva by giving us personal tragedies, with terrible illnesses, lo aleinu, and difficult situations, but that did not wake up most of the people. Some did get the message, Baruch Hashem, but not the majority. So many difficult situations the Jews went through day by day; strange death occurrences, livelihood problems, weird problems relating to peace in the home - shlom bayis, and we all certainly know about all the horrible illnesses from which many Jews suffer, lo aleinu.

Yet only a very few awoke from this. Now things are going to get much worse. There are going to be much bigger natural disasters. We are also facing a huge war. All of this, however,h;1 does not seem to frig
hten the people. We really, really want lots of Jews to merit greeting Moshiach Tzidkenu. However, the world, including the Jews are still in euphoria, in a dream and don't want to come out of it. All of the wicked people that are trying to rule over the world will not succeed. Hashem will wipe them out in a synch. They will completely disappear from the world. Perhaps then, most of the people in the world, including the Jews, will understand. Then again, perhaps not, chas vesholom, who knows? I am personally shocked at how they are not waking up, how they just don't want to know. Oy, Tate, Tate (Father), help us! Help Am Yisrael. I have nothing more to say.

Questions and answers

Q. On the matter of the teshuva demonstrations with sacks and ashes held Erev Rosh Chodesh Shvat, how can we strengthen the people to do real teshuva, to truly scream and cry from the bottom of their hearts, etc.?
A. I don't know how to bring Am Yisrael to tears. There are a few who cry from true pain and I believe that they will receive Moshiach Tzidkenu but there are others that don't want to cry. They want to rejoice. They want Olam Hasheker (the world of deceit). There have been so many disasters and they don't care one bit. They cry a little and then go on with the party.

Q. This week there were big waves of incitement against the charedi Jews. Some of us suggested we should perhaps qualify some people that will go out among the secular Jews to clarify that they have nothing at all on which to base their claims...
A. They'll see that they don't have Torah either.

Q. What is the reason that this is happening specifically this week? Is it because of the budgets they demanded or is it because of what is happening in the world?
A. Every time the charedi Jews are attacked it is a test for the charedim. People want to take the charedi Jews' lollipops away and the charedim don't want that. So then they have to explain why they simply must have their lollipop, but the biggest problem is that the lollipop is not kosher.

Q. After such acts of incitement, is it, perhaps, time for us to disconnect from them once and for all?
A. Some people realize that they need to run away from them and have now become more aware of this necessity but most of the charedim panic and want someone to kindly explain to the secular Jews that we're really not that bad, we're really good and really much like them... we're not the charedim of olden days... or like the extremists...

Q. The Mabi"t writes in his book, "Beis Elokim" about "uleshavei pesha Yaacov" that this is the crime of the Golden Calf that if the people repent this sin, the Geula will come. The question is, since Egel Hazahav is the root of all sins, how can it be repented? Since it is the root of all sins, how can we begin to fix this?
A. HKB"H is waiting for one thing: that man, particularly the Jews, will simply understand in a second that the Golden Calf is nothing but a piece of metal. It does not give him life, it does not give him the Olam Haba and it does not bring him to Hakaodsh Baruch Hu, Who is the Ribbono Shel Olam (Master of the World). As soon as he grasps the fact that everything he lived with until now in the world of sheker, is really nothing but sheker, that the truth is really only with Ribbono Shel Olam, he will do teshuva and the Geula can come. However, with the way people are walking around like a bunch of drug addicts, I don't know what's going to be.

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