Chapter 170 This World is Dying
Chapter 170    This World is Dying

Motzei Shabbos Parshas Vayigash

I just want to tell you that the world is now walking a tightrope and is about to fall any day. That does not mean that Moshiach will come right away, but it does mean that this world is truly about to fall. I know we have been saying this year after year for almost twenty years and yet the Geula (Redemption) has still not come. However, what did already happen, is that the economy throughout the world has almost hit rock bottom. The institutions of the Western world have lost the trust of most of the people in the world. They see the leaders as nothing but thieves, which for the most part is true, and the institutions such as banks, medical facilities, insurance companies and so on, as a bunch of liars and cheaters. There is also a general distrust in the police and the army in most western modern countries.
People don't even trust their own families, neighbors and friends anymore.

The world has become hostile to people, no matter who or where they are. The few people that trust in Hakadosh Baruch Hu are the only ones that rightfully have in what to beleive. They have Who to lean on. The rest of the world has nothing to believe in. The world is simply hostile no matter where you are, in every corner, in every situation and this is truly something new. There was never a situation like this in the entire history of the world. We are even being threatened by nature, no matter where we are. Countries that never had earthquakes before are now having earthquakes. Places that have never had tornados now have tornados. Places that never had hurricanes now have hurricanes and they are not small. They are really big.

There is something called a Tsunami which has happened twice already with huge earthquakes that caused the whole planet to jump. The entire planet jumped, which may be the reason for the change in the angle of the planet's rotation.
Because of this, the sun shines upon us at a different angle which has led to strange things happening in nature. So tell me, when have such frightening things ever occurred throughout all of history.

Yet, people are not afraid. Their entire world revolves around their pleasures. They don't realize the danger they are in. A true Jew who faces death, chas vesholom, has a hope that he will enter the Olam Haze and Be'ezras Hashem, Gan Eden. Even if he goes into Gehennom, he still has a hope that from there he will eventually go into Gan Eden. The majority of the population of the world does not realize what danger lies ahead of them. They don't know, or actually, they don't want to know which is why they are not thinking at all about death, about the rest of their lives and about "what will be with them". Perhaps this is because they don't want to believe the worst.

They are afraid to even think of these matters so they run away to the gashmius. The majority are fools and don't want to know, because they really enjoy their lifestyle and under no circumstances are they prepared to give it up. The same goes for our precious Jews. They too want to continue living with the pleasures from the Western world of Esav. They want to continue having a good time and refuse to lift their heads even for a moment to see the truth, to see the fear that they themselves should in essence be feeling.
It really is heartbreaking, because if more Jews were observing Shabbos and really trying to do the will of Hashem, Moshiach would have come so easily.

However, we are a stubborn nation and this stubbornness is going to bring the end of the majority of the Jewish people and Moshiach will come after much troubles and suffering.
I have no more strength to say, "Do teshuva, do teshuva, do teshuva!" Who listens?
People will say, "What do you mean do teshuva? I am doing teshuva!"
They are doing a bit of teshuva. They are saying a couple more chapters of psalms, learning two laws a day in Shmiras Halashon, but continuing with the gashmius like everyone else.

Take a look at the state of Israel, all the strong, great heroes. You know what? There isn't even a plan for how to save the Home Front. Not even one plan! That means that they know very well that the next war is going to be so harsh that there is no way they would be able to save the Home Front. They would just fight with whatever they have now. Every person, Jew and non Jew living in Eretz Yisrael, will have to look out for themselves. Did you hear that? That's the Zionists for you. I still believe that they will take the keys, lock up the state and go away to some villa awaiting them in some secret hiding place and just leave all the Jews to die. They are not prepared for a thing - not war, not earthquakes, nothing. All the corruption is now being revealed. Be'ezras Hashem, the end of the corruption will come soon.

All of the Arabs are ready to go to war, ready to attack us at any moment, but Hashem is stopping them. I wonder how it is that they have not started a war with us yet since we appear to the world to be like paper tigers. Everyone is making fun of the Israelis especially of Netanyahu and his bunch of clowns. In any case, for the time being, Hakadosh Baruch Hu is preventing the Arabs from attacking us and this is a true open miracle. In the meantime, He is revealing to the world how pathetic the Zionists are and what thieves they have been and they certainly have no love for the Jews and for Eretz Yisrael. They have prepared for themselves bunkers in Israel and villas overseas in order to survive and live on. However, Hakadosh Baruch Hu won't let them. They are going to pay a very high price.

The Charedi world is also full of corruption. Why not? If we don't put up a fence between ourselves and the secularists, how could there not be corruption amongst us? If we bring into our world all the filth from the secular world, what do you expect? If we take money from the government in order to build our schools, etc., why shouldn't we fall into the mud as they do?! A ghetto or a fence is not enough. We need a shelter ten meters under ground to keep the tum'aa (impurity) from infiltrating our community.

Message from Yitzchak Izik:

This world is dying and I want to tell you that it is going to die in the very, very near future. This is no joke. You don't realize how soon it is going to be. You can literally smell death, you can taste it. It is almost here.

I also want to tell you that the situation of Am Yisrael is so bad now and this brings me to tears. For, very few truly understand the truth, very few. It seems that only a very few will survive, at this rate, and that is very sad.

There is now only one thing to do and that is to hold on tightly to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Don't look left or right (just up to Hashem). I know the end is near but no matter how hard Hashem shakes us, how much he'll scare us and everything, don't look left or right. Don't let go of Him for a second. If we do whatever we can to continue holding on tightly, no matter how hard he shakes us and how many mistakes we make along the way, if we continue nevertheless to hold on, we will survive with His help. He is the One that will save us, only Him. He is the Master of the World and only if we hold on to Him, will we survive. We'll get through it, if we just hold on tightly to the rope that ties us to Him, we will survive, survive and live forever. Do you hear? Live forever! That's it.

I am also worried about my family, very, very worried. I don't know how much they understand or don't understand. Oy, oy, how much I pray for them, even though I am here and they are there, they barely ever see me. I, nevertheless, continue to pray for them with all my might. The situation scares me very much. What can I say? Everyone is going to have to suffer. Who knows how many families will survive and remain whole? Who knows?

There is constantly news. There are those who listen to the news, who see the news, and even though they see and hear they still don't get it. Hashem should help that they should all get it. Of course, things are constantly going on. Whether we read it in the news or not, they are still going on, non-stop.

The evil people work night and day. They are completely crazy. Hashem took their minds away. Every evil person that ever lived throughout the history of the world has reincarnated and returned to this generation. They have united [to work together] and Hashem is helping them destroy themselves and the sheker (the lies of this world). What do you think? Who built the Egel hazahav (golden calf)? Right, the Erev Rav.

Oy! All those who built the golden calf have returned in this generation. All of the Erev Rav that were alive back then, who caused us all the problems, are here now. Like before, they are doing whatever they can to bring down the believers. They get such pleasure out of causing troubles for good Jews. They really thrive on it. This is how they spend their days: trying to see how they can cause grief for another Jew. They do not have ahavas Yisrael (love for our Jewish brothers); they have sinas Yisrael (hate for Israel) and most of the Jews alive today are Erev Rav. That's it.

I also want to tell you that there are going to be more revelations. They will be truly incredible. Incredible! There is nothing else to say. It will be horrendous. The only thing I can do is ask of you once again, to beg Am Yisrael: "Come back to Hakadosh Baruch Hu now because the end is really near. And you want to continue living, not just physically but you want your soul to go on forever. Soon the great sorting will take place and those that are not prepared to accept Hakadosh Baruch Hu as the Master of the World, without questions, without hesitations, they won't just die, they will be gone forever, lo aleinu.

What more is there to do? Beg, cry, plead: "Am Yisrael, wake up! Am Yisrael, return!"

Message from Menachem, Motzei Shabbos Va'era

Today is the first of January 2011. It's hard to believe that so much time has passed since the Autistics have been giving messages to the people and Moshiach is still not here. However, I want to tell those who think that the world is going on as it did twenty years ago, that this is not so. The world has changed immensely. The people that are truly awaiting the coming of Moshiach are getting chizuk (strengthening) from everything that is going on in the world. There has never been a year like this past year since the time of creation. Whoever refuses to believe this can just open up a newspaper, chas vesholom, or the internet, chas vesholom, and see that it is true.

Even the goyim are starting to sense that the world is not the way it used to be. I am referring to the planet, not to the people or the economy, just the state of the planet. After all, without planet Earth, there is no life, no home, nothing. Hakadosh Baruch Hu created it all. It's now as if He is taking the planet Earth into His hands (so to speak) and moving it a bit, because it has already jumped off of its track twice since the last two tsunamis, perhaps from other things as well. Thus, everything is changing. There are endless earthquakes from the South Pole all the way to the North Pole; South America, the USA, Europe, Australia, Russia, you name it. Hundreds and thousands of earthquakes happened over the past year and this is no joke!

Message from Lipi, Motzei Shabbos Va'era

Menachem got scared. He didn't want to hear the rest of the message (from Above). I will continue where he left off. I am very scared because it is going to be very frightening soon. Although there will be wars, man cannot destroy two thirds of the world on his own. Hakadosh Baruch Hu alone has the power to create the world and destroy it at will. This had better be very clear. True, people are indeed destroying Creation. However they still do not hold the power to completely destroy Creation since that belongs to Hashem and not to them. Hashem will not allow them to completely destroy the world. If anyone or anything is going to destroy this world it will only be Ribbono Shel Olam.

Mankind, I am warning you! Jews and non-Jews alike; open your eyes and see what is going on. See all the natural disasters, something that is obviously yad Hashem (the hand of Hashem): all the earthquakes, thousands upon thousands in one year and the terrible floods all over, all this could only be caused by Hakadosh Baruch Hu.
The unusual snow and icy cold weather that has heat most of the U.s.a and Europe can be attributed to the fact that the Golf Stream was interrupted.
It is nevertheless directly from Hashem.

Everything in all existence comes from HKB"H. The world of nature created by HKB"H is striking humanity; all the evil people that think they can serve as god instead of Hashem, all the goyim who think they can just get rid of the Jewish people, and all the Jews who want to be like the goyim and also serve as god, chas vesholom. Only the very few Jews who truly believe in Hakadosh Baruch Hu and put their faith in Him and Him alone will remain. Those who see the truth, that there is no one besides Hashem - ein od milvado, that no this whole world is nothing but a façade and that there is nothing to do in this world aside from being with HKB"H and doing His will.

However, people are unfortunately not afraid at all. The Goyim are obviously not afraid, for the most part, and the Jews - woe to the Jews! HKB"H created this world for us, for the Jews. Yet, where are we? The majority of our people are not with HKB"H. Most of the Jews are certainly not with HKB"H.

So what will be? If this goes on, chas vesholom, and there is not much time, not much time at all, if the Jews don't open their eyes and do teshuva they will cease to exist! Do you understand?! HBK"H needs only to pick up planet Earth and move it by a centimeter and the result would be disasters that could destroy almost all of humanity! Do you understand this? We see this already happening today, disasters the world never experienced before. One after the next. Hashem is sending us a warning, particularly to Am Yisrael.

I wish to plead with the charedi Jews: return to the emes! Throw away the Egel hazahav (life of gashmius and vanities of the world), throw away the Olam Hazeh. Stop behaving like goyim! Most of the secular Jews have lost the ability to do teshuva. As for the charedim, there are charedim who are not afraid to transgress and commit terrible sins for the sake of money or passion, for anything forbidden, without so much as a wince.

Externally, they look like true tzadikim but internally they are totally twisted. What will be? I'll tell you. If you don't do teshuva, the secular Jews as well as the religious and charedi Jews, very few will be left to receive Moshiach. We have said this already but it is not just us that say this, it is written in many places. This is a world of insane people - one big mental institution. Yet there are a few who do see the truth and they at least are mentally balanced.
To those that are still sick I say, try and see the truth! Try to remove yourself from the madness, the lunacy, and turn yourselves to Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Forget about all that money you are so busy worrying about and all the things you put your faith in instead of Hakadosh Baruch Hu and come to HKB"H because putting your faith in Him alone is what can save you. I don't know how many times I can say this or Yitzchak Izik, or Menachem, or Binyamin Golden, but we will say this again and again: Wake up! WAKE UP! Are you sane? Don't you see what's happening? Are you
sane or completely out of your minds?

Any normal person standing on train tracks knows that as soon as the train comes he has to jump quickly off the tracks in order to save himself. Yet you are standing on the train tracks of the Olam Hazeh! And you're not prepared to move an inch! What's the matter with you? You just don't feel up to living a life of eternity? Do you want to go on like this until Hashem kills you, without having the chance to do teshuva, chas vesholom? Now is the time! Now! Don't you get it? If I could shout I would, but I can't. Perhaps you can hear the frustrated shout behind my words here, and my pain.

Am Yisrael, where are you? Where is your head? Where is your heart? Where are you? For the most part, you are not with HKB"H, only with the Sheker. Only the sheker!

However, it is all true. Mountains will fall, this is true. Countries are going to be covered in water, this too is true. See Psalms 46, Chavakuk 3, Psalms 104.
Only those that are with HKB"H will survive. It doesn't matter how much weaponry the Arabs have, or the Russians, the Americans, or NATO or 'Shmato'. They are all going to disappear along with most of the world's population. All those that think they can replace Hakadosh Baruch Hu, chas vesholom, Hashem is going to wipe them out, but they are going to be terrified before that happens. Even if it is for only one minute right before, they are going to feel such a fear the likes of which no man has ever felt in the world. And that will be their end. All that will remain then in this world will be the people who truly love Hashem, that are truly waiting for the Moshiach, who really long for emes and a life of eternity.

Q. People are saying that you need to talk about positive things, judge favorably and so on. What should we tell them?
A. You should tell them the truth. Until we experience the Redemption we must go through most difficult times. And what will happen if We are not ready? It's like a soldier that hase been drafted into the army. You tell him, "Come, dear, everything is wonderful. There are flowers blooming, a blue sky, everything is calm, rest... soon there will be a war, soon... instead of giving him a gun and saying: "Start training! Hurry up! Lie down on your stomach, start crawling, that's the only way you'll save your life!"

Q. This is causing people to feel immobilized, like stones.
A. They are already like stones; they can't move from their stupidity, their Egel Hazahav, their gashmius.

Q. What should we tell the children? Can they grasp such scary things?
A. Can the children grasp? They grasp better than the adults. You simply need to have someone explain this all to them and prepare them.

Q. How can we take action against those that are destroying Yiddishkeit?
A. There is nothing you can do! You can't do a thing, just daven for the Geula to come (Redemption). Avadim hayinu (we were slaves...) and we are still slaves, slaves to the Egel Hazahav. We cannot leave Egypt in this condition. In the present situation, it looks like only very few people will come out.

Message from Menachem, Motzei Shabbos Bo

How many more natural disasters will it take to make the Jews get the message? How many people need to get killed, how many birds must die, how many fish must die, how many missiles need to be aimed at Israel, how many earthquakes must there be, how many floods with casualties and damage to people's homes, how many Jews must die from terrible illnesses, how many families of Torah-learning men must suffer without food...???

Hakadosh Baruch Hu is sending us messages from all over the world: the world is His, all the neshamas belong to Him, everything is His. Now He is taking the planet, changing it and bringing it to the most frightening situations. However, the Jews are stubborn - "k'shei oref". Most of them are not doing teshuva.

Instead they are saying "What does any of this have to do with us? We must not listen to the news, we shouldn't know what is going on in the world. We have the Torah. Yet the Torah that they are
supposedly holding on tightly to, for the most part does not really interest them. What interests them is to go on living their lives with all the superficial things they enjoy so much and they are not thinking at all about the Geula or about the end of the galus, because they are enjoying the galus and enjoying the Egel Hazahav.

However, just as HKB"H held the mountain over the Jewish people's heads and forced them to accept the Torah and say, "na'aseh venishma", Hashem is now going to do the same to the true Jews that are caught up with the sheker so much that it is too hard for them to do teshuva. Then, they will do teshuva but out of great fear, and the rest of the so-called Jews who are in fact the Erev Rav will completely disappear.

The true Jews who cannot shed even one tear of regret over their sins, and understand that living in this world is purely for the sake of doing the will of Hashem, not to live the life of a goy with a hechsher, a worthless hechsher, since it means giving a hechsher to live like a goy, will suffer tremendously until they understand and accept the truth.

What is going to be? The Redemption will arrive in the very near future, but we are going to suffer greatly. There certainly is what to be afraid of because it is not going to be easy. The Jews who stood at Har Sinai suffered greatly, even their souls left their bodies momentarily and that is no simple matter. Now, for those that don't see the messages Hashem is sending to the whole world, that don't feel the messages, take no notice and continue with their nonsense, the road is going to be very rough. For those that do see the signs, understand the messages and do true teshuva, things will be a lot easier.

Message from Daniel, 4 Shvat, 5771

Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, we are so tired of giving messages, tired of rebuking, its too hard for us to cry with so many tears over Hakadosh Baruch Hu's most beloved nation.

Am Yisrael, Hashem's beloved people, return. Return out of your own good will, so we won't have to suffer any more than we've suffered until now. At the end of this long galus, we, those that are loyal to Hashem, will have such a good life, so happy, so complete, that no human being can even begin to imagine.

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