To the Frum Yidden in Usa

A message from Moishela,

    a handicapped child

     yud gimmel Tamuz

     July 15, 2011


A Message to the Frum Yidden in America

First of all I want to offer my deepest condolences to the parents of Leiby z"l and to all Am Yisroel.

Leiby z"l was obviously a Korbon, a Korbon Tzibur. He died Al Kiddush Hashem. It's not so obvious why this terrible murder would be considered Kiddush Hashem. But indeed this little Leiby was killed on Kiddush Hashem. His soul was pure and he was killed not by a Goy but by a Jew who was obviously deranged. He died because of our terrible Aveiros. He died in order to draw attention to the fact that we - Am Yisroel - all over the world, but especially in America, have forgotten what it is to be a true Jew.

We have strayed in the worst way turning our Yiddishkeit into plastic, turning it away from Hakadosh Boruch Hu. Holding on to the tail of the Egel Hazahav and letting ourselves be dragged into the world of Gashmius (materialistic world).

The average frum Jew in America learns Torah, works, wears a beard and payos, davens more or less 3 times a day, eats what is stamped kosher and on the outside at least looks more or less like an observant Jew. However, the truth is that the modern American frum Jew, the so-called frum Jew, is very taken up with gashmius. Many (at least up to just before 2008) lived in opulence; fancy houses, large cars, spectacular vacations etc., discarding important details like Tznius and Teshuva. Now times are much harder. People are suffering more generally and therefore their hearts are more open for change. However, even with all the financial difficulties and all the unusual tragedies the frum community continues moving along in the direction of oblivion; in the direction that the Egel Hazahav is pulling us.

Life of a Jew in America has become superficial and the opposite direction of Yiddeshkeit. We dress our aveiros in tzidkus, but when you scratch the surface of the mitzvos you see that they are really aveiros, and therefore little Leiby was a shock to the frum community. Little Leiby wasn't killed by an anti-semitic goy, not an Arab, not a Christian, not a Negro not a white, but he was killed by a so called Yid. Our communities are being slaughtered by so called frum Yidden and their lies. We are being taught some kind of twisted version of Yiddishkeit and educating our children in the same Yiddishkeit that is non Jewish. We educate them to be selfish even though we give much tzedokah. We educate them in lack of tznius, even though supposedly Am Yisroel is more tzniusdik then any other Am. We educate them in truth but we really pull them to the lie; the lie being that the gashmius dressed up in Yidishkeit is the truth. But gashmius is the lie and Yiddishkeit is the truth and we must go back to the Yiddishkeit that once was, to the Yiddishekeit of out forefathers the greatest Tzadikim who lived on very little gashmius but on great amounts of Torah and truth and closeness to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. They were pure and modest with true modesty and true purity.

The next months will bring upon the world many tremendous tragedies, worst than the last few years. The gashmius for most people will take an even greater fall and the world will become extremely dangerous as it has already become.

Wake up Am Yisroel! This is all about you! Leiby is all about you! Search your souls, search your actions see where you are really lacking, change your ways. I don't know if many of you are even capable of understanding this because you have strayed so far in your basic conceptions of Yiddishkeit that it's hard for me to even visualize your coming back. Take the first step and I am sure Hakodosh Boruch hu will take you by the hand Kavyachol and lead you back to the right way.

Q: Why is it a Kiddush Hashem if he was killed by a Yid?

A: Because it does not matter who killed him. It was the Goyishkeit in ourselves that killed him so that makes it a Kiddush Hashem. A true Yid would never kill a child as this man did, only if he is totally deranged. And even so, a real Yiddishah Neshomah could never be guilty of such cruelty; therefore he died Al Kiddush Hashem. The Goyishkeit in us is what killed him.

Q: Isn't Leiby's story a Chilul Hashem to the world at large?

A: Chilul Hashem that came out of Leiby's story is only this; that our dirty laundry has been taken out and pranced around and shown to the world. It shows to the world that Hashem has put us into disfavor. That's very bad, but if Boro Park changes and does complete teshuva, the whole world will change too B'ezras Hashem.

Q: What can we do not to forget this great tragedy like we have just forgotten the passing of so many Gedolim?

A: I am not sure that it will not be forgotten, Chas VeSholom, because we are in a difficult situation. Each Yid has to force himself to remember the lesson that should have been learned this past week. However since we have very few leaders who are going to interpret what has happened and really try to pressure Am Yisroel through their words and their supplications, and through their davening to help Am Yisroel return to true yiddishkeit, I am very, very worried if it will actually be remembered.  If it is forgotten, Chas VeSholom, our end will be much worse, than what happened to Leiby.

Q: Why was Boro Park chosen by Hashem for this incident above all the other places in the world?

A: Because Boro Park is the center of the Egel Hazahav of the Yidden. The Egel Hazahav which is the Goyisha type materialism that has infiltrated every Jewish community in the world including in Eretz Yisroel, but the center of it all is Boro Park.

Q: If we would have done Teshuva in the past two weeks when Four Gedolim died would this have happened?

A: You can't say, "what if?" It's obvious that it didn't happen, so Hashem sent Leiby. The only thing I can say absolutely about Leiby is that Leiby's Neshomah is clearly a Neshomah of a great Tzaddik.

Q: Why did Leiby's body have to be mutilated?

A: Because we are mutilating our children spiritually with all our Gashmius. It's even worse than what the murderer did to Leiby, because he killed only his body but we are killing our childrens' souls.

Q: With what Gashmius are people destroying their children souls?

A:The first and foremost is Tznius which touches everyone; men and women. It touches the next generations. Because of this laxity in Tznius in every form we have done Aveiros that will be detrimental in the worst way to the future generations. Kedusha among Yidden is at its lowest and this is the worst of the worst of the Aveiros that we are passing on to our children. Yeshivas, schools, and all Frum institutions are dangerous places very often, and the lack of Kedushah among men and women is taken with a grain of salt.

We have no one to teach us or guide us with a firm hand. No Rav, Rebbe, or leader to guide us in the way of Kedushah. The Jewish home for the most part is parutz (infiltrated by immodest ways). The Kedushah has left the Jewish home in many cases. Rabonim have reacted softly to extreme breaches in Kedushah in the home, and therefore the Shechinah, the third and main partner in the marriage, has very often left. When the Shechinah leaves, the Jewish home is left only to Goyishkeit. This is the main negative thing that has happened and this lack of Tznius in every form, (Whether it is in the relationship with a husband or a wife, or if it is in all kinds of forbidden activities, or if it's with dress, or if its with seemingly not so terrible things like men being too friendly to women or women being to friendly too men, or all things of that sort), has taken us to all kinds of realms of superficial silly activities that water down our Yiddishkeit.

We have turned our Chessed into a satire. People give money to Rabonim to build Yeshivas, to build Shuls, to build communities, but they want that leader to promise them that they will be in turn successful in business. If it does not work out the way they want, they blame the Rav, or Rebbe, or leader but they don't turn to Hashem. It is as if Hashem is not a partner here chas veshalom. Only the Rabbi is the one they are working through, not Hashem. Many have all kinds of twisted ideas of Yiddishkeit. Although there are many people who are really Baalei Chessed, the most are not.

There are all kind of Yidden learning Torah day and night but if their wives work in offices and speak to men freely and don't dress Tzinusdik, then they have lost it, they have lost their Torah, they have lost their learning, they have lost it all.

There is also another very big problem in America and in the world. The Americans are particularly lax with their kosher foods. The Americans must have their restaurants, must have their delicacies even if it means eating foods with questionable hechsherim.

There is a big question about the Kashrus of the Shechitahs and even though after the big scandal some years ago, still the Bedikah of the Shechitah is generally very lax.  I also must say that the things that we eat, the style of our foods have definitely become Goyish. Between the Pizza and the Sushi you can vomit.

There is a plague in America called speaking - Shmusing- during Davening, especially during Krias HaTorah, Hashem Yishmor. This is a prime example of how far afield many Yidden have gotten. Speaking during davening or Krias HaTorah is a sign that the Yid who does it has lost his kesher with HaKodosh Boruch Hu. This kind of Yid is on remote control and stops Davening whenever it suits him, and his heart is not into his Davening. Therefore he has distanced himself in a great way from the truth, from Hashem.

Answering phones and texting during Davening is absolutely horrendous, and no Yid should be answering a phone or texting during Davening. It's just too ridiculous for words. How can I tell people they should not text or talk on cell phones during Davening? If a person does that how could he ever understand that he is wrong? He has fallen so low. He has distanced himself; he has become a Goy in Jewish clothing with no fear of Shomayim.

Q: How should we spend the next few weeks?

A: Am Yisroel should spend the next three weeks in prayer and in tears, sit on the floor putting sack on their body, and cry and cry and cry for all of our aveiros. Ask Hashem to help Am Yisroel change and become pure Yidden, pure souls. Maybe then we will be able to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu BeRachamim. However I don't believe most of the Yidden will do this. They will smirk and say that's ridiculous. If our Rabonim are not telling us to do it, why should we do it? Just because a handicapped kid tells us to do so?

Mark my words you righteous sinners the next few months will bring terrible happenings from every direction. You will cry out in fear and confusion. Make sure that when the time comes to cry out for help that you cry out to Hashem and not to your false gods and prophets!

Little Leiby was our Korbon and I only daven to Hashem that his blood was not wasted.  My heart is so full of sadness. I cry very hard for Leiby's parents and for Leiby himself. But like the Mitzvah of Shiluach Hakan, I hope that this loss and the tears of the mother will bring about the total Teshuva of Am Yisroel.

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