Chapter 42

Chapter 42 -  The greatest Rosh Hashanah in history

FC with Binyamin Golden Sep.5.2007

Yes, I want to give a message today, even though it seems like everything has already been said and truthfully almost everything has been said but there is just one more thing to say this week, before Rosh Hashana.

This week the situation will worsen. It will get worse. On the face of things this may not appear to be the case but underneath the surface it can definitely be felt. The world is getting ready for some big changes. It is turning into a world of truth; one that will only accept people of truth, because nobody else can live in a world of truth.

A person who is connected to the lie lives off of the lies; he breathes lies, eats lies, everything he does is a lie and whatever gives him life is a lie. For such a person, the world of truth is poisonous; the air is poison, the truth is poison, the food is poison for him. The food of truth is poison for the person connected to the lies. Everything in the world of truth will be poison for the person of lies and therefore, he won't be able to live in it.

What I'm saying now is not new, I have already said it several times, but not every person has understood the full meaning.

It means that most of the people in this world are connected to the lies;

It means that most of the Jews in the world are connected to the lies. This is very scary because it's not the minority, but the majority.

And that is very scary...

Hashem extracts from the impurity the sparks of holiness and the rest gets thrown out like the garbage.

That is the message.

It is true; there are going to be great wars soon. Every place on Earth will be at war. Israel will not be destroyed, but many countries will vanish from history, including the residents. Only the truth will remain and rule the world.

If the people do not repent before Rosh Hashanah...

This is going to be the biggest Rosh Hashanah in history, the most significant in all of history. If the people do not repent this Rosh Hashanah, woe to everyone. Woe to all those who think this is a joke, woe to all those who don't want the extreme side of Judaism, woe to all those that think they can live in both worlds; in the materialistic world as well as the spiritual world. Woe to the Jewish people, the chosen nation, beloved to Hashem.

This is truly the Day of Judgment; the Day of Judgment for the whole world, as it is every year, but this year, we are coming upon the greatest change ever, since the exile from Egypt.

This is why the stars, the weather, the sky, the earth, the sea, and all the living beings within are preparing and are ready for the big change. Only the humans are still stuck inside of their eggs and caught up with their lies. If real teshuva is not done - those who do not truly repent will disappear.

Those who do repent will live to see the days of Moshiach and will live in the Olam Haba - the World to Come. Every minute in Olam Haba is a life of pleasures, a life of completeness, a life of closeness to Hashem, a life of Torah and mitzvos, a life of happiness, a life of sitting and enjoying the holy LIGHT. This is the purpose of the whole world and the entire creation - to bring the Jew to completeness. It's a difficult concept to fully understand. But we do know that it is the best thing - the most pleasurable thing there is.

Question: What do we need to do in preparation for this great Rosh Hashana?
Answer: Teshuva! We must cleanse ourselves thoroughly from each and every sin - from the day of our birth until now, as much as we possibly can.

After Rosh Hashana, we should feel as though we just ran a marathon and walked hundreds of miles. This means that on Rosh Hashanah we must work so hard [repenting] that when it is over we will be totally exhausted from all the hard work.

While the person is praying all of his past sins go through his mind. He must reach a point where he is completely heart-broken over all his transgressions, heart broken! Because whoever truly repents will be protected and the Sitra Achra, [the Evil Inclination...] will do whatever it can to make it difficult for people to do full repentance. A Jew can actually come to the synagogue and feel as though his heart was made of stone and he would not be able to shed even one tear.

Question: If that's the case, what should we do?
Answer: You should Start thinking about all the sins and feel deeply sorry. When the tears start coming, the rock in your heart will dissolve.

Question: Isn't Rosh Hashanah supposed to be devoted to the crowning of Hashem and not for the individual self?
Answer: Our 'individual selves' do not go together with repentance. It's true, a person examines himself and cries over his transgressions but this is only to open him up so he can have more love for the people as a whole, for the Jewish nation and for Hashem. True repentance always drives away the selfishness within a person. But this does not mean that a person should forget about Am Yisrael until he feels exactly the way he's supposed to feel, until he has true love for the Jewish nation and is completely selfless. He should still care for Am Yisrael even if it is only on a low level. He should still do kindness for the Jewish people, pray and open up his heart in order to become closer to Hashem and come to full repentance.

Without Hashem's help, one cannot repent.

From Rosh Hashanah till Hoshana Raba (last day of Succos), we must do special Teshuva. All year round we need to do Teshuva, people must do Teshuva but this is a special time for Teshuva.

Imagine to yourselves that we are standing by Mount Sinai and Hashem is raising the mountain. If we don't repent, Hashem will lower the mountain on top of us. This is exactly the situation we are in now.

Question: That is repenting out of fear.
Answer: Yes, this is repentance out of fear, but there are also enough people that don't need the mountain held above them. The majority of the people need the mountain. Very few repent out of pure love for Hashem and because of the agony they feel from the separation between them and Hashem.

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