Chapter 62 b

Chapter 62 b - Soon, great battleships from Russia will come

FC with Daniel and Binyamin Q&A Dec.9.2007

Abba: Should I keep working on Daniel 2?

Daniel: Wait a few weeks until everything else is running smoothly. It's important to get the 'sacks and ashes' going. And don't feel like the first time has to be so successful. People are still going to be very scared. The time will come where people will be coming to you for sacks and ashes.

Abba: What do you think about the sacks I have prepared?

Daniel: Excellent. You should get the 'sacks and ashes' campaign going in the North of the country and in the south, but don't begin there. Start first at the Western Wall and then you can move on to other places.

Soon people will be very frightened. You must all start now with the sacks and ashes at the Western Wall.

Abba: Daniel, I just remembered that Grandpa's name is Mordechai and Grandma's name is Esther. Did you know that?

Daniel: So, what do you say?

Abba: I was just going to ask you that question.

Daniel: I ask you, what's there to ask? It is very obvious.

Abba: I saw in a previous FC session (from the booklet "Kol Demama Daka" from that someone said "the dollar will be worth a piece of tissue." Did they mean in this world or in the next world?

Daniel: Abba, I can't answer that but everyone can see what the dollar is worth now.

It is also written in the prophecies that there will be a lot to buy in this period but that money will be worthless; I think everyone can sense this very well. There are a lot of things people need to buy (or pay for) but money is worthless - you've barely just received it and it's already all been used up.

This is why we see that the dollar is going down and in general America is very weak; it has no power over anything anymore, its borders have become too easy to cross, the military is kind of lame... all in all the situation there is pretty bad.

Abba: For some time now, I have been having difficulty in understanding what you all have said, "when Moshiach comes, it will already be too late to repent."

Then I thought about Noah's ark: For 120 years, the people made fun of Noah and then when the flood finally came... it began to rain, Noah and his family were already in the ark and by the time they had closed the doors, when the real flood began, people were still laughing at Noah. Then, all of a sudden people saw the water was already getting up to their knees and suddenly they wanted to save themselves but by then it was too late...

Daniel: Yes, that is the correct example.

Abba: In other words people will want to repent but they won't be ab le to anymore...

Daniel: They're not going to want to repent; they are just going to want to save themselves.

Abba: I saw in the book "Or Yechezkel" that some people will merit the sentence of being allowed into Gan Eden but they won't be entitled to resurrection for the World to Come.

Daniel: We have no idea how much more we all still have to go through. You spent so much time cleaning the sacks, picking out every single thing that doesn't belong... the cleansing process we must all go through is much harder and more thorough than that and it will not be done only once.

Abba: I saw on the news that America came to the conclusion that Iran has ceased its nuclear weapon making already back in the year 2003. What do you have to say about that?

Daniel: It is exactly what is written in the prophecies: pretty soon the whole world will come to fight against Israel. The Israeli military is so afraid to go into Azah that even if they shoot kassam rockets at us day and night, they will still be afraid to go in.

Soon, great battleships from Russia will come and the Israelis will be terrified and not know what is coming. The Russians will start the fight with small things and eventually they will be showering us with rockets.

Abba: Daniel and Chaim have both said, in past sessions, that we will see something and be afraid of it and then something else will come from another direction and that will be the deciding factor. Can you add to this, Daniel?

Daniel: No, Abba, but it is the truth.

Abba: And they said that there will be a great fear unlike anything there has ever been throughout history.

Daniel: Yes. Now, too, we are in a situation of great fear. The whole world wants to fight against the Jewish people. People may say "against Israel", I say "against the Jewish people."

Abba: Does the matter still exist - that people should store enough food to last for two weeks in their homes?

Daniel. Yes. It is also important to have drinks.

Abba: Even in Jerusalem?

Daniel: Yes, everywhere in Israel.

Abba: I have a savings account that finishes in two years. Should I keep putting money into that account?

Daniel: No.

(We returned to the topic of food in the house - for emergency situations)

Abba: What about the Jews in America? Should they also store food in their homes?

Daniel: I don't know how helpful it will be. Why not? They can do it too. But they would be better off coming to Israel. But now.

Abba: What do you mean now?

Daniel: As soon as possible. Whoever can come, this is the best place to be.

(Daniel spoke on the matter of Russia)

Daniel: What's obvious is that the prime minister of Russia is no friend of the Jews and now he has a lot of power and control and he's getting ready to go to war. He also wants to rule over the whole world and that cannot be very good for the Jews.

Moreover, Russian Jews had been given permission to leave Russia a long time ago - Russia has never really been a good place for us - and the fact that they have not all left makes no sense at all. That can only be because of the 'Golden Calf' (i.e. the connection to the materialism of the gentile nations).

(FC with Binyamin)

Binyamin: One thing is very clear and people don't want to hear it. How many will receive Moshiach? I don't know. But it is clear that it won't be many of the people living now in this world. It will be much less people in general and much less Jews.

True, all of the Jews will receive Moshiach, but it depends on when - if it will be after the plague of darkness like in Egypt or before.

Abba: What do you mean before or after? Afterwards we can't anymore...

Binyamin: That's what I'm trying to say. Before the plague of darkness it seemed like there were a lot of Jews that would be exiled form Egypt. But only after the plague of darkness did they discover how many were actually left and there were very few, relatively.

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