Chapters 66 a & b

Chapters 66 a & b

Chapter 66a Everyone will have their turn

FC with Menachem Jan.13.2008

I want to tell you all now, that in the very near future, we are going to see things that are very frightening, that will be so incredible, beyond anything any person can imagine. It will be tremendous, size-wise and action-wise.

Yet even one tear of a Jew who repents can save him from all the suffering and bring him to complete redemption - the tear he sheds from regret of all his transgressions, from his wasted life and from all the partitions that have separated him from the Creator, Hashem.

There is going to be a most interesting situation: On one side of the world there will be total quiet and on the other side complete chaos and destruction.

Some of the people will go on living as though nothing was happening in other places while other people will be going through hell.

But everyone will have their turn.

Since some parts of the world will not be destroyed immediately, a lot of Jews will not repent because they will see that the lie continues to exist - the deceptions of this world and that will be the big test for them, to see if they continue to choose the lies or if they decide to repent and choose Hashem's truth.

I cannot explain this situation further but it is definitely going to be interesting.

Chapter 66b: Such Jews can save the whole world

FC with Yisrael David

The precious Jews who without feeling embarrassed, went to the Kosel (Western Wall) with sacks and ashes, even though the guards at the entrance to the Kosel did not allow them entry with the sacks, and they gave them so much trouble without reason, these Jews are truly righteous. They certainly went there for no other reason than for the sake of Heaven, to save Am Yisrael.

And every tear they shed went straight up to the Throne of Honor in Heaven. And the prayers of every person there, was likened to the prayers of a thousand people. Therefore, it is as if two-hundred thousand Jews were praying there.

They went there to set an example for what Jews must do now. People don't have to necessarily wear sacks and ashes but that is a sign of mourning. It is a sign of humility and humbleness and it is symbolic to Beis Hamikdash that we lost, which is the greatest tragedy that has ever befallen the Jewish People.

A Jew can just sit on the ground and tear his clothes. But how many Jews are prepared to ruin their shirts?! And how many are prepared to sit upon a cold and uncomfortable floor, to cry like babies, buckets full of tears over the destruction of the Holy Temple and the destruction of the Jewish People?

We are in a time of destruction. Now in the midst of the destruction there is the destruction of the education system, which is the future of the nation, destruction because of the lack of modesty, destruction caused by the lack of faith in Hashem and destruction caused by so many secular Jews who still depend upon their Evil Inclination and the lies to save them.

This really is destruction and I am asking Hashem to send us Moshiach very soon for if he does not come quickly, who will be left to receive him?

I am asking Hashem not to forsake His people, his bride in the desert, his beloved; that He should not forsake His beloved children.

We do not have very much merit in this generation, but by merit of the earlier generations who shed a lot of blood to sanctify Hashem, and by merit of those earlier generations who lived such difficult lives because they did not want to forsake their religion, their Yiddishkeit, by merit of all the tzaddikim throughout all the generations who brought a great light into the darkness, maybe by their merit we will be saved if not by our own merit. But how many will really be saved?

I cry every day, hoping that Am Yisrael (the Jewish people) will realize our situation and start praying to Hashem with tears in order to save ourselves, the whole nation, our loved ones, our children, our husbands and our wives, our mothers and fathers - our whole nation.

If we weep over all the deception that has entered our world and cry about how we have allowed the Evil One/Inclination to rule over the world, if we deeply regret all the mistakes we've made, sit upon the floor and tear our clothes or wear sacks upon our bodies and put ashes on our heads and cry and cry and cry and feel so sorry that our hearts break, so to speak... If we do all this there is hope for survival.

The precious Jews who are prepared to 'shamelessly', go and set an example, to go and sit upon the ground, to sit and cry and pray and show others how a true Jew is supposed to do teshuva, such Jews can save the whole world.

One thing is certain: Hashem is now giving the whole world, not just the Jews, one last chance. The world is on the verge of explosion like they have already announced on the news. In every direction and throughout the whole world, people are becoming more and more aware of the fact that the world is facing a most terrifying war. But we Jews, know by the prophecies, by the traditions of our religion and by our faith in Hashem, that everything is in the hands of the Jews; it all depends upon if we repent or not.

Although there are prophecies that MUST materialize such as Edom which will be completely destroyed (Ovadia 1; 18), but COMPLETELY, and that must happen, nevertheless, we do still have the chance to save the Jewish people. But if we don't make major changes (repentance, etc.) in the very near future, the most difficult prophecies will be the ones that will come true.

If we succeed in doing some real teshuva, then, the prophecies that say that we will receive the Geula (the Redemption) with mercy (without a lot of suffering) will materialize. It's up to us.

To the Jews who live overseas (out of Israel), I advise you to come to Israel because if not, only the righteous ones will make it here.

Now is a good time for the Jews who are not so righteous to come to Israel because Jews who live in Israel are awarded merits from Hashem for this and this merit can greatly help save Jews who are not so righteous.

The righteous Jews who live overseas will come to Israel in any case, there is nothing to worry about that, but the people who are not so righteous and it is hard for them to really repent, I advise them to come to Israel now.

And that is the most difficult test because, now, the situation in Israel seems as though it were really bad, but there are, nevertheless, some people who understand this.

We are now approaching some incredible times.

We are going to see things this year that the mind cannot easily perceive and miracles above and beyond anything anyone can imagine. But we must all be prepared.

A person who trusts Hashem knows and believes that these things are going to happen and not just because some poor autistic person said so, or because it is written in the prophecies. Such a person will not die from a heart attack when he sees the frightening things that will take place. Rather, he will put his trust in Hashem and be happy because it will be a sign that the Redemption is near, that Moshiach is coming soon and that we will once more return to the house of Hashem, like Rabbi Akiva who laughed (when he strolled amongst the ruins of Beis Hamikdash). And that is a good example for what I just described.

I bless everyone that we should merit receiving our righteous Moshiach with ease and with great mercy and joy.

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