Chapter 69, The Countdown Has Begun

FC with Daniel Feb.13.08

I just want to say that time is really running out. We have truly begun the countdown and even though a lot of Jews as well as non-Jews are beginning to realize that something unnatural is happening throughout the world, nevertheless, most of the people have not yet realized this. It's a shame.

Abba: Daniel, what effect did the recent prayers on Rosh Chodesh Adar (at the Kosel and throughout Israel) with sacks and ashes have in Shamayim (Heaven)?
Daniel: This time it truly caused a lot of joy in Heaven, even though it was a relatively small amount of Jews who 'went to the trouble' of putting on sacks and ashes and praying with tears to Hashem - praying and asking for the Redemption and Hashem's forgiveness for all our sins.

Abba: What effect did the Atzeres Tefillah (prayer campaign) in Bnei Braq have?

Daniel: Even though there were not so many people, the cries and teffillos (prayers) went straight to the Throne of Glory.

Abba: The expression "great fear" has been used many times by the autistic people. Can you elaborate?

Daniel: The fear has already begun. People don't know what to fear first; wars, financial troubles, the fall of the banks, the multiple and strange natural disasters that have been occurring almost daily...

Abba: They don't know that the banks will fall so they are not afraid of that.

Daniel: Some people are already afraid because in America there have been warnings (advertised in the papers, etc.) that the banks are possibly looking at a major fall.

Abba: Rabbi B. said that the major chaos the world is in for will erupt within two months.

Daniel: Yes, that is possible. Look, Abba; look at what is happening in the South, look how the Arabs are closing in on us and Olmert is just sitting in his chair doing nothing as though nothing major were taking place, as though the country were having a lovely summer day having nothing else to do but sit around and play pointless games.

Not just that, look at all the natural disasters occurring almost every day, throughout the world.

In The U.S. there were six tornadoes that passed through four states and killed tens of people and left many others wounded and this isn't even tornado season! And what about the snow that is melting in the North and South poles?

There are all sorts of strange weather occurrences and disasters taking place throughout the whole world.

The fire that took place in the London Market was simply ridiculous and unexplainable, killing fifty people!

There have been earthquakes all over the place. There were five recent earthquakes in Israel, all of them reaching four+ on the Richter scale, and what would happen if they suddenly reached six, seven or eight, G-d Forbid?!

Preparations for a giant earthquake have already begun because the seismology scientists are saying that we are facing a very big earthquake in the near future, G-d Forbid.

And what about the banks, Abba? The banks are terrified - they have given people way too many loans and credit. This is the roughest time the world has gone through since the great (Wall Street) crash of 1929. The whole world is experiencing this tough time, not just the U.S.A.

There really is not much time left. In the very near future, great wars will begin to take place here, in Israel and that will be the base for all the rough times we are facing.

Abba, the work we are doing here is so important, it doesn't matter what anyone says to you or what derogatory remarks you may get. It's all just the Sitra Achra (the evil side - connected to the Evil Inclination, the Satan, etc.) finding its way into every nook and cranny.

Abba, we must ask Hashem for His help in every single aspect.

Our messages are mussar (moral and religious rebuke), not future telling, "such and such is going to happen..."

We also have to give people guidance on what needs to be done [in order to be saved]; we're like the spiritual Home-front Command and that is a major part of our messages. We have so far said a lot and now Binyamin has a message, which I believe will be his last message for a while until something very big occurs.

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