Chapter 70 The world is in total chaos

FC with Binyamin Feb.14.08


It is clear to all that the world is on the verge of collapse. Every day, every day something happens in some place or another throughout the world; something terrible, frightening and unexplainable. Often, more than one thing happens in one day.

And we, Jews, who live in Israel, are all experiencing very difficult times, anyone can see this.

The Arabs are closing in on us from every direction; the South, the North, the West, the East, from every which way they can. And these are certainly not the Arabs that were around in the time of the Six Day War, who left their shoes and fled; the ones who were forced against their will by the Egyptians to get out of the military trucks and fight and if they refused, were severely beaten.

The Arabs of today have a military of their own, more than adequately prepared to fight a real war, fully equipped with all the latest, advanced weaponry.

Moreover, the amount of Arabs there are in the world today, by far, surpasses the amount of Jews.

If our situation was like that of the Jews during the time of the Chanukah story, where the "few fought against the many, the righteous against the wicked, the pure against the impure" [see "Al hanisim" in the siddur], then maybe we would stand a chance against the Arab world.

But in our day, the "few" as well as the "many" consist of the impure, the wicked and the unworthy.

That is really very, very sad.

I wouldn't say that all the Jews are unworthy, that is not true. But the truth is that at this time, very few are really worthy.

However, this situation can change in a second! How? If we make the decision to do teshuva, to really repent inside and outside, in every corner possible and decide that from this moment onwards, with Hashem's help, we will only do the will of Hashem or at least make tremendous efforts to follow His way and observe His mitzvos.

Yet, even with all the troubles we are all witnessing and with the obvious fact that what is called "the state of Israel" is facing the greatest threat to its existence it has ever faced, even though people can see this very plainly, they still refuse to accept the truth!

Some do recognize the truth, only a few, but with one hand on the 'Golden Calf' (materialism, etc.) and the other hand on their tzitzis. But this is just not enough.

We must pick up the Golden Calf and throw it down so hard that all that will remain from it would be dust. Dust, turn it into dust!

Only then can we really begin to do teshuva.

Oy, Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, what can I tell you?

Hashem is going to completely uproot any thing that goes against the Torah.

Every building or establishment the Zionists, haters of Israel, have built, everything that was founded by the Erev Rav (the Egyptians that became to Jewish to leave Egypt), will be completely uprooted by Hashem and will cease to exist. Every heretic, Epikorus or haters of Am Yisrael will be destroyed from the root.

It is not simple and it is very frightening. What more can I tell you? What else is left to say?

Open your eyes and you will see that it is all taking place right now, as we speak.

Everything is happening according to what is written in the prophecies.

Whether it is the war between Ishmael and Edom,

or between Ishmael and Israel,

the tremendous and strange natural disasters,

the many difficult and unnatural wars threatening to attack us, G-d Forbid,

or the fact that the water level of the ocean is rising and the ice on the North and South poles are melting...

The world is in total chaos!

Chaos of nature, chaos of the political world, chaos from the multiple and vicious wars occurring worldwide.

Everyone is becoming afraid. Only the foolish people are not afraid.

The people that are afraid are nevertheless attempting to go on living a normal life. But, the materialism of this world has suddenly lost its taste.

When fear of existence comes into the picture, the taste for materialism decreases. Such a person is in a most difficult situation because if he does not have the materialism he so depends upon, what does he have left?

He lives a purely materialistic life. He would even prefer to die with his money in his hands and with his constant concern for the Golden Calf (materialistic things) then to leave it all behind.

He sees the World to Come as something like New York, Paris or Florida, as though he were going away on a vacation... Oy, woe to us!

I'm going to tell you now some things and after that I see no reason to give any more messages until something so major happens that all at once the entire world will be forced to open their eyes. But this doesn't necessarily mean they will open their eyes and understand the truth.

Likewise, it does not mean that people will be prepared to give up on the famous 'American Dream', the pink dream that dictates for them what they need to do in order to be successful in this world.

No, they will be afraid at first, and then just figure, "Well, how long can this really go on, anyway..." Then they will start planning how to get through it and go right back to where they were before it all began.

But there is no going back to what was.

And only a person who is truly longing for the Moshiach and is connected to Hakadosh Boruch Hu (Hashem), who does true teshuva (repentance), will be able to live in the world that will remain after the upcoming and final war.

Prepare yourselves for the new world, the world which is also the bridge to the next stage - an even greater level of shleimus (completeness). Prepare yourselves now, because there will not be another chance to do so in the future. Right now, prepare yourselves.

Again, I ask, I am crying and asking: Am Yisrael, prepare yourselves for the next world. Go, prepare yourselves quickly! There is simply no time!

You can't now say what you have always said, "you autistic people are always saying "soon" but then nothing happens..." Everyone can see that we are already there - "soon" is happening now, as we speak.

Here and there people are claiming that there are still another seven years until the Moshiach comes. I'm telling you now very clearly that this is absolutely not true; there are not seven more years. We don't know if it will be seven months or perhaps even seven weeks. There is no way to know the exact time.

But when the end of this world approaches, when all the real troubles begin, there will not even be time to think about doing teshuva.

I want to repeat and emphasize again; it will not be another seven years, G-d Willing. Maybe seven months or seven weeks - maybe even less. When the real trouble starts, there will be neither time nor the proper frame of mind for people to be able to do complete teshuva. Partial teshuva, maybe, but partial is just not good enough.

Again, I am asking - pleading - Am Yisrael, it is time for you to realize what is happening now. Open your eyes and see the truth! Go, immediately and fill up the shuls (synagogues). Weep and pray with all your hearts to Hashem, wearing sacks upon your bodies and ashes on your heads. Cry many tears and ask Hashem to forgive all of your sins.

Ask Him to give you the strength to stand up against the society that has dropped to such spiritually and morally low levels - this society of secularists, modern-orthodox and even ultra-orthodox Jews who have gone off the right path, and return to the truth without fear!

You don't realize that returning to the truth is not a frightening thing - its salvation!

I want to emphasize once more what I have said in the past, that the world as we know it, is 'taking its final breaths'.

In the end, every man will be left alone with only himself and Hashem.

On the Day of Judgment it is every man for himself.

Am Yisrael, Hashem's beloved children; it is time to return home.

There is no time. We are at the end.

The final years of this world are very harsh and each year is harder than the previous. This year will be the height of all the worldwide difficulties and tragedies - of the natural disasters, the strange and unnatural tragedies and the vicious wars taking place throughout the entire world.

Even we, the Chareidim (Ultra-Orthodox), have reached a peak of personal troubles and tragedies - widowers, orphans, young widows, horrible illnesses befalling Jews of all ages and all sorts of strange and unnatural tragedies.

And we don't understand why all this is happening. "We have been learning so much Torah, doing an abundance of chessed (kind acts), so many people have been doing teshuva lately, and people are more and more keeping kosher all over the world...

Family Purity has been observed more and more and parents make sure to give their children charedi education.

So, what's wrong? What?! The yeshivas are filled with learning boys and men and all the girls want to marry men who will learn Torah.

So then what is wrong? This situation is our grandparents' dream..."

But what appears to us to be an almost perfect world, a world where being charedi is so advanced and so normal that a lot of Jews even have a separate kitchen for Pesach - this 'almost perfect' world is not perfect at all.

This world is beautiful externally but internally it is corrupt. It is disintegrating from within and even a slight breeze is enough to bring down the entire foundation. Yes, everything is rotting from the inside out.

Let's take a closer look at the situation together:

The Jews who are considered the more modern of the Charedi sector are completely in love with the 'Golden Calf'.

They want to live the life of the Goyim (non-Jews) but "with a good hechsher". This is why you can find an abundance of restaurants and entertainment places now, that all have "a good hechsher".

Families can go away for Pesach on a luxurious cruise that has a super hechsher and G-d Forbid, without Gebrokts, of course, or spend Succos in Disneyland and Shavuous in Hawaii and everything comes with a "hechsher".

The Israelis, who are considered modern, perhaps travel less abroad, but they too are trying to imitate this way of life. Yet, at the same time they make sure to donate a lot of money to yeshivas and so on and are considered the 'greatest tzaddikim around...'

They give a lot of money to Kollel managers and Rabbis of Yeshivas, etc. and therefore, even though their own modesty is questionable, and the materialistic life styles they lead are completely unkosher, they are nevertheless considered to be "chashuv chareidim" ('V.I.P.' Charedi Jews).

These people can be found both among the Chassidim and among the Litvishers and 'regular' Chareidim (i.e. sefaradi or Ashkenazi). Each sector and their dress-code, and their clothes make them appear to be Charedi. But if you really want to know more about the families, you should take a look at the wives and daughters. That will give you the complete story.

This group of people is also very quick to accept all sorts of 'heters' (allowances and easing in Jewish laws), it's not such a big deal in their eyes to get one heter or another - and these are the people supporting the yeshivas!

And what about our sacred Yeshivas?

That is our greatest problem because most of the yeshivas are full of learning but empty of feeling and of Hashem's Divine Presence. How can people learn for the sake of Heaven without feelings? This is why Hashem's presence is not found there.

In this generation many yeshiva-boys and men care only about themselves and their own personal needs: housing, clothing, weddings and finding a bride who will financially support them so they may continue to learn. But how many of them are truly leaning? They sit, read a newspaper, play around with all sorts of gadgets and things and also do some learning. Yet this learning is not real learning and the Torah they learn is not for the sake of Heaven.

Some of the Rosh Yeshivas, have literally had to sell their souls to donors who are either modern, Zionists or people who are somewhere in between. Yet these yeshiva-heads are also mostly concerned with their own needs and honor. Obviously not all the Rosh Yeshivas are like this, but this is the tendency of our generation.

The selfishness is the biggest problem. There is selfishness among the men who are learning, among the modern Charedim, among the business men and among the heads of the yeshivas and kollels. Again, not everyone is like this.

But this is certainly the tendency and everyone knows this. And this is what is causing all the deaths in our community nowadays. Even the chessed we perform is often for selfish reasons as is our Torah-learning and the mitzvos we perform. This is precisely the problem.

Sometimes, the Charedi Jew who is considered the most orthodox is actually the biggest problem since most of what he does is not for the sake of Heaven.

I want to say something to all the Charedim and to every Jew who believes in Hashem and to all of our Charedi leaders (the great Rabbis): if you don't do something fast, a terrible tragedy will befall us and this is something even the biggest fool can predict.

Let me tell you what you must do now: You must stop all the unfounded hatred. Everyone must stop sitting in their specific group they belong to, and grabbing the biggest piece of the cake and continuously fighting over each and every other piece as well.

You must realize that all the elegant yeshiva buildings and shuls are about to fall apart. They will fall apart first inside and then outside, if you do not all unite under the flag of Hashem. You must all, together, clean out your hearts and your streets from every goyish (non-Jewish) thing [from all the non-Jewish influences, etc.]. EVERYTHING!!!

Then, pick up the Aron Hakodesh (Holy Arks) with the Sefer Torahs and go out into the streets together, men and women separately, and put ashes on your heads and sacks upon your bodies and say Vidui (Confession prayers in the siddur) and ask Hashem for forgiveness and salvation. But you must do this with real tears. You must cry together! Together! Together!

Then, you must go and rebuild our precious community by being true Jews - Jews who put their faith completely in Hashem; not in money, in computers or any of the other gadgets and toys of this world, or in Social Security and so on.

Then there will be peace, Moshiach and the next world.

Anyone who understands this, any Talmid Chacham who understands this and does not make an effort to stop all these problems will be judged in Heaven for this. Not only people who do the actual sins will be judged, so will all those who watch in silence and do not try and stop it.

Their silence is also a sin.

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