Chapter 71

FC with Galia Adar A 5768, Feb. 2008

Rivers of Teshuva

Galia: My dearest mother, this communication session between us is a gift sent from Hashem during these rough times and at a time where still so many Jews are behaving like blind people, feeling their way around in the dark.

Very soon you will all be witnesses to a tremendous wave of Teshuva, the likes of which the world has never yet seen. Lots and lots of people from Am Yisrael will repent and return to Hashem. Rivers of Teshuva will wash over the earth and over all the Jews in Israel and throughout the world. Many Jews will return to Eretz Yisrael.

However, the teshuva people do in Israel will be a lot smoother, faster and much more meaningful.

Soon, Ima, it will all happen. The situation that will take place in Israel and throughout the world will cause a mass of people to return to Hashem Yisborach (blessed He), without any doubt.

The world is facing a massive change. People hear about things happening all over and can sense that the world is facing a great change and that the present situation can in no way continue, in every aspect; not by the threats from the Arabs and other gentile nations against Israel, and not by the present spiritual situation of the Jewish nation. A great change for the better must occur.

Lots and lots of Jews will be returning to our Father in the Heavens, whether they do it happily or because they have no choice, there will be no other options. Very soon you will understand what I am speaking about.

The Redemption and Chevlei Moshiach (pre-Messianic pangs)

Ima: Why, what is going to happen soon?

Galia: I do not have permission to describe it in detail but in general I am permitted to tell you that the complete Redemption of the Jewish people is very near. But before the Redemption, there will still be some more difficult 'labor pains' and so much trouble will befall the haters of the Jews. Then, after the great darkness that will overcome the world, a new light will break through and shine down upon Zion and we will all wake up to the light of our righteous Moshiach who will lead the Jewish people with holy leadership in preparation for the construction of Beis Hamikdash.

The Redemption is on our door step; people must not despair even if they endure very difficult times and it all depends upon us, upon our ability to soften and mitigate a mass of plagues and harsh sentences that may befall us, G-d Forbid.

The more mitzvos and kind acts people perform, the harder they work on their middos (traits), on honesty and decency, the more they try to keep Shabbos and the mitzvos of Hashem Yisborach, the easier the situation will be on the Jews and the Redemption will come speedily and many troubles and kitrugs (Heavenly accusations) upon the Jewish people will be nullified.

The mitzvos that the Jewish people , create lots of angels that protect Israel.

My dear mother, all I can tell you is that we are one little step away from the complete Redemption, Be'ezras Hashem Yisborach. Soon, very soon, we, Am Yisrael will see yeshuos and nechamos (salvation and comforting) and great and wondrous miracles. Just be strong and brave.

Who will be part of the circle of those who love Hashem?

Ima: What beautiful messages, baruch Hashem. Baruch Hashem that you merited giving over to me and I merited receiving from you such messages and baruch Hashem Am Yisrael will also merit these messages. May I publicize them?

Galia: Ima, you know it is very important for you to first check the messages over with a qualified Rabbi and find out what may or may not be publicized. There is no question that this can certainly strengthen Am Yisrael in these harsh times and my dearest mother, the Geula (Redemption) is really close and these rough times will apparently become even rougher for the entire world and a lot of people are going to suffer terribly. But whoever comes close to our Father in Heaven and starts keeping Shabbos and saying Krias Sh'ma already enters the circle of people who love Hashem and they will be surrounded by kindness (Psalms 32, 10).

Hashem 'shields him with branches' (like the s'chach on the sukkah) - him and all of Am Yisrael, but it is difficult to shield thorns and thistles, for the hand can get pricked and hurt. It is much easier to provide shelter over soft and gentle flowers.

Hashem is happy with every single one of his blossoming flowers - his people - Am Yisrael. For now, he is willing to shield even the thorns and thistles for the sake of the other beautiful flowers that exude sweet fragrances throughout this entire, foul and materialistic world.

Ima, tell everyone that every single Jew can become one of these beautiful, sweet-scented flowers.

How important it is, to crush and pull out these thorns and thistles that hinder the blooming and blossoming of Am Yisrael!

Be'ezras Hashem, very soon, the garden will be magnificent and will consist only of fresh, beautiful flowers; all the thistles will dry up and perish and completely cease to exist. So let's all flourish in the spiritual, Heavenly garden!

There is already a lot of blossoming now in Israel; many, many Jews have already returned to our Father in Heaven. Nowadays, there are many means available to make it easy for people to be able to observe, gain knowledge and return to Hashem Yisborach. Today, it is easy to return to Hashem but as time goes by, it will become much harder because once we enter the rougher times - everything will become more difficult.

Today, everything comes easy and with mercy. It is important to take advantage of this situation now because it is going to change in the very near future. When Moshiach is revealed, be'ezras Hashem, very, very soon, there will not be any more people doing teshuva, there will be people who either managed to catch the train on time or those who missed the train because it already left and will never again return to their track.

Moshiach is going to come!

Ima: Galia, it is written that Moshiach will come at the end of the six-thousandth year to the creation of the world and before the seven-thousandth year - before the Sabbath, because even with Shabbos (the Sabbath), which is actually the seventh day of the week, we accept the Shabbos a little before sunset [before Shabbos enters]. In other words, already, before the sixth day of the week finishes we begin observing the Shabbos. Now we are already approaching the end of the seven-thousandth year of the creation, so when will Moshiach come?

Galia: He will come - our righteous Moshiach will indeed come! The time has already arrived! We are just waiting for the last, late arrivals. So, come, my late brothers and sisters, hurry up and come, your arrival is awaited. Hashem does not want to start the tremendous joy that awaits us and the whole world before all of his slow, lazy and late sons and daughters have all arrived.

Wake up, mischievous children, "return to me and I will return to you." Great joy awaits Am Yisrael; it all depends on us. We can all try and bring our family, friends and neighbors close to Hashem, spread Torah and kedusha (holiness) all over and help merit the public. Every person who merits other Jews and brings them close to Hashem has great spiritual heichalos ('grand-halls') waiting for him in Heaven, for, when a father loses his children and someone then comes and makes great efforts to return his children to their loving father, that person is then rewarded with the greatest kind of reward imaginable. So, gather up strength and might and every Jew should try to peacefully bring as many people back to Hashem as possible.

Do not abandon your brothers, "עזוב תעזוב עמו" - "you must try and help him" (Exodus 23; 5). This is a tremendous mitzvah and it will prevent the grief we will feel when we see our distant brothers not being able to participate in the great joy of the upcoming Redemption. They will not even be able to come close to the circle of Jews dancing from joy; they will be outcast, distant and alone, sad and weeping from grief and our joy will not be complete without them. Therefore, go and do something today; try and bring back as many Jews as possible to our Father in Heaven and you will merit great blessings, G-d Willing.

Is the revelation of Moshiach the end of the world?

Ima: If Moshiach will be coming soon, and if we are approaching the end of this world, what is the point of getting married and having children?

Galia: I can tell you that the son of David will not come until all the neshamos (souls) have fulfilled their purpose in their bodies. We are constantly doing rectifications and every soul that comes down into this world is doing tremendous tikkunim (rectifications) that are so terribly important.

The coming / revelation of Moshiach is not the end of the world, Heaven Forbid, the world will continue to exist [until the end of the seven thousand years] be'ezras Hashem. When Moshiach comes it will only be the end of the "Olam Ha-sheker" - this world of deceit and heresy, and the start of the new world - the Olam Ha-emes - "the World of truth", a world without an Evil Inclination.

Everyone must work on their faith, now, and put their trust only in Hashem, for He, alone, knows what is good for Am Yisrael and only He, the Praised King of the World, knows when is the best time for Moshiach to be revealed to the world. The Moshiach has been among us, throughout every generation, but he was not ever aware that he is the Moshiach. As soon as Hashem, with His infinite mercy, decides it is the right time, He will bring down from Heaven and infuse the holy soul of the Moshiach into the Moshiach's physical body and then all the words of the prophets will materialize.

The Redemption is very near but Only Hashem decides when and how. and it can all happen with great mercy. Much of the 'when' and 'how' it happens is dependant upon us.

How can we bring the Redemption closer?

Ima: Do you have a message for Am Yisrael, perhaps regarding the Redemption - what do they need to do to bring it closer?

Galia: Ima, I have told you many things today that can help bring the Geula closer. It is important for Jews to start observing, researching, asking questions, learning and reaching the truth.

People's souls came into this world inside intelligent bodies, not inside of beasts, which lack the ability to think.

Whoever makes efforts to understand, and does not ignore the truth or allow himself to sink into all the materialistic pleasures and desires of this world, if he comes to realize that Hashem is the King of this world and of all the worlds and that there is no other besides Him, and realizes that Hashem gave us the Torah and mitzvos and that we are obligated to observe them, to do acts of kindness with others and work on our middos (traits) so that we may all be decent, honest and loving people, without disputes, hatred and strife, if people have nothing but empathy and respect for each other, the Geula will come quickly with ease and with mercy.

When will the Geula come?

Ima: When will the Geula come?

Galia: My dear mother, only Hashem decides when the complete Geula will come and not anyone else. It is a secret that only Hashem knows and not another soul. And even though great tzaddikim of all the generations predicted and gave dates for the Redemption, the Moshiach did not arrive on those dates and that still does not lessen the value of those tzaddikim one tiny bit; it was just that the time had not arrived yet. The fig had not yet ripened and the time of the pomegranate had not yet arrived.

Will there be a war?

Ima: Are you allowed to tell me if there will be a war or not?

Galia: I am allowed to say that everything depends upon Am Yisrael. If they come close to our Father in Heaven, there will not be any war at all. But if, G-d Forbid, not enough Jews return to our Hashem Yisborach, Hashem will not allow the sacred Brit (alliance) we formed with Hashem at Mount Sinai to be broken and if there is no other choice, if the child is being very stubborn and insists on doing things that only cause him harm and endanger him, then the good, loving and concerned father will be left no choice but to give his child spanks of love.

Therefore, it is advisable for that stubborn child, "sons of the leaders of Israel", to quickly return now to His father in Heaven and to observe the Holy Torah that guides us on how to behave in this world.

There is nothing that gives us better guidance than the Torah - there is no behavior that would be better or more correct for the Jewish people; all of the mitzvos written in the Torah were given to us for our own good. Hashem gave us the Torah out of His love for us and observing the Torah serves as protection for us, our families and all of the Jewish people. Teshuva has the power to nullify all the harsh decrees upon the Jewish people and to bring closer the complete Redemption and certainly to annul any kind of war. A war will take place only if there is no other choice.

Yet, even if there will be a great war in the world, you do not need to be worried, for those who follow the ways of Hashem Yisborach will not come to any harm. The war is in order to 'collect dues' from the evil Goyim. It is all true justice and Hashem does not waive or forgive anyone for the evil deeds they committed against the Jewish people throughout every generation.

The time for justice and vengeance will come but do not be afraid and do not worry about this at all, for Hashem Yisborach will 'collect dues' from all of the Goyim who caused grief for His beloved Am Yisrael, those who slaughtered and killed his children, who have been viciously cruel to us throughout every generation. It is not possible that they will go unpunished. The big war, if it happens, is only in order to punish the evil Goyim and eradicate the malicious people who caused us grief throughout every generation.

It is all part of the Redemption; whoever is connected to Hashem will watch his enemies fall. The vengeance and anger is directed only to the haters of Israel and we are all Am Segulah (the chosen people), Hashem's beloved Am Yisrael. If we come close to our Father in Heaven we will nullify all of the decrees - big and small.

The time of vengeance has arrived, the Redemption is on our doorstep and the ones who will mainly suffer will be from the evil nations of the world. It is not directed against us, Jews, G-d Forbid.

What comes first - Gog Umagog or Moshiach?

Ima: What will come first - Gog U'magog and then Moshiach or first Moshiach and then Gog U'magog?

Galia: Gog U'magog is the name for the ongoing troubles of the Jewish people in every generation. In every generation there is some Gog U'magog and it is all part of the Pre-Messianic pangs. But there is going to be more Gog U'magog still in this generation, unfortunately, and it will be very harsh but I am reminding you again that it is all part of the labor pains that come right before the birth of the new world which cannot be born without suffering and agony and it is all for the best. Everything that happens to us and to the world is for the best even though sometimes what happens may not make sense to us.

The Moshiach is already here at the entrance, and most of the troubles of Gog U'magog in our generation will fall upon the Goyim, to avenge the suffering they caused, for the day of vengeance is near and everything is true justice and anyone who hurt even a strand of hair on the head of a Jew throughout every generation, will be severely punished, even if this entails the obliteration of entire countries from the face of the earth, 'everything goes' when it comes to the complete Redemption of the holy Am Yisrael.

Yet, everything that will happen is dependant upon each and every Jew, how much they contribute to helping to bring the Geula closer, with ease and with great mercy.

What is the answer to people's question: Have you departed from this world?

Ima: People have been asking about you since you said that you were going to depart from the world soon, but baruch Hashem you are still here. What should I tell them?

Galia: Tell them, Ima, that they must strengthen their faith in the Creator Yisborach, and understand that there are constant changes in Heaven, from moment to moment, regarding the Jewish people as a whole and each person as an individual. Hashem looks after each and every one of Am Yisrael with direct, personal Divine providence.

Everything that happens to each person and to Am Yisrael as a whole, is calculated by Heaven, and every mitzvah performed tilts the scale of merit in favor of Am Yisrael and nullifies harsh and terrible decrees for individuals as well as the public.

Baruch Hashem I have merited from Jews having done teshuva because of the messages I delivered from Heaven and this provided a defense for Am Yisrael as well as for me, of course. All of the mitzvos performed by the Jews who repented because of my messages and because of my tikkun (rectification) in this world of delivering Heavenly messages eliminated a lot of Heavenly accusations and changed the whole picture and situation.

Everything is subject to change; if the Jews observe two Shabboses, the Redemption will come immediately. Look and see what power we have - if we would keep and observe two Shabboses, the Moshiach would come instantly! Everything is Heavenly calculations and it is all subject to change, nothing in Heaven is static. The Jews are always being supervised, their deeds weighed and measured and Baruch Hashem when the scale is inclined to the good side, changes for the better are made.

It is very important for people to strengthen their faith in Hashem and to understand these simple matters before asking such heretic questions.

Nowadays, there is an abundance of options available for people to learn Torah, mitzvos and everything there is to know about Judaism and there is no reason for a person to wonder why something that was meant to happen changed. Is it not possible for a person to plan something and then change it, even at the very last minute? Weren't we supposed to see the Redemption ages and ages ago in very different times?

But we haven't merited the Geula until now and therefore it has not yet come, because in Heaven our actions are constantly being weighed and measured and what happens to us as individuals and as a whole is dependant upon that, for better or for worse.

Let us hope that we will always be worthy, us as individuals and us - Am Yisrael - as a whole. When we are worthy, the kitrugim (Heavenly accusing forces) fall one after the next and harsh decrees are nullified one after the next.

The messages I have give Am Yisrael were sent from Heaven in holiness and purity. I have fulfilled my duty loyally, giving these important messages through you, and whoever opened their eyes and returned to our Father in Heaven merited and his entire life turned around for the better and it is even possible that he was thus saved from terrible decrees.

For us, in this gashmi (materialistic) world, there is a hastarah (concealment), like a great big screen that hides whatever is behind it. We really do not understand or see things correctly, because that is what Hashem intended for us - that a lot would be hidden and concealed from us so that we may merit nullifying a lot of harsh decrees and bringing down into the world a lot of good for us and for all of Israel and be awarded tremendous merits in Heaven and upon the Earth.

My dearest mother; tell everyone that everything is for the best. Everything that happens in the world is for the best, for everything is under Hashem's Divine Providence. Every step and action the Jew takes, his actions and meritorious deeds are always being weighed and measured and if he is worthy, a lot of decrees that he was sentenced to, are nullified. So Baruch Hashem, I merited being sent to this world at this time, to bring my mother to teshuva, Be'ezras Hashem, and to help many people from Am Yisrael. Baruch Hashem I merited rectifying great tikkunim and there is no doubt that every Jew is here to rectify tremendous tikkunim, sometimes without even noticing or realizing that that is what he is doing.

You should also tell all those who asked about me that my decree was nullified for their benefit, for that is how Hashem extends His patience and does not punish those who have not received these messages and done teshuva. These people have not yet merited understanding many great spiritual things including the ways of Hashem in this world, that people who are working on themselves now have already merited understanding, and so long as they do not believe these messages they have lost out. Yet, on the other hand, they merited something else: on one hand, they did not merit returning to our Father in heaven but on the other hand, because of their doubt in the messages they merited not receiving harsh punishments, suffering and kitrugim (Heavenly accusations), all because they still doubt the whole FC communication matter, but Hashem Yisborach is extending His patience with His beloved Am Yisrael.

However, a father will not hold his patience forever while his child refuses to believe anything and insists on doing whatever he feels like even if it is the wrong thing; that child will eventually have to get some spankings.

So, my dear brothers and friends, my beloved sisters, please read once more all the messages I have delivered to you in holiness and purity, a brain-damaged girl who has spoken to you through her soul, who passed on to you the words of Hashem that came down to this world out of His love for His children, Am Yisrael. Strengthen yourselves and gather courage to accept upon yourselves the yoke of Torah and mitzvos, so that you may nullify harsh decrees and bring closer the complete Redemption of Israel.

When does the soul receive a new body?

Ima: When does the soul receive a new body, as soon as the person dies and his soul exits his body or later on? Can there be a situation where the soul has no spiritual body?

Galia: Ima, when the person dies, he sheds the materialistic body he was inside of, from the day of his birth, because the soul is spiritual and when the body dies, it separates itself from the gashmius (materialism). The body dies when it is time for the soul to leave this world - when it finishes its tikkun or the amount of time it was given to fulfill its tikkun in this world.

However, there are souls who do not finish rectifying whatever they were sent here to rectify, or have not fulfilled the mission they were sent to this world to accomplish and their situation is truly bitter, for when they return to the upper world they are full of shame, since they did not successfully fulfill their mission. These souls endure the greatest kind of suffering a soul can feel - the souls who did not succeed in rectifying what they were sent to rectify in this world and did not return to our Father in Heaven and come to understand that there is a Creator to this world and that every single thing comes from Him Yisborach, and that we have a Torah, given to us by Him at Mount Sinai, that guides us and teaches us what we need to do, what is good, honest, healthy and will bring true happiness and the Geula of the world and the revelation of the Moshiach.

The people who were righteous in this world, who worked hard to discover the truth hiding within the many mysteries of this hidden world, those who learned Torah and observed Hashem's mitzvos and finished their tikkun successfully - when these souls separate from the materialistic body and this ruthless, materialistic world, they go straight up to a spiritual, pure, refined, bright and happy world and of course they immediately receive the spiritual body they prepared for themselves in this world through the mitzvos they did for the sake of Hashem Yisborach and for the sake of bringing the Redemption of Israel closer and of the whole world.

They receive 'spiritual garments' for their neshama (soul), because in the upper world, the neshama will not be able to view the immense, incredible images that await us if it does not have the spiritual 'body', a vessel to contain the soul, a vessel pure and holy like the soul, to protect it from the exalted, supreme holiness of the upper spiritual Heavens. A soul that does not have a body will receive much less spiritual pleasures, abundance and light.

The body created and weaved from all the mitzvos we perform in this harsh materialistic world, serves as a protector for the soul so that it will not burn from the intense kedusha in Heaven.

And there are more great and wondrous things...

Ima, I'm not permitted to tell you everything; there are secrets that the soul understands only after it leaves the body. The physical, materialistic body has no chance of understanding these lofty, spiritual matters. The human mind is very limited and that is how man was intentionally created from the beginning so that he would toil over the mitzvos and the 'research' he had to do while in this world (learning about Hashem and why we are here, etc.), since the soul already knows everything. When the person is born a great concealment is put before his soul so that the person will not be aware of his soul and all it knows, and all the toil he goes through in this world in order to re-discover the truth merits him magnificent, radiant, lofty garments that are like an entry-ticket in the Upper World to prodigious and holy palace-halls.

But, my dearest mother; "if one does not work hard (cooking and preparing) Erev Shabbos (Sabbath Eve) - what will he eat on Shabbos?" (Avodah Zara 3 - Gemara) If he has not prepared these spiritual garments for himself, he will have nothing to wear. There are souls like this in the Upper World that are lonely and pathetic, without 'clothes', ashamed and infinitely sorry for the great shame they brought upon themselves by not succeeding to fulfill their mission in this world.

And there are many different types of 'garments' in the Upper World - all according to whatever the person prepared and sewed for himself in this world. There are simple 'garments' which are not enough to allow the soul entry into very many lofty palace-halls and then there are beautiful, magnificent garments. The person gets a once-in-a- lifetime chance to prepare spiritual garments for himself and whoever does not make efforts to discover the truth while he is in this world will lose out on abundances of plenitude and endless spiritual pleasures in the eternal Upper World to which the soul belongs. Our souls were created and formed from a very high source, from which they came to this world with a mission to complete and to there they will return, at the end of the time period they were given to successfully fulfill their mission.

Dear Ima, you can't imagine how important it is for each and every person to search, toil, discover, ask, learn and understand that the world has a Creator and He wants us to keep our side of the brit we, Am Yisrael, made with Him at Mount Sinai, for all the souls of all the generations were present at Mount Sinai and they all said, "We will do and we will listen." How can it be that they said this but then when they come to this materialistic world they stumble and fall into a great darkness and allow themselves to drown into their materialistic hearts' desires and lusts like one who drowns in quick-sand? They don't even realize that they are continuously drowning, sinking deeper and deeper until all of a sudden they reach a situation where they can't get out anymore - ever!

This being the case, why don't they try and get out of that quicksand called the "Evil Inclination" already from the beginning? The Evil One is making fools of them, doing whatever it can to cause the holy Jewish people to sin. It wants to feed off of their holiness because the Jewish people have such great and lofty souls, that I cannot describe to you even a drop of this loftiness and you do not have the ability to understand even an ounce of this loftiness. They are lofty and hidden from the eyes of all humans.

However, the souls that are successful in their mission are received with a great "victory parade" up in Heaven, a great 'welcoming party' with songs, music and bells and such lofty tunes that the human ear cannot ever hear in this world; tunes that are Heavenly and belong only to the Upper Worlds, to the palace-halls of music in Heaven.

The angels rejoice and the holy souls rejoice and the King of all Kings, Hakadosh Baruch Hu and all the 'Heavenly entourage' rejoice and are pleased with that soul that arrived crowned in mitzvos, the fear of Heaven, love of Hashem and d'veikus (devotion) to Hashem Yisborach and the success in the soul's mission, for before the soul ever came down into this materialistic world, inside of the materialistic body, it knew, saw and agreed to fulfill the important mission it was sent to accomplish.

Ima, every soul has a tremendously important mission to fulfill that only it, that specific soul, can accomplish and no other soul can do it in its stead. This is why it is so important for every soul to come close to our Father in Heaven, while it is in its materialistic body and not allow itself to get carried away by the futility and vanity the Evil Inclination offers it while in this world, in order to distance it from kedusha (holiness). And yet, on the other hand, by causing the soul to distance itself from kedusha, the yetzer hara (Evil One) is able to feed off of the kedusha and thus transfers it over to his side. It lures the soul with many difficult temptations, but this world is only a temporary world.

When the person reaches the end of his days, he feels like they have come to a sudden end, as though they never were. Everything went by so quickly.

Even if the person lives eighty years in this world, before his soul leaves his body he will still feel that everything passed too quickly, like a glimpse of a shadow.

People must make great efforts in this world and know that because of the efforts and difficulties they went through they will be immensely rewarded for every action they did and every hardship they endured for the sake of Hashem, and they will merit life in an eternal world of pure good, after they leave this futile world.


Ima: If a person comes to this world to rectify things but only ends up causing damage, what point is there to his returning again and again to the world if he is only causing damage instead of the rectifications he should be doing? Would it not be better if he were not to come into the world at all?

Galia: Hashem knows everything; He knows why a person comes into this world and even if the person causes damage, just by being in this world he is still doing a lot of good for his soul especially if he suffers in this world. The suffering and agony one goes through in this world purifies the soul a great deal and makes it fresh and bright.

But my dearest Ima, everything is calculated in Heaven and all the rectified parts of the soul remain in the Upper World, they don't come down into this world once more. The person is born with a soul that consists only of whatever had not yet been rectified and if the person does not rectify what he needs to, he returns to this world again and again. But he cannot damage what he has already rectified because what he has rectified remains in the soul's original state in the spiritual world.

These things are not simple to understand for the human mind and I cannot expand on the subject.

Ima: Are you allowed to tell people who they were in their past life?

Galia: My dear mother, it is forbidden to tell a person who they were in their past life. It has no practical value or purpose. Not only does it not improve the person's situation, it can actually harm them and cause them great frustrations. What does it matter who he was - what's important is who he is today. The past cannot be changed but the present can be changed, and certainly for the better.

Ima: Is there any reason to light a yahrzeit candle for someone whose soul has been reincarnated and is currently in this world?

Galia: My dearest Ima, of course there is reason, because the candle is lit for the sake of spiritually elevating the soul that is in Heaven, in other words, the parts of the soul that have already been rectified that are not within the person in his current reincarnation. It merits the rectified soul in the Upper World and gives it comfort and satisfaction. Ima, the soul is not something the human mind can perceive. It can be in the Upper World as well as here in this world as well as in a reincarnation, and sparks of it have already been rectified. It sees, hears and knows everything from one end of the world to the other. The soul is not something the limited human mind can grasp or perceive at all. The soul is a partially Divine from Heaven; how could a materialistic person grasp such a thing?

The root of the souls

Ima: If the souls were created when the world was created, then where were they until now?

Galia: Ima, the souls are under the Throne of Honor in the most incredible place, the likes of which no person has ever seen, but I don't have permission to elaborate on this.

New souls keep coming into this world until all the souls have come and until all the parts of every soul have been rectified. These are matters that no human can understand. The complete Redemption will come and that is the ultimate purpose and shleimus (completeness) of the world.

As for the souls that have not yet come into this world - most of them were already here and may come back again, depending upon many factors. In the meantime, they remain up there in the Heavenly skies, hidden inside the 'treasury of the souls', each soul according to its merits and the source from which it was created. I am not permitted to tell you any more on the subject.

Is death a frightening thing?

Ima: Galia, is death frightening?

Galia: Not for the people who fulfilled their mission properly. What do they have to fear from the Creator of the World? From the One who sent them into this world and they then accomplished their mission successfully? The righteous Jews have nothing to fear, but the people who did not accomplish their mission and fulfill their goal in this world have a horrible fear and great terror awaiting them. In this world there is free will but Hashem will not 'forsake' anyone; every person will get what is coming to him according to his deeds and actions in this world. In the world to Come there is a type of free-will given only to the righteous Jews who chose out of their own free will in this world to love Hashem and fulfill the mitzvos of the Holy Torah.

Those who ignored the Truth and thought they knew better and chose to drown inside of the world of lusts and desires, futility and vanity, will not be given any free will in the Upper World. They are very limited and pathetic. It's a shame.

Whoever finishes his rectification here and has no sins and is righteous in this world - as he passes away and leaves this world, his soul is ablaze with ranges of bright lights that surround it and the joy that soul feels is infinite and cannot be described at all with the materialistic tools of this world. That soul is so happy to fulfill the will of our Father in Heaven, Who sent it down into this world, and when it is successful, it experiences the greatest joy possible, the greatest radiance. It is happiest particularly as it leaves the body, that which gave it grief and limited it and imprisoned it.

Does the body feel anything after its death?

Ima: After the person dies, does his body feel anything? What happens to the body when the soul exits it? Is it like an empty vessel? Does it feel anything? Is it sad?

Galia: Ima, do not concern yourself with such matters.

All I can tell you is not to be worried. The tzaddikim do not suffer when they die and the body is of no worth after their death because its whole purpose in this world was to serve as a cover for the soul. Its like the special cloth that covers the Sefer Torah - what's important is the Torah, not the cover.

Even without its cover, the Torah is holy, of the greatest kind of kedusha (holiness). The cover is there only to protect the Torah. This is how the body is to the soul - a mere sophisticated vessel to protect the soul, the home for the soul throughout the entire duration of its time in this world.

When the soul leaves the body, it goes back up to the source from which it was carved, the place where it truly belongs, for the soul has no connection whatsoever to the world of material and consists of no materialism. Only the body is materialistic and it is a very advanced and sophisticated, materialistic vessel, created through Hashem's infinite wisdom, in order to contain all the great and powerful souls of the Jewish people. The body has a purpose which is to mislead and conceal the power and greatness of the soul, since the body is small and fragile and the soul is tremendous and great and can go as high as the Throne of Glory. The world conceals a great deal of things and it is all according to Hashem's plan and is for the best. We will know, see and understand all of this only after the soul leaves our body at its pre-designated time.

Why do people suffer?

Ima: Someone asked me why do people suffer?

Galia: I am completely happy with all my suffering because I know that it is all for the best, for us as individual souls and for us as the collective soul of Am Yisrael and don't forget that all of these rectifications are in order to bring the complete Redemption of the Jews closer and the revelation of our righteous Moshiach, be'ezras Hashem, may it be soon. Every little tikkun, plus another little tikkun and another and another, adds up to a great big tikkun for all of Am Yisrael. Every person from Am Yisrael rectifies a small tikkun and goes up a madrega (spiritual step), thus, helping to create one great big tikkun, bringing the Redemption closer and creating many, many spiritual steps, climbing higher and higher to Heaven, home of Hashem Yisborach, in order to bring the Redemption everyone is so longing and yearning for, up in Heaven and down here upon the earth.

Ima, everyone must receive everything with love. A true tzaddik does not ask "why"; he receives everything that comes from Hashem with complete love and Hashem always proves His love to His people. Whoever asks "why" needs to work on his bitachon (faith in Hashem). We must all learn from the tzaddikim of Am Yisrael who never asked "why". They were even happy with their suffering. Everything is for the best. The suffering refines and polishes the soul.

Sometimes a little soul comes into this world to rectify a little tikkun and sometimes a bigger soul comes to rectify a bigger tikkun. It's all for the persons benefit as an individual and for the benefit of Am Yisrael as a whole. Do not ask questions like "why"; it may come across as a lack of faith, G-d Forbid.

People must work on themselves to accept everything their soul received with love before it came down to accomplish its mission in this foreign world. It was completely aware of the suffering the person would have to go through and nevertheless happy to come down into this foul world, for the soul brings light into the world.

The suffering is the 'gemara of tikkunim' in this world that teaches us to receive everything with love, prevail and never despair. People in this world must thank Hashem for everything; for everything that happens to them, even if what happens does not make any sense to them, it makes perfect sense to their soul and it is all for the best for "from Hashem comes only good."

Even if a person has very difficult nisyonos (tests), whoever passes the test successfully, even at school, receives good marks and special praises. All the more so does the holy soul, who knew everything and accepted everything happily and with love, even before it ever came down into this world. What does it matter if the brain does not understand these things? The soul does understand.

We must learn from David, the king of Israel; whenever he was fraught with troubles or difficult times, he only blessed Hashem and loved Him more and more every time, since he realized that it was all Hashem's Divine Providence - or else he would never have any troubles at all.

A person who suffers every kind of suffering is the greatest proof that Hashem is with him, watching over him every single moment, and he should strengthen in faith, be'ezras Hashem, and thank Hashem every single day for every breath, every moment in life that he is able to learn Torah and fulfill the mitzvos that are more valuable than gold and pearls.

A person can rectify tremendous tikkunim, beyond the human mind's perception, every second and every moment in life. People must understand that every grief that comes our way is a nissayon (a test from Hashem to see how we handle the situation), a tikkun and a mission to accomplish.

The troubles and suffering are very difficult and if the person can withstand the difficult nisyonos of the suffering, his soul will merit tremendous enlightenment. The suffering helps the individuals and Am Yisrael as a whole. It is very great for a person who accepts his suffering with love; it atones for many, many sins throughout the person's various reincarnations.

Every Jew has an important task to fulfill in this world. They were sent into this world by Hashem Yisborach, to accomplish a mission, and only d'veikus (devotion) to Hashem Yisborach and keeping His mitzvos will help them accomplish their mission faithfully and successfully. Every soul has a mission that is unique to it. I cannot elaborate on this to the human mind for the soul knows everything, but there has to be concealment because that is the test. All of the person's suffering is for the best, for the person and for all of Am Yisrael. One must not have contempt for his suffering; he must accept everything with love and understand that it is all for the best and that life in this world is only temporary. By merit of a relatively short amount of time in this world, people merit an eternity of supreme and endless spiritual pleasures and joy. Do you think that is worth losing out on?

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