Chapter 81, The final moment
Chapter 81, The final moment

FC with Daniel Apr.14.08


Am Yisrael, we are approaching the Seder night and everyone knows that the Jewish people are in the greatest danger they have ever been in throughout our entire history. It may seem like only the Jews in Israel are in danger but this is not true; all of the Jews, everywhere, are in great danger.

Moreover, Yiddishkeit - Judaism itself is in great danger, because we have created a whole other Yiddishkeit/ Judaism, one that is similar to the Goyim (the gentile nations), G-d forbid, and even most of the chareidim (Ultra-Orthodox Jews), who are supposedly the frummest (most religious) of the community, cannot tell the difference anymore between what is real torah and the Torah they have created for themselves, which has no relevance to the true Torah and is all sheker (lies).

They want both worlds; the Goyish one together with Judaism, this [deceitful] world together with the spirituality. Yet this cannot be.

This situation has brought us, the Jewish people to such a low level, below the borderline, that there is no way of turning back. Some of the Jews have crossed this line and some have not yet.

I am asking Am Yisrael to stop in their tracks, look back and see what a true Jew used to look like and then return to that point.

And if there are Jews who are still going down the wrong path, grab them with your hands and drag them onto the right path, but if they fight you and don't want to come, then leave them be and save yourselves.

Whoever drops to this low level, and crosses the borderline, the line that says he is no longer a Jew and cannot go back to being a Jew because he is already so caught up with the sheker that he simply cannot change anymore, this person has lost his place in this world and also, possibly, in the World to Come, G-d forbid, lo aleinu.

This Seder night, G-d willing, we will truly feel the exodus from Egypt, we will relive it and whoever relives it like the 20% or less [Jews] that survived and got out of Egypt, if we feel what they felt and even more than what they felt, the Redemption will come quickly. A lot of it is dependant upon us, but not all, since Hashem has a plan and that plan has a time limit.

Am Yisrael, we are approaching the end - which is really the beginning of the next world. It is the end of this world and the beginning of the next.

Soon, all the materialism we love so much will completely disappear and all those that are caught up with the sheker - in their imagination they will think they will still be able to get it all back (the materialism, etc.) and won't do teshuva (repent).

Those who realize that all the unnecessary materialism is just part of their imagination will see the truth and survive.

We are rapidly approaching that point in time. There is really no time, Am Yisrael.

May we truly have a kosher and happy Pesach and may we and all of Am Yisrael merit the complete Redemption.

(End of the message)

Q&A with Daniel:

Abba: Can't Am Yisrael be judged favorably? All the technology and materialism that surrounds us... the gentile world that comes at us from every direction... its all confusing and it affects us.

Daniel: When they realize the truth it will not be simple.

The Jewish people were sent to this world in order to fight it (the desire for materialism, etc.).

We will all be sentenced by Heavenly judgments. These are the final rectifications. We were sent to this world for this exact purpose: to rectify these matters. If a Jew, an Ultra-orthodox Torah learning scholar complains and says: "I'm not to blame for my inappropriate thoughts - I go out into the streets and women are simply not dressed modestly... if I lower my eyes I can still see their legs because their stockings are transparent and everywhere I look, there is something to distract me so it's really not my fault... Yet, he is to blame, since as a Torah-learning Jew, his duty is to fight the immodesty.

The first place to start is his own home: He hasn't insisted that his wife not wear a wig, that she dress modestly, that his daughters who attend Beis Yaacov schools should not wear tight clothing and thin socks.

He isn't saying to his friends, "do something, help me tell our wives to change their ways."

A secular man will say, "I can't be blamed, I am secular. I was born into a secular family, it's not my fault at all; I never knew anything else."

That is not a good excuse anymore because he knows he is Jewish and he knows that Jews believe in Hashem and that there are specific things Jewish people are obligated to do. Therefore there is no excuse and nothing stopping him from learning all there is to know about Judaism. He can easily get all the information, even by looking on the internet.

This person's tikkun (rectification) is to go back to being a kosher Jew. This is why he was born secular - so that he will return to Am Yisrael.

The phenomenon of a non-observant Jew who knows he is Jewish but cannot become a true Torah-observing Jew is almost non-existent in our world.

Every person in this generation was sent to the world to rectify a difficult tikkun, a final tikkun, and he must make the greatest effort to complete his tikkun. He has to work hard and suffer in order to fulfill the tikkun, or at least be on the right track to completion.

Claiming that Am Yisrael cannot be blamed for all sorts of sins they committed is not reality. The reality is that we must rebuke each other now because that is the lifeline: "Jew! You are drowning!"

He can insist from now till the end that he is not drowning and this is not water. But the reality is that he IS drowning and this IS water.

The rebuke might bring him back to reality and Yiddishkeit is the life-line.

The next world (the days of Moshiach) is a world of truth and there is nothing better than truth, therefore there is nothing better than living in a world of truth, since it contains no sheker (deceit), there are no doubts, everything is clear.

That's it.

What's better than that?!

(I am very curious about the Olam Haba - the next world / World to Come, so I tried to get some details out of Daniel)

Abba: Are there computers in the Olam Haba?

Daniel: Listen, don't worry, Abba, you'll have plenty have livelihood. Man will have specific needs and Hashem will give everything.

Man will externally look similar to how we look now. Hashem gives us everything we need now and will in the future world as well.

But here, because we have to work we get confused and think that we are the ones bringing in our livelihood. In the Olam Haba the truth will become clear. Hashem will give us everything without the unnecessary materialism.

Life will be spiritual with much more satisfaction. Don't forget, it will be a world without any evil inclination.

I don't even know if anyone today can imagine a world without the evil inclination.

The evil inclination finds its way into every nook and cranny, into every tiny crevice within the person. People are not even aware of how much the evil inclination motivates their every move.

Abba, you know Hashem once took away the evil inclination from the world for three days and nothing, not a thing moved. [Gemmara chapter 7, daf 69]

Abba: The chickens did not lay eggs for three days throughout Eretz Yisrael.

Daniel: Nothing in the world moved at all. The evil inclination also motivates good things.

We are simply not equipped to understand or even imagine what it can be like.

Abba: It is hard to understand how the world can go from one situation to an entirely different situation.

Daniel: When the time is right we will know everything. It cannot be described at this time. It will be a new reality that has never existed before. One thing I can tell you; there will be no IRS!

Abba: I was asked about the effect of our 'sacks and ashes' operations.

Daniel: Your sacrifices are making a great impression in Shamayim (Heaven). Every Jew that sacrifices himself now, by going out into the streets with sacks and ashes in front of all of Am Yisrael, even though people are making fun of him and saying nasty things about "those crazy people" sitting on the ground wearing sacks on their bodies and ashes upon their heads, crying over the destruction of Beis Hamikdash and weeping over the sins of Am Yisrael as a whole and the sins of every Jew as an individual, making the decision to do complete teshuva (repentance), G-d willing, these Jews that are not afraid to sacrifice themselves and go through embarrassment in order to save themselves and Am Yisrael, by merit of these people, many Jews will receive our righteous Moshiach, G-d willing.

(Daniel said it is advisable to add Binyamin's words about this topic as well)

Binyamin: And perhaps, what we are doing (spreading the messages, etc.) will open a tiny opening that as soon as the great light comes, at the final moment of this world, then, perhaps, through that tiny opening we will be able to receive the great light.


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