Chapter 85
Chapter 85 - FC with Binyamin

After the earthquake in China (may, 2008)

Q. DO you have something to say about the earthquake in China?
A. Every thing that happens in the world, whether it is the earthquake in China, the Cyclone in Burma the tornado in America, is all warnings. Everything is a warning for Am Yisrael: do teshuva! Return to Hashem! Throw away the 'Golden Calf', become holy.

Thousands upon thousands of goyim have dies in all these natural disasters, over 100,000 goyim died and much more are going to die because the conditions there are not sanitary enough to save them from all sorts of illnesses, etc.
Hashem is trying to draw the attention, the hearts, heads and minds of the good Jewish people - His people, to show them an example, although very small, in comparison to what will happen to those - Jews and non-Jews who do not accept Hashem as the Master of the Universe.

Time is running out. Wake up... wake up...

Q. There was an article in the Bnai Braq newspaper that said that there was a tragedy in Bnai Braq, in Kiryat Herzog, five young people (from separate families), all living in the same apartment building, passed away from 'the known illness' over the last year. DO you have something to say on this matter?
A. It's all signs form Hashem to help His people do teshuva and return to Him. It is also personal rectification, of course, but the rectifications appear in such a way in order to wake up the Jewish people and make them repent.
Indeed, how much does Hashem need to do to wake us up? How much?!

Q. Regarding the disasters in the world, our hearts are already numb to these disasters. Even if a million people die in China, I don't think it will affect us, so how did the earthquake help?
A. Hashem causes these disasters to happen over a short period of time, one right after the next, in all sorts of places. That is certainly not natural and should get our attention and make us realize the situation we are in. It wasn't just an earthquake in China, there was also the Cyclone in Burma (100,000 died), the hurricanes in Florida - one right after the next, lethal hurricanes, and all sorts of important people who passed away, one right after the next in groups of 3 -4 at a time. All kinds of things are happening and these are just examples, and if all these things do not draw the attention of the Jewish people and you claim they are numb to all the disasters - they are not numb. They just don't want to know, they don't want to see the truth because they don't want to change their way of life.

( I found a session held with Chaim Weill, nine years ago and thought it appropriate to bring it here.)

FC with Chaim Weill (who suffers from CP) Cheshvan, 1999

Minutes and hours go by at a steady pace. The pace picks up, gets faster and pretty soon there will be no time left.

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