Chapter 89
Chapter 89 Why were the Torah Scrolls burnt?

FC with Binyamin Golden August 2008-08-25

Am Yisrael, we are all very concerned nowadays about the war of Gog Umagog. Yet, the greatest war, the most dangerous war - the real Gog Umagog - is the war between the Jew and his evil inclination ["your greatest enemy in this world is your inclination, etc." Chovas Halevavos].

Every Jew must battle his evil inclination and defeat it. Now, the evil inclination is very strong because this is the end of all the reincarnations and all of our transgressions that have not yet been rectified must now be rectified.

Therefore, the enemy, the evil inclination, is the strongest and cruelest of all. We must go to battle, each one on his own, against the evil inclination and, be'ezras Hashem, defeat it.

We have been getting a lot of warnings, lately, individual and general. Nearly every Jewish home is fraught with troubles, all sorts of troubles.

The outside world is facing a huge war - the greatest and most vicious war the world has ever seen.

And now, on top of everything else, we got a new warning, a most harsh warning. Givald, givald! Four Torah scrolls burnt down in Bnai Braq all in one day, lo aleinu (may we not know such things)!

Who burnt the scrolls? We did. We didn't physically burn them but our sins led to the burning of the holy Torah scrolls. Our sins, the sins of the Charedi community, the supposed believers, burnt the Torah scrolls. It doesn't matter who physically started the fire, although they are complete resho-im (evil people) and Hashem will handle them.

But it was a message for the rest of us; that we are not doing what the Torah asks of us. We learn Torah and supposedly keep the mitzvos but we are very lacking in our mitzvos.

We are lacking and that is why Am Yisrael received this warning. Our Torah, the Torah we are supposedly learning and the mitzvos we try to do are not sufficient. Our deeds lack heart [honest intentions] and the connection with Hakadosh Boruch Hu.
We therefore MUST do teshuva [repent].

The first thing we must do is rid our lives of all the gashmius (materialism). Then we must get rid of all the sheker (lies - i.e. whatever has no relevance to Hashem and His Torah) and live for no other purpose other than to serve Hashem.

We got another serious warning over the past few days and some very big surprises. What were the surprises? The whole world was unaware of the fact that Russia, the great vicious bear was ready to attack one of its small neighboring countries.

The great big bear is supposedly sleeping. Over the last few years it supposedly changed its characteristics from being a cruel and evil bear to a cute little teddy bear.
Also during this time, the walls came down and the fear of the K.G.B. went and lessened.

That is why many Jews have been going to Russia, some in order to bring Jews in Russia close to Hashem and others to do good business deals.

This is a new phenomenon. Instead of Jews getting out of Russia, the opposite is happening; Jews from all over the world are purposely going to Russia.

Up until now, it seemed as though Russia had become weaker than it used to be and supposedly democratic. Yet the truth is far from that and the bear has once again become a cruel and monstrous bear ["From the north will the evil come upon the world..." Yirmiyahu A. Russia is north of Israel].

Therefore, I want to say to all the Jews who are now in Russia that it would be very wise to pack your bags and get out fast. Soon the time will come where you won't be able to get out.

The whole world is truly in great danger now. The war in Georgia is only the beginning of the greatest war there has ever been - Gog Umagog [even form the name "Georgia" and "George Bush" you hear the name Gog].

So, what must we do? The Jewish people have the strongest weapon which is our tears. No other country in the world has this weapon, not Russia, not America, and not Iran [see Devarim 4].

The tears of a Jew, of a Jew who is weeping with a broken heart and truly wants to repent over all his sins, the tears of a Jew who understands that we have run away from the home of our father and he wants now to return home, the tears of a Jew who wants so much for our Father in Heaven to welcome him back home again.

Such tears will save any Jew who sheds them. Every such Jew will be saved. ["If only you would have cried one cry until you would be in Zion, you would not have been exiled." Midrash Tehillim (Psalms) 137]

But the Jews who think that America will save them, or that the IDF will save them, or the Europeans, such Jews will be lost, G-d forbid [see Hosha 14].

A nuclear bomb, atomic, or any other filthy bomb, all the destruction-technology that has been developed in the West and in the East, will not be able to stand up against even one tear of a Jew with a broken heart who wants to do real teshuva.

Jews all over the world, we are coming to the end [of the exile]. There may be a little more to go but we are at the end. Each one separately will have to think about his life and do some self- examination, realize all of his past sins, confess them and regret them.

Write them down on paper, sit on the floor, the men - wearing sacks and ashes [see Shulchan Aruch, hilchos taanis, Orach Chaim 579], and with a broken heart, cry over each and every sin. Regret the pain you caused the Master of the World - the Ribbono shel Olam, our Father in Heaven, Avinu Malkeinu [our Father, our King]. Then, make the decision that you are now doing complete teshuva and not sinning anymore or turning away from Hashem.

Don't forget to sit on the floor with sacks and ashes and if it is unavailable to you, tear your clothes as we do in mourning. The women naturally feel the mourning more than the men, therefore, they do not need sacks and ashes. One tear of a Jewish mother is worth more than a sack and ashes.

You must then feel deep regret over the destruction of the Holy Temple and over generations upon generations of our sins which led to the destruction. Then we must ask Hashem to send our righteous Moshiach.

Am Yisrael, what more is there to say? I am sitting and crying over our golus (exile), over the Temples that were destroyed and pleading for Moshiach Tzidkenu.

לוח אותיות התקשור

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