Chapter 94


Chapter 94

The great and terrible day is getting closer


Message from Daniel   22 Elul 5768


My brothers and sisters, the "great and terrible day" [Joel 3:4] is getting closer. It is growing nearer and nearer by giant steps. Every living person can clearly tell that the world is changing greatly. We are starting to see how everything (aside from Hashem) we have ever leaned on for support until today is now falling apart.

On the financial side of things - the whole structure is disintegrating. It's falling apart because it is based upon sheker [falsehood]. Most of the people in the world feel certain that this structure is strong and real but it is all just an illusion.

Very soon, it will totally fall, even with all the efforts the big, wealthy countries are making in order to save the sheker and to support this structure that is built from nothing. They are supporting it with insignificant materials, which is why in the end, it will all come crashing down. The entire financial system of the world is going to fall apart and all that will remain will be chaos.

Concerning the natural-disasters, we have seen no shortage of these over the past few months. And there will be even greater ones - far greater than the human mind is capable of even imagining. It will be terrifying and destructive in ways no one could have dreamed.

In addition to this, any person can see that we are facing a terrible and most difficult war, unlike any war this world has ever seen. Two thirds of the world will be destroyed [Zecharia 13:8] by Hakadosh Baruch Hu [G-d] Himself, without the aid of any messengers. There will also be great and wondrous miracles. Things will happen that will be obvious to all that they are coming straight from Heaven.

These days I am speaking of, are approaching rapidly. Yet most of the people are simply not moving; they are not trying to save themselves. And how indeed can we be saved from this upcoming frightening situation? One word: Teshuva [repentance].

Repentance means returning to Hashem, to His real Torah without all the vanities and nonsense of this world. One who feels regret over all the sheker and vanities that filled his life and now wants nothing but Truth with all his might, and makes the efforts to reach that Truth - such a person will be able to save himself, G-d willing.

We, the autistic and brain damaged people, have, baruch Hashem, written a lot of messages on this matter. But unfortunately most people just don't seem to care. We have already written all that needs to be said on the matter. We have spoken so much about this but many people don't want to listen, they just "plug their ears".

The sheker is more pleasing to them because they are not yet familiar with the unlimited spiritual pleasure we attain from having a close connection with Hakadosh Baruch Hu. They are accustomed to materialism and are only aware of the superficial and fleeting materialistic pleasures. Such people will be lost, Heaven have mercy.

Yet perhaps now, with all the turmoil throughout the world, perhaps Am Yisrael will finally be prepared to realize the truth. Maybe with all the signs Hashem has been sending us lately, all the messages: through nature, through the financial crisis, through all sorts of personal tragedies, (may we not know) through the constant threats of Russia and Iran, and all sorts of other threats looming over us from all kinds of places, perhaps all this will finally open a tiny opening in many Jews' hearts, and they will begin to ponder the necessity of doing teshuva.

Therefore, I am now imploring every Jew: return to Hakadosh Baruch Hu! Sit down on the floor, put ashes on your head, wear sack cloth on your body [see Shulchan Aruch, Orech Chaim 579] (and if you don't have a sack and ashes, tear your clothes as we do when in mourning) and cry over all your transgressions against Hashem and His holy Torah.

Go over each and every sin in your mind and cry over it and firmly decide: from this day on I will live a life of truth. I am returning to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and I will not repeat the sins I have committed. Say vidui [prayers of confession] as though these were your last moments upon earth.

Now is the time for people to take action and do something real in order to save themselves. And this is the ONLY thing that will save us: real teshuva. The first thing to do is teshuva, but beyond that, do something to show Hashem that you really are waiting for Him. Prepare yourselves a nice outfit, something special to wear just for the purpose of receiving Moshiach.

When the time comes for Moshiach [the Messiah] to come, and everyone will run out to receive him, we will go to our closets, open it and there, that special outfit will be waiting for us. It will not be missing a button and we will not have to waste time contemplating which outfit to wear. Everything will be ready and orderly; we shouldn't suddenly discover a stain or something missing. It should just be ready for us to put on quickly and receive our righteous Moshiach. 

People must also make sure that their clothes suitable and modest enough to receive Moshiach. Women should wear long wide dresses with long sleeves to the wrist, buttoned up to the neck. When Moshiach comes, we cannot run out to receive him dressed in inappropriate clothes or with an inappropriate head covering. All hair must be covered and the back and the sides of the neck.

No one can greet the Moshiach wearing a wig. No wig will be permissible, no tight skirts or dresses, no socks or stockings that are not thick enough and no immodest shoes.  No makeup either. Only a truly modest woman. For the men also, clothes must also not be tight-fitted, they must be wide and respectable.

Am Yisrael, these are the clothes we must wear when we run out to greet Moshiach. We also need to prepare the inner "garments"-teshuva [repentance]. We must regret all our sins, regret them with such pain that we are brought to tears. Then, together with these two aspects, the appropriate external garments, and the appropriate internal garments, in the very near future, we will be able to greet our righteous Moshiach with great joy.

There is another most important matter, which is the essence of the connection every Jew has with the World to Come and eternity and that is the faith and bitachon [trust] we must have in Hashem, that He is the Omnipotent; that He created us and the whole world and if we are hungry, He will feed us. If we are tired, He will arrange for us a comfortable bed. If we are thirsty, He will supply us with water. If we are afraid, He will calm us.

And everything else we need, He will provide for us. We don't need to rely upon banks, social security, doctors, the army, the police and so on. We need nothing else at all aside from Hakadosh Baruch Hu, and He will take care of all our needs. With such faith and trust, we will be worthy of greeting our righteous Moshiach with great rachamim [mercy].






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