A black star has engulfed the world in darkness


FC with Binyamin and Daniel, 13th Cheshvan 5769

The world has changed greatly since Elul. The whole world is now living in apprehension. People have stopped relying on the stock market and all the vanities that once directed their lives (the "Golden Calf"). The materialism that revolves around money, credit cards, various forms of entertainment, bank accounts along with all the rest of the excessive materialism that directs people's lives is now suddenly in danger [see message 42 "The world of decadent materialism is dying"].


Suddenly they don't know what is going to happen, how they will be able to go on living the false, mad lifestyle they led until now. However they are in no way willing to give it all up, which is why they just continue to go around full of confusion. Then, suddenly, a black star appears who has attracted most of the world - a star by the name of Obama.


This Obama came out of nowhere without any prior warning that such a person's exists. He has appeared by the hand of Heaven, and suddenly much of the world is prepared to follow him. And who is this "Obama"? No one knows. He is a big question mark in people's minds. His origins are very hazy, to the point where no one even knows if he was born in America or not and whether he has an additional citizenship or not.


Yet, who cares? The main thing is that this black star has arrived to supposedly "save" America and the rest of the world [the world of falsehood and excessive materialism]. So who is this Obama really? He is both Edom and Yishmael together. A complete merger. On the one hand his father was a Muslim and he himself went to a Muslim school. On the other hand he spent many years in a church run by a notorious anti-Semitic priest.


He is truly a combination of Edom with Yishmael - and that is why he has so much power. He has the merits of both Esav who honored his father and Yishmael who observed the mitzvos of Bris Milah [circumcision] and hachnasas orchim [receiving guests] like his father, Abraham.


When such a combination exists at a time when the spiritual level of Am Yisrael is so low, the danger is great. The combined strength of Esav together with Yishmael poses a terrible threat to the Jewish people when they are on such a low spiritual level as they are today.


However, if we do teshuva [repent] and follow in the ways of Yaacov Avinu, may he rest in peace, who through his good deeds and his closeness to Hashem [G-d] was worthy to be saved from the danger of Esav [who is Edom], we will have no problems and nothing to fear. But, if, G-d forbid, we do not repent, we certainly do have what to fear.


Baruch Hashem there are now Jews who are doing true teshuva and these Jews can feel secure during the period when Hakadosh Baruch Hu [G-d] will judge the world [just before the Redemption]. I still pray, although at this time it seems very unrealistic, that all of Am Yisrael will join this group of repenting Jews.


So then who is Obama? Time will tell; perhaps he was sent by Heaven to lead all the wicked people of the world. To gather them together and bring them to Israel, where a war will take place. A war Hashem Himself will fight for us [see Yechezkel 38 and Zecharia 14]. This war will take place here, in Eretz Yisrael. Gog will come to the land of Israel with many forces ["on the day when Gog will come to the land of Israel, etc." ibid, prophecy of Yechezkel], and an evil spirit will penetrate him [see Rashi, ibid 38:4]. Gog will fight against the Jews and against Hakadosh Baruch Hu. Hashem will fight the battle and we know the outcome. However we will not know for sure who is Gog until the last minute.


Now why am I speaking about Obama? What do I care about Obama? Obama did not just appear on the scene by chance. He is like the hurricanes that suddenly appear in the ocean, like "Ike", "Katrina", etc. He also suddenly appeared. This is what Hashem commanded - that the signs of the Redemption which will occur at the end of days will happen suddenly, without prior warning [see Malachi 3 "Suddenly the master you seek will come"], and those who know the prophecies written in the Torah will remember that Hashem foretold these things for us thousands of years ago.


Those who are not interested in the prophecies will not recognize Gog nor Moshiach and they will cease to exist, may we not know of such things [Shabbat 31, see Rashi on "looking forward to the Redemption"].


Hakadosh Baruch Hu sends us wicked messengers in order to cause us to return to the Truth. He has undermined and will continue to undermine gashmius [materialism] until nothing remains that a person can rely upon for his livelihood. Not his credit card, his social security, his pension plan, his paycheck, the doctors, his medical insurance, his car, electricity, or even the water that flows through the faucet in his home. Hashem is teaching us [as explained at length in Daas Tevunos and other books from the Ramchal z"l] that we cannot depend upon any materialistic thing [as the Jewish people were taught in the desert when they lived on divine food and water etc.]


In addition, Hashem will bring upon us natural disasters far greater than we have seen until now, and a terrible and most frightening war, in which most of the world will be destroyed ["I will remove evil from the world...two parts [of the world] will be destroyed and will die, and the third part will remain." Zecharia 13:8]. Hashem is bringing us step by step to recognize the Truth.


He wants to direct us to our source of existence and to recognize the fact that there is no other besides Him [which is a central purpose of creation as explained in Daas Tevunos and in the words of the prophets]. He is omnipotent and there is no other power that can help to save us.


That is why He is letting the greatest experts of the various countries worldwide try and implement every plan they can possibly come up with for saving the world. At some point even the leaders of these countries and their advisors and all of humanity will come to realize that "ein od milvado" - "There is no other besides Him" [just as was in Egypt, "and the Egytians will know that I am Hashem" (Exodus 7:5)] and all of their efforts and all their "wonderful" ideas are one great failure. If people want to be saved and continue to live, gentiles and Jews alike, they simply have to pray to Hashem - and the Jews must of course also do complete teshuva.


That is the current situation. How things will end is still undecided. If Am Yisrael does complete teshuva, the Redemption will come very easily. Conversely, if only part of the Jewish nation does teshuva, then the Redemption will come with great suffering ["let the Messiah come but I should not be there" (Sanhedrin 98)]. There will be a complete Redemption, but with terrible suffering, may Hashem have mercy on us. This is our choice to make now.


Any person with even limited vision can see the situation we are in. We are right before the end, before the Redemption and Techiyas Hameisim [Resurrection of the Dead]. But we must do teshuva in order to merit the Redemption and the days of Moshiach.


It's very exciting to listen to the radio, chas veshalom, or watch television, chas veshalom, and see Obama, watch his team and see the hurricanes taking place around the world, and so on and so forth. But that's not important. What matters is that we do teshuva. We should accept upon ourselves to do teshuva, to return to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, to return to the emes - the Truth. Only the Truth is our "ticket" to live in the world of Moshiach.


We must regret each and every sin. The men should sit on the ground, wear sack cloth and put ashes upon their heads and cry and cry and cry. We must weep over our sins and the sins of our generation and all of the sins since Adam Harishon and then make the effort to do complete teshuva and return to Hakadosh Baruch Hu.


Am Yisrael, good Jews, I am asking of you, pleading with you to return to the Truth. Throw away all of the excessive gashmius. Dress like Jews and not like goyim. Eat like Jews and not like goyim. Live like Jews and not like goyim. Think like Jews and not like goyim.


Oy, Am Yisrael, Am Yisrael, how much can one speak, how much can one plead and beg? The end is here, now! The end is here, now! And I will once again say to those in the Diaspora that have the possibility of coming to Israel: do it at once, as soon as possible. Don't make a lot of calculations, just come. Hashem will help.


There is not much time, not much time at all. I pray that with Hashem's help everyone, all of Am Yisrael will make the right choice. To the Jews that are distant from Hashem and married to gentiles - leave them. If their children are not Jewish and do not want to become Jewish, leave them there and come to the Land of Israel.


Why should you come to Israel? Because whoever comes to live in Eretz Yisrael receives many zechuyos [merits]. Whoever moves to Israel for the right reasons has to make great sacrifices - messirus nefesh. And this messirus nefesh is beloved in Shamayim. In addition, those who come to Israel because they recognize the signs of the Geula [Redemption] are saving themselves a lot of future suffering by coming in the final moments of this world. I bless all of Am Yisrael that we should merit seeing the Truth, reaching the Truth and receiving Moshiach Tzidkenu.


There are many Jews who even after seeing all the warnings from Hashem over the past few years, say "Never mind, Hashem will save us all", etc. and put their faith in all sorts of optimistic prophecies said by various prophets and sages.


However, allow me to clarify that the positive prophecies will only materialize if Am Yisrael does teshuva. If, chas veshalom, they do not, then there are other prophecies from our holy prophets that are harsher; so much so that the "Chessed leAvraham" said that in Eretz Yisrael only 7000 Jews will receive Moshiach Tzidkenu [Chessed Leavraham Maayan 3 Nahar 22]!


I am therefore asking Am Yisrael: why suffer? Why hold on to the Golden Calf and the falsehood of the goyim? Keep away from the sheker, stay close to Hashem and you will be worthy of receiving Moshiach Tzidkenu!


Daniel: Now I will speak and what I will say will be like the final sweet dessert. Why sweet? Because I want to tell you what you will gain if you do everything Binyamin said and do complete teshuva now. Those that are very distant: start observing Shabbos and family purity, keep kosher and so on. Those that are closer to Hashem: throw away all the excess gashmius that has penetrated Am Yisrael. Stop with the restaurants, the wigs, stop with all the goyish things that have been given so-called "hechshers" and regret all of your sins.


Do real teshuva. Then, even if the most terrible war erupts you will not feel it and will receive Moshiach Tzidkenu joyfully, refreshed and full of hope and joy. It will be the greatest joy there has ever been; coming to Beis Hamikdash, receiving our righteous Moshiach, once again sacrificing korbanos to Hashem and living a life of peace and shleimus [completeness].


If we don't do teshuva, chas vehsalom, it will be much more difficult. Only very few will receive Moshiach, after enduring very devastating wars with much grief and sorrow. But at least there will be those few who will receive him, then, Be'ezras Hashem.

Make your choice, Am Yisrael, which version you want.

Choose  now.
Choose now.


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