4 TEVES 5769,   31 DEC 2008

Daniel: The situation today is only going from bad to worse: financially, materially and in terms of security.

The financial situation is not going to return to the way it was. The situation in the past was one of an abundance of materialism, unlike anything before throughout history. Now Hashem has brought down drastically the levels of materialism throughout the world.

He did not do this suddenly. He has been doing it gradually and in an orderly fashion so that every person, Jew and goy alike will grow accustomed to the new situation that will come upon the world in the very near future. Hashem will cause all the excess materialism to disappear from the world. Eventually be'ezras Hashem, people will realize that there is nothing we can rely upon except for the Master of the World - Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

The world is entering very difficult times, and we will not be able to rely upon any other source of life except our Father in Heaven. We will search for shelter and food and realize that we will have to pray for every morsel of food, every drop of water, and only if we pray we will receive. If we recognize that Hakadosh Baruch Hu is our only source of salvation, then we will be saved. If not, the person who does not, will vanish from history, lo aleinu. Whoever does recognize Hashem will gain eternal life, G-d willing. 

The security situation is also very dangerous. We are now suffering from the Arabs [the Bnei Ishmael] and in the prophecies it is clearly written that this is what will happen at the end of the exile known as Galus Edom and Ishmael. It also says that the exile of Ishmael will come from the exile of Edom, and that is precisely what is happening now [see Daniel chapter 7]

A war has already broken out here in Eretz Yisrael and anyone who thinks that there will be peace does not understand reality. People are not capable of making peace; only Hakadosh Baruch Hu can bring true peace to the world. Before peace is achieved however, the world must endure a great and difficult rectification. All the countries that fought against Hakadosh Baruch Hu will pay a very heavy price. The whole world will go through purification and those who accept Hashem as King of all Kings will survive. Survive to live eternal life.

Everything that is happening now in the world is precisely described by our Holy Prophets and we can already see their prophecies materializing. The only thing we haven't seen yet is the materialization of the last prophecies before the revelation of Mashiach Tzidkeinu. But that also is approaching very rapidly.

The war in the South will grow and although the government will try to make peace, it won't work. The land of Israel will appear to be the most dangerous place in the world, but that will not really be true. The most dangerous place in the world is really Edom [the Christian countries]. Edom will be completely destroyed and vanish entirely from the face of the earth. These are not my own ideas, it is all written very clearly in the Holy Prophecies [Ovadia chapt. 1, Yechezkel and Zechariah].

Everyone can read the prophecies and believe them. Unfortunately however, most people read them and do not believe them. Or they don't read them at all or simply do not want to know. Yet their words are true and what they said is going to happen. You need to know and understand this.

I am warning you, those who live in the countries of Esav [America, Europe etc.], to be very careful. I strongly suggest that you do self-examination and do teshuva [repent]. Whoever can come to live in the Land of Israel now, all the better. Whoever cannot, at least do teshuva. Cry and mourn. Sit on the ground, cry over each and every sin and beg Hashem for a miracle, a miracle that will take you away from the land of impurity where you have been living, the impurity that has taken hold of your body and soul. Perhaps then you will merit coming to Eretz Yisrael by a miracle.

Those of you who already live in Eretz Yisrael or who come to Eretz Yisrael before the big war happens, don't think that Israel will be a sanctuary for you if you have not repented, if you have not completely accepted Hakadosh Baruch Hu and His Torah. If you have not torn your clothes in mourning and wept over all your sins, then nothing will help you - even if you are in Eretz Yisrael.

To the leaders of Am Yisrael, whether you are ultra orthodox, orthodox or secular, if you in any way cause Am Yisrael to fail in their Avodas Hashem [service of G-d], woe to you. He who causes Am Yisrael to turn away from Hashem will be erased from existence.

Dear and precious Jews, Hakadosh Baruch Hu loves you. You are the reason for the creation of the world, He created the entire universe for Am Yisrael. Please Am Yisrael, return to Him. He wants His people. He's waiting for His nation. The Shechina [The Divine Presence] is suffering and weeping, waiting for its beloved people to return.

Binyamin: Here in Eretz Yisrael, we are in a most difficult situation. However, according to the prophecies, the safest place to be at the time of the Geula, or just prior to the Geula, is the Land of Israel. There are Jews who feel that the Zionists desecrated Eretz Yisrael so terribly that they cannot live here. True, they definitely defiled the land, but nevertheless it is still the Holy Land and it belongs to every Jew. If we want to live as Jews with shleimus [completeness] we must be here in Israel.

So long as we are in Galus [exile] we cannot in any case be complete, whether inside or outside of Israel. However "the great and awesome day" [Joel 3:4] is approaching and then we will be one with Hakadosh Baruch Hu, living in shleimus in Eretz Yisrael. Those who come here before that day arrives with complete faith and with a desire to come close to the Truth, those that come here with total mesirus nefesh [self sacrifice] just as the Jews did hundreds of years ago [like the Ari z"l, the followers of the Gr"a and of the Baal Shem Tov z"l etc.], they will benefit from this and they will also suffer less.

Whoever comes to Eretz Yisrael with mesirus nefesh and whoever wants to come, but is afraid to because it is dangerous or because they haven't got enough money, but nevertheless yearns for Eretz Yisrael and the shleimus they can gain here, that Jew will be saved by miracles - if he does proper teshuva. Even if he remains abroad, Hashem will still save him - but it will be with great miracles and with unbelievable fear. This is no simple matter, for the fear itself will be a great test of the person's emunah and bitachon in Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

Am Yisrael, we are facing most harsh and difficult times filled with tremendous fear. I know we repeat this again and again, but either you don't understand or don't want to understand. There have been so many personal troubles, particularly lately. So many cases of strange and untimely deaths, so many orphans, so many strange things - and yet it doesn't even cause us to flinch. We say "oy, oy, it's the pre-Messianic pangs" and go on living our lives of gashmius and the olam hazeh.

Nothing moves us anymore. Hundreds and thousands of orphans, it doesn't affect us that every school has so many orphans. The difficult financial crisis that we are going through barely moves us. Maybe just a bit, but people are generally still dreaming that things will go back to the way they were - but they won't.

We're not even moved by all the various Grad and Katyusha missiles falling like rain in the south [of Israel]. We just try and ignore it, we run away from the reality. But to do teshuva, regret all our sins, come close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu... Chas veshalom!

Am Yisrael, Hashem is giving us another chance and there will not be a lot of time to grasp and digest what is really going on. There will not be another chance to change our ways. Am Yisrael, we want millions of Jews to merit receiving Mashiach with joy, and not just a few. We want to be happy when Mashiach comes and celebrate joyously together. Sadly enough, I do not see that happening at this time. All I see is a small group of Jews that will receive Mashiach Tzidkenu [see Chesed Le'Avraham 3:23 that only seven thousand Jews will remain in Eretz Yisrael]. I want you to prove me wrong!

Q. What can we do now before there will be worse suffering, in order to wake up our brothers and sisters?

A. You must tell people what we have said today and explain our words. You should distribute our messages everywhere; in America, Europe, Israel... everywhere. Maybe then people will finally start to understand. When the terrible judgment day arrives, we will all stand trial and will have to prove that we tried to help Jews to do teshuva. It's all very nice that we know the Truth, but we must tell it to others even if we think it won't be accepted [see Gemara Shabbos 55].

Q. Regarding the security situation, Daniel said about a year ago, that the war will start small and soon missiles will be falling upon us like rain.

A. The main part of the war has not yet begun, but we are definitely at the beginning. It is starting slowly and gradually in order to slowly instill fear into the hearts of Am Yisrael so they will do teshuva. There will not be peace. Only a fool thinks there may still be peace. It cannot be, it simply is impossible.

The Arabs want war at all costs. Even though certain countries will try and make peace, it won't work. The world has changed completely. The Arabs feel like they are very strong; they have an over-abundance of weapons. Hashem has ‘hardened their hearts' and they cannot stop their aggressive and violent nature from bringing them to their end.

They are bloodthirsty now, and you know that when Arabs are bloodthirsty they can't restrain themselves. They want to rule the whole world in the name of Islam and are willing to die for this foolish cause.

As is written in the Torah, Ishmael and his descendents are like wild beasts. All they are waiting for now is to destroy, eliminate and eradicate Am Yisrael, chas veshalom. And the sons of Esav have always hated the Jewish people. They can't wait to do away with us once and for all. They are a very powerful combination in the world now. Even the elected president of the U.S.A. is a combination of Ishamel and Esav.

Now would be a very good time for the leaders of Eretz Yisrael to read the prophecies and their commentaries, which say that the secularists that will, be'ezras Hashem, build Eretz Yisrael at the end of the galus, before Mashiach comes, will fall ["The wicked sons of your people will attempt to carry out a vision but will fail", Daniel, 11] In the end they will fall hard and we can see how this has started happening  [Olmert, Sharon etc].

In the very near future, we will witness their final fall, the fall of the secular government. Thousands of years ago it was known that they would rise to leadership, and then fail, due to all their impurities and lack of emunah [faith] in Hashem with which they built the state.

Q. Is the war taking place now in the South of Israel, the beginning of the big and final war or will it continue to go on as it was until now, war, truce, war, truce, etc.?

A. Hakadosh Baruch Hu has His own time schedule and if there have been ups and down until now, there is a reason for that and there is a grand plan. If we don't have patience we are simply not smart enough to realize that Hashem has His own time frame. Nevertheless, it [the final war] is in any case rapidly approaching, IY"H.

Q. What about preparing supplies of food at home, dry goods, etc., you once said to prepare food for two weeks.

A. We should prepare like Yaacov Avinu prepared himself when he met Esav. We don't need to fill the house with food but yes, we should have some extra in store. Even the Jews who left Mitzrayim [Egypt] took some food and water with them and it became a source of blessing and miracles.

People are still not grasping the dangerous situation we are in. They foresee the physical dangers but they are not grasping the internal dangers, the spiritual danger. They don't realize that they are heading in the wrong direction. Obviously not everyone, Baruch Hashem, but a lot. The secular Jews don't understand this and most of the Charedim don't realize it, and that is the saddest thing.

Hakadosh Baruch Hu is bringing upon us a great fear. So far the fear has been mild. The residents living in more dangerous areas feel fear, although even their fear is not that great. It's not like hundreds of people are dying, chas veshalom. The fear is not great enough. And throughout the rest of the country, people go on living regular lives. There is some form of fear; people rush to listen to the news and so on, but they still are not prepared to accept what is really going on here - the really difficult times we are facing.

Some people have already reached the poverty line and do not have what to eat, but most of the population is still somewhat surviving, whether by taking out loans, credit, or some money they may have in their savings account.

However, all at once, everything will fall and then there will be no more time to do teshuva. Suddenly the financial situation will become like a cardboard box when the bottom suddenly falls out and then everything in the box falls out. That is what will happen. But even that is still not yet the great and terrible Day of Judgment [Yoel 3:4, Malachi 3:23]. That will take place after the big economic fall.

Q. Will the catastrophe of two thirds of the world being erased from history take place in three hours, as is written in a prophecy [Yeshayah 6 and Gemara Kesubos 112]?

A. I cannot answer that because only Hakadosh Baruch Hu knows exactly how things will turn out in the end. Whether it will be three hours on our Swiss watches or some form of Heavenly three hours - beyond our conception, I do not know, but it will be quick.

Q. You speak about doing teshuva on very high levels; you say, tear your clothes, pound your heart, cry tears, etc. At our sacks and ashes gatherings people do come and make the effort to pray with us. Yet people are not really capable of reaching the levels of teshuva you demand. It is almost impossible in this generation. According to the Beit Yosef, even if the person did not shed tears but wants to and tries to, even if he does not have a true "lev nishbar" ["broken" heart], it is still considered teshuva in Shamayim. Are the teshuva gatherings with sacks and ashes pleasing enough to Hashem Yisborach?

A. True, there are levels for teshuva. A Jew who takes a bus ride and makes the physical effort to come to the Kosel to pray and do teshuva and ask Hashem for the Redemption, it does not matter if he managed to shed tears or not. He is still making a great effort and that is a tremendous Kiddush Hashem [sanctification of Hashem's name].

For this effort he will receive great reward and can merit being redeemed if he really tries to do teshuva and continues to pray in this way. But a person who makes no efforts and doesn't care enough to try and continues to claim, "But my Rabbi said..." and with that finishes the topic - such a person does not have much hope.

This generation in general does not want to leave it's avodah zara [serving the Golden Calf - materialism, etc.], and no matter how many warnings Hashem sends us, we do not change our ways.

People don't want to see the obvious truth staring us in the face. It really is a big miracle that until now the Kasam missiles, the Grads and the Katyushas caused barely any physical or human damage. That is after thousands of them have fallen in our territory. It is an immense miracle, but nevertheless even most Charedim are not getting the message.

Any fool can see that these were miracles. Even the radio talk hosts say "there was a miracle and no one was hit..." But what do they really mean? That it was all "luck". However Hakadosh Baruch Hu is performing these miracles in order so that Am Yisrael will open their eyes and see how much He loves them. He is trying to teach His sons the Truth and wants so much for His children to be with Him. But unfortunately, so many of Am Yisrael are not grasping the Truth.

In our time Hashem is doing this in a much more obvious way than before. There is nothing to think about. The answer is simply obvious. Yet most of the people prefer not to know the Truth. This is not going to continue forever. There will be an end to all the miracles we have witnessed until now. In the future, only those who are close to Hashem will be worthy of miracles. But along with that there will also be terrible suffering. May Hashem protect us and save us from ourselves.

Q. Do the people in central Israel need to worry about missiles?

A. People all over the country need to worry. The human filth and impurities of Tel Aviv and other cities in Israel will draw the missiles to them. Haifa is also a place of great chutzpa. They shamelessly and publicly desecrate Shabbos without fear. Woe to all of us.

Q. What do you have to say about a woman who really keeps the 613 mitzvos of the Torah, however she wears a wig?

A. She is just like a woman who is careful to eat only Badatz-Eidah-Charadis hechsher food but, chas veshalom, here and there also eats pork.

Q. What if her Rabbi allows her to wear a wig?

A. Woe to that Rabbi. The wigs of today bring about the greatest sins. There are women who are prepared to do all sorts of spiritual things so long as their lifestyle is not being threatened. They are prepared to make the effort to come close to Hashem. An hour a day of learning the laws of shmiras halashon [guarding one's tongue], just an hour. They are prepared to say Tehillim and do a lot of other such things. But if anyone threatens their sacred wig, oy vavoy.

Daniel: I have nothing more to add. Get up and get to work. There is no more time to waste with nonsense. There is only one job for you all to do: to try and save Am Yisrael, be'ezras Hashem. And since every Jew belongs to Am Yisrael, this also means to save our families and ourselves. By working for the sake of Am Yisrael we are also saving ourselves.

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