Q&A with Binyamin and Daniel. May 2009

Ask: Isaac from Caracas, Venezuela.
Q. We have a lot of religion here. Is the Jewish community of Venezuela in dangerous? Do we have to do aliya to Israel ?
A. Fools, you don't see what's happening? If I where you, I'd scramble out of there very fast.

Ask: Rachel from Montreal
Q. I live in Montreal with my family. I read your communication very often. Should we follow the same instructions that you send to American Jews?
A. Everywhere in the world, Jews will be the target. They already are in most places in the world. According to the Nevuas (prophecies), Eretz Yisrael will not be destroyed, but Edom definitely will be. And you are definitely living in part of Edom.

Ask: Rivkah from Kiryat Malachi, Israel
Q. Will all the Jews living in Israel be saved during the upcoming final war? (and will chemical weapons be used against us?)
A. Hakadosh Baruch Hu is with us. If He's with every single Jew, that's another question, because each Jew has to come close to Hashem in order to earn his own Yeshua.

Q. Hello, I want to know what we have to do to be saved by Hashem I pray for AM Israel all the time because I'm afraid about the financial and spiritual world but it's written "Im ein kemah ein torah" so we need the both to make what Hashem wants. Thank you for your answers.
G-D Bless you.
A. You are right, but, first of all, you must come very close to Hashem and trust Him. We are coming to the point, as the Jews in the desert, where we are without sustenance we are losing every part of the olam-Hazeh (This world), financially and in every way. If we learn to trust Hashem wholeheartedly and know that He will provide for us even though we are not succeeding in our Hishtadlut, then we will be saved.
Those who put their trust only in the Hishtadlut will not be saved.
And whoever is still living in France, "OY LAHEM" (woe to them).

Ask: Moshe from Canada.
Q. Will it be safer to be in Canada than in America at the time of Mashiach?
A. It will be safer to be with Hakadosh Baruch Hu.

Ask: Moshe from Brooklyn ny
Q. How will a person know if he is saved from gog and magog?
A. No one can know ahead of time. Just be close to Hakadosh Baruch Hu and far from the Egel-Hazahav, and the lies of this world.

Ask: MENACHEM from Brooklyn NY
A. Confusion is against the Tora.

Q. We have 5 people in our family. Maybe money just for 5 plane tickets. We have nowhere to go in Israel. What can we do? We trust that Hashem will save us. We live in the usa, we are panicking and scared for our childrens sake. We would love to leave but if we do my husband will not be employed anymore. Please help us we need your advice. B"H Maya
A. Maya, I understand your problem, but, first of all, the best defense is being close to Hashem and taking away the Gashmius (materialism). The second thing is to daven for Am-Yisrael, that everyone will be safe, The third thing is - keep your eyes open, Hashem will surely make you a Nes (miracle).

Ask: David from Yokosuka, Japan
Q. I work for the ... in Japan. Should I be in a rush to quit my job and move to Israel? Is there a rush to withdraw my savings from banks in the USA to buy an apartment in Israel? I understood that the US dollar may lose its value? I would think that I have emunah in Hashem, he will take me at out of Japan for Moshiach's arrival
A. I am not a financial consultant. Woe to whoever is in Japan. The Japanese have not proved to be such great people, although there was one Japanese man who saved very many Jews in the Second World War. It was his personal tikkun (rectification).
A person has to want to move to Israel, I can't tell him if to move or not. He must realize on his own that the only place to be is Eretz Yisrael. Not the State of Israel, Eretz Yisrael. Even if he has to die, chas vesholom, this is still the best place for that.

Q. I want to ask you...regarding your warning to American Jews, to leave as soon as possible: I want to ask you, well, what if I am an Orthodox Jew, who just can not afford to come to Israel, buy a house, find a job, what do Jews like us do, to escape on time? Thank you.
A. Again I say, to all Jews who don't see a way to come to Eretz-Yisrael, do Teshuva, change your life. You are living a life of sheker, most of you.

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