Chapter 111
Chapter 111
FC with Daniel    5 June, 2009

To the Jews living in Israel, we are now coming into a most difficult period, one that is mainly characterized by fear. This is the time for everyone to do teshuva. This is the time Hashem has given us to open our eyes and realize that there is a supernal truth and all our materialistic life, the life that is dependant supposedly upon humans, institutions, etc. is all a lie and we must return all our faith to Hakadosh Baruch Hu, just as our forefathers and mothers did.

To the Jews living abroad, you are facing an even more difficult and far more dangerous time in the very near future. Even though it seems that Israel is in a more dangerous and frightening position, the truth is that the Diaspora is in a far more dangerous and frightening position; there is both physical danger as well as spiritual danger, lo aleinu.

I am asking you, Am Yisrael, return to the truth. Open your eyes and stop living a life of sheker (deceit). Return to Hakadosh Baruch Hu now.

The world as we know it is ending and will completely end in the very near future. Then, those living a life of emes (truth), who make the effort to seek out the emes and to live the emes - they will be suitable for the new world.

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