All the people in the midbar were reliant on Hashem for all their sustenance. Where did Bnei Yisrael find the perseverence to wait each day for their food without having rebellious thoughts and fears of abandonment by Hashem? They would go out each morning and know that the mon would be laying on the ground waiting for them. There was no doubt in their minds. There was only strong bitachon and steadfastness in emunah that Hashem loves them beyond a doubt and that he would not betray them. The food would be there no matter what. Of that they were sure. What gave them such assurance? What signs did they get that Hashem wouldn't abandon them? They all knew that Hashem loves beyond a doubt and nothing would stop that love, that devotion to them, that deep-felt emotion. All of Bnei Yisrael knew that Hashem will provide their sustenance as long as they needed it. He wouldn't abandon his loved ones. He wouldn't let his people go hungry when they all relied on him for every morsel of the day. Hashem provided their needs whenever they needed. He provided their emotional support also whenever they needed it. Moshe was the manhig that Hashem sent to Bnei Yisrael in order for them to be able to withstand the nisyonos that Hashem put in their way.

He was the greatest teacher in the history of Klal Yisrael. He was the only one who could encourage the people to go on against all logic and rely entirely on Hashem. He was able to do this for he loved the people he governed. He loved them no matter what they said to him. He encouraged them even though they sometimes misbehaved. He was a true leader, a pillar of strength and an anav at the same time. He was able to govern an entire nation by himself without helpers only as long as the people believed in his love. They believed in it without doubts. Once doubts set in the influence weakened and helpers were necessary. Only with love, unconditional love, can a person trust completely his lover. Love is an emotional feeling that surpasses any other emotion.

When one is loved by Hashem he can rely on Hashem to take care of every physical and emotional need. He can rely without a doubt on Hashem to be there for him wherever and whenever he needs Him. Only Hashem can love so completely without jealousies, without envy without any outside interference. Love of this kind is unconditional and comes full force under any condition whether wanted or not, expected or not, or anticipated or not. Such love is unavailable among humans. Human emotions interfere in such love and distort it. Anyone who receives such love knows what it's like. It brings joy beyond comprehension. It brings ecstasy and excitement into one's life that was not felt ever before. It brings the ultimate happiness to a person.

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