18 Cheshvan 5758

18 Cheshvan 5758

I want to start with Teshuva Amitit. I already wrote the 10 steps to teshuva.

We are all in a very desperate situation. Don't let anyone belittle the danger that is hanging in the air over our heads. We are now in a time of judgment. Desperate judgment. It is not a court that has a lot of time. It is a desperate court. The kind that is set up when people are in a desperate situation and big decisions must be made. Listen, I will tell you the only way to get out of this court with positive results. Teshuva. Massive teshuva. Only that can save. You are all asking how can we be held responsible for all those that are so stubborn and don't want to change their ways. Remember that posuk that says "Open a small opening and I will open the opening to the opening of a great hall." That still applies to us today. We must all make the greatest effort to change that we personally can . We must ask Hashem to open the hearts of those that are so stubborn to see the truth. Miracles do happen and can happen. It is in the hands of those who understand. It is in the hands of those who already know the truth. The ignorant will be awakened if the knowing truly beg Hashem for that. But it must start with us, with all frum Yidden. We are the nucleus of this special nation. We must do something because we will be held responsible for neglecting this very important mission.

The next preparation for ourselves in time of crisis is cleaning out our mouths. What comes out of our mouths cannot ever be retrieved. You all heard this already. This is the time to apply all that you've learned about shemiras halashon. This time is a time of crisis. We must all do what we can to perfect ourselves. We need our mouths to be pure for the saying of Tehilim, for the davening for the begging Hashem for rachmonus. It can't be the same mouth that is dirtying his friend's reputation. One cannot use the same kli for both good and bad at the same time. If we want our tefilos to make a difference, we must clean out our mouths and use it only for kedusha.

The next step is to clean out our homes. I know that Yisroel started this but I want to elaborate. Our homes are our Bais Hamikdash. We live in our homes in kedusha. That is the way a Jewish home should be, a Bais Hamikdash of kdusha. Sometimes we allow foreign matter to seep in and affect the kedusha in our homes. We don't pay much attention to this for we are busy and it doesn't seem to be important at the time. But now when our homes are vulnerable to the outside destruction, we must check very carefully and remove anything that doesn't belong in a house of kedusha. Not just T.V., not just video, not just dirty books. All outside things that have no purpose in a Jewish home like secular books, secular magazines, secular advertisemerits, statues and art work that are not appropriate for a Bais Hamikdash. Anything that is questionable for a growing child to see must be removed now.

Number two is to check all Mezuzos. Make sure all the Mezuzos on the doors of your home are kosher without a doubt. Every Mezuza, not just the main one. Check them all twice in seven years. Also the tefilin you use, make sure it is checked from time to time. This is a must now, you can't imagine how many people are living in homes with Mezuzos that are posul.

Now I want to talk about your children. You are mothers that are in charge of precious lives, children of Hashem that must be protected. Without a doubt they are not responsible for today's matzav. They are innocent and put in our hands for protection. We must not fail them. We must stay on top of the situation and make sure that we know where they are at all times. To make sure that they play with appropriate toys, that they play with appropriate children, appropriate friends and most important make sure that they continue to be mekayem the mitzvos that they can do in order to sway Bais Din shel Maaloh in our favor. Children should daven, should say Tehilim, should eat only what is absolutely kosher. These are the protective devices we have for our charges. They are relying on us, we must not fail them. The children learning together in cheder, davening together so innocently wrapped up in their concentration in the sefarim, This is the picture that moves hearts in shamayim. This is how one should see our children. This is where they belong, not on the street roaming about without purpose.

Now I will write about our husbands and big sons. This country has an obligation to protect our nation from foreign invasion. Now I am talking physically about our army. The army of Israel is supposed to be a holy one. Am Yisroel always had an army, always had an obligation to protect its borders. The heads of the historical armies of Klal Yisroel were Avraham Avinu, Moshe Rabenu, Yehoshua, the Chashmonaim, all great gedolim, well versed in halacha and devoted to Hashem. Now we are in the hands of an army of kofrim of anti-frum, of non-believers relying on their own strength for victory. Yidden, we must compensate. We must create our own army. How, you may ask. Who will allow us to take over? I will tell you. Our husbands and sons must create an army, a ruchnius army. They must sit down every opportune moment to learn Torah without a stop, without a wasted moment. This is time of war. All is not regular time. The army is in readiness. So our army must also be ready. All Yeshiva bochurim must realize that our gedolim fought for their exemption to physically fight in order to insure that they can continue to learn and protect us with their learning. Today we have no other protection. The army of Talmidei Chachamim is all we have. Men make haste. No time to waste. You are what we have. You are the army that counts. Take it seriously. It is a big responsibility. It cannot be ignored. All capable men between the age of 20 and 60 are mechuyav to serve in the holy army. No exemptions. Each one makes a difference. Not one to spare. I would like to close with a bracha and a tefila that Hashem should protect us with great rachamim. So that there can be a tremendous kiddush Hashem in the coming of Moshiach very soon.

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