Message to England

By Ben Golden, autistic young man of 28 years of age

My dear fellow Jews,
I am very worried about you.  You are sitting so comfortably,
so at ease, feeling very secure in your familiar daily routine,
sure that the whole world revolves around you.
I know that you feel very disturbed about what has happened
in England. As time goes by, you will feel more disturbed.
And finally Hashem will manage to shake you up, to shake up
the sleeping English Jew.
To awaken him to the truth, that security is a lie; and only
Hashem gives and takes at His own will; that Moshiach is
truly almost revealed, but that people who cannot see
farther than their noses will never see Moshiach Tzidkainu.
So my dear British Jews, you are so frum.
You pride yourselves in your ghetto-like lives.  You have frum institutions for your children.
You also have machlokes and sinas chinam, although it is much
less than other places. You worship the egel hazahav;
much less than your American counterparts and even your
Israeli counterparts. But what is killing you is laziness,
inflexibility and being content with your same daily routine of
being sound asleep and oblivious to what is happening.
So wake up, better wake up quickly, because he is on his way, and Hashem will demand from you much suffering until
Moshiach arrives. Much suffering and much flexibility and
much bitachon and much ahavas Hashem - love of Hashem -
and much faith in Hashem.
And this of course is counter to your way of life because you
are going to have to jump up and run in his direction and beg
Hashem to save you because every Jew in every part of the
world will be in danger.
Oh my dear English brothers and sisters, I worry so much
about you. And Hashem worries so much about you.
Please, please wake up - shake yourselves out and get to
work. Teshuva teshuva teshuva teshuva teshuva -
not just words. Run out and do chesed day and night,
Don't tell me you must be home or that you work and can't
spare the time. Every single Jew must do chesed.
Learn Torah, every single minute you have, learn Torah.
Do mitzvos, as many as you possibly can every day, in the highest form.  This will save you.
But get out of your paralyzed state and do what I have written, because the most dangerous situation to be in is to be content.

I bentch you a Gmar Chasima Tova, with a year of yeshuos,
first from your own bad middos 
and second from chevlai

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