Daniel was born 20 years ago. At the age of 3 we understood
that he had problems. At the age of 10 the experts told us -
Daniel is an autistic child.
The life with Daniel, 7 children, work, army reserve service
and mortgage - were not exactly a picnic. But we did not give
up and continued to bring him up and nurse him at home.
We have visited many doctors and psychiatrists, but no one
could find a cure.
In the passed year, Daniel's situation started to deteriorate,
and there are no words to describe our feelings.
18-Sep-06 - Daniel was hospitalized in the isolated
psychiatric ward of Tel Hashomer Hospital.
Several years ago I heard of the possibility to communicate with autistic and brain damaged children.
At the time I did not believe that this can help Daniel,
but I did not have anything to lose.
And this is how it started ....
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