Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Message from Ben Golden,  24-Dec-2006
(before proofreading).
(This article was translate from hebrew)
   Israel has many enemies, there is Iran and it's prime
   minister, who seen more wicked that "HAMAN HARASHA"
   (from "Megilat Ester"),
   who have to attack Israel before Messiah.

   And there are all the Arab states that are based on hate of
   Yitzhak and Yishmael, Yishmael hates us, and wants the
   right on the land of Israel.  
The European Arabs, the
   Middle-east Arabs, the Asian Arabs, the African arabs,
   the American arabs - all of them, at least the majority -
   hate Israel, not only Jews that live in Israel, but every Jew
   in the world. 
Sometimes it is covered, and sometimes
   they express their hatred outwardly in the most hard way.
   And small Israel between all the wolves continues to live
   through miracles. although with great fear.  But the Jews
   continue as if there was no danger.  
You can see the
   danger every day, in the newspaper - Ma'Ariv, N.Y.Times,
   Hamodia (a newspaper in Israel) - stating clearly that
   we're in great danger, aside is advertisments of holidays,
   Hotels and all types of pleasures, and the Jew chooses to
   go the happy side without concern.

   How can one plan holidays in Switzerland for Passover
   (kosher  lameadrin),  How can one plan Sukkoth in Europe,
   Hawai, DisneyLand, when there is such a danger one ?

   But what do they say ? God will help and the danger will
   disappear because we - learn Tora, we say Thilim,
   we keep Sabbath, we wear Peoth and shtrimels etc,
   we perform the Brith-mila and we have Gomachim -
   it can't be that to such Zadikim, God will spoil the plan.

   Fools, fools, I don't understand if it's foolishness, lack of
   intellect, or it's just the defect that we carry from all the
   materialism that we absorb day in day out.
   All the "Avoda-zara", "Gashmiut" - stupefies us.
   They don't understnd that There is only one way,
   The Jew that comes close to Hashem receives protection,
   The Jew that dissociates himself from Hashem loses it.
   The Jew that really come close to Hashem, and is prepared
   to leave the falseness of this world, ready to be a true Jew,
   and enjoy only things written in "TORA" - Those will receive
   protection in the OLAM-HABA and Be'ezrat-Hashem will
   merit to greet The Messiah.

   And those who live falsely, and try to be Jewish-orthodox in
   non jewish style, will lose the protection and their
   OLAM-HABA and will not receive the Messiah.
   It is Impossible to mix oil and water, Impossible to mix
   Judaism, TORA and gentiles.  It dosn't work!
   What can we do, we were born Jews, there are people that
   it does not suit them, want to enjoy like gentiles,
   there are women that want to look like "Barbi" dolls.

   There are Jews that want to go to theaters, to
   presentations,  so instead they manufacture something
   similar with singers that seem Jewish gentiles perform with
   all sorts of songs which are based on Jews' sources but
   melodies from Rock-n-roll.

   And what does that do to us? It poors our Judaism, our
   Yidishkait. Another generation like this and there will be
   no rememberance of a true Jew.  We'll look like Barbi dolls.
   Presently the future seems very sad and the only way to
   save ourselves is to attract our community back to what
   we were, because we know that the generations go down,
   not up, so we must return to true Judaism, like it was,
   and close ourselves togheter, if not, the orthodox Jews will
   also disappear CHAS-VHALILA.
   God wants to save his people, and if we'll not fight with all
   our soul, we'll suffer so much untill we'll understand that
   there is no other way to go, only to HaKadosh-Baruch-Hu.
   We will understand that all the "GOYUT" is a false, all the
   materialism is a fantasy imagination, and if we'll not soon
   go back to the truth, we'll disappear from this world, and
   in OLAM-HABA, a big punishment is waiting for us.
   We cause ourselves suffering, and also the Zadikim suffer
   because of choose who are unprepared to receive the truth,
   but they who will not accept the truth until the last moment,
   will disappear, and those who try to be close to Hashem -
   they will survive.
Several things are clear:
   from the situation today in the world, that shows us that the
   NEVUOT/predictions of NEVIIM - did happanen.
   Iran, Russia, Venezuela, Korea, part of the European
   people, and many Americans who are against, against,
   against Israel, they will go against us.
   There is Already a war between Yishmael (Islam) and Edom
   (Christianity), this war is not simple and Edom untill now
   does not win, not at all, it's even possible to say that
   Yishmael prooves itself stronger and more resistant than
   God will completely destroy Edom.

   The war between Yishmael and Edom will end difficultly,
   and after that, the war will be against us,
   and those who are close to Hashem will survive.

   Nation of Yisrael, how many are we? How many Jews are
   there on the world?  Very few, maybe the smallest nation
   on the world in number.  And every day, by marriage with
   gentiles and lack of birth etc. our numbers decrease.

   Nation of Yisrael, why don't you understnd? Why don't you
   understnd the simple truth?

   Also orthodox Jews don't understnd -
   It's impossible to be          Jewish and gentile,
   It's    possible to be either Jewish or    gentile.

   Let us choose to be a real Jews, without falseness,
   without the fear - that someone will take you from world
   that you so love.  
Nation of Yisrael, we want that more
   than 7,000 Jews should accept The Messiah, we want that
   all the Jewish nation should welcome him.
   Devotion of soul, "Mesirut Nefesh", To live in this world as a
   real jew, is what will rescue/save us!

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