Chapter Two - Doctors' Opinion

Chapter Two - Doctors' Opinion About Daniel

Dr. P., an expert in general, pediatric and adolescent psychiatrist, writes (Aug. 7, 2005).

"He was diagnosed as suffering from an extensive development disorder (PDD) and psychotic disturbance . . . From what I have become familiar with Daniel I have discerned that. . . his speech is dysfunctional and idiosyncratic, and he also suffers from impairment of symbolic thinking . . . He is by and large detached from society, isolates and secludes himself. His behavior is compulsive and inflexible . . . He was diagnosed as suffering from the Asparger Syndrome . . . An acute paranoid psychotic condition has developed that expresses itself in . . .
He is in need in follow up and also of intensive psychiatric
treatment . . . "

Dr. G., an expert in general and pediatric psychiatry, writes (from Nov. 5, 2006)-"His thinking is concrete but on a slow pace. His speech is aphaeretic and he is of low clinical intelligence. Bizarre delusions about . . . now without hallucinations. An incongruent effect. Faulty judgment. Defective understanding. Negates suicide.

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