Chapter 3
Chapter 3 - Facilitated Communication with Autistic and Brain Damaged Children


The method of facilitated communication allows one to
"speak" with their Soul (Neshama).

This method was discovered 25 years ago independently by different people in different countries.

Among these people is Prof. Skolo, a Nobel laureate of physics who discovered (in 1985) the method and employed it on his autistic son.

This communication is called "Supported Communication" since the one initiating the communication assists/supports/holds the hand of the brain-damaged child.

In English this communication is known as Facilitated Communication and in short FC.

This topic is discussed in many articles, books, cassettes, and videotapes.

This method was reported in the world media:

In the press-The New York Times, Washington Post, Herald Tribune, etc.

On the TV networks-60 minutes, CNN, CBS, etc.

Visit, for example, the Internet site:

Likewise the following books on this topic were published in Hebrew:

"ונפשי יודעת מאוד", "מסרים מעולם האמת"

"And my Soul is Very knowledgeable," Messages from the World of Truth"

If you are interested in receiving more information about this topic, access the Internet browser Google, type:

"Autism Facilitated Communication",

You will receive a referral to some 300,000 sites/and Internet pages that relate to the topic.

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