Chapter 50a

Chapter 50 a

20th Tishrei, 2.10.07



There is no difference between the messages given by Ben (Binyamin Golden) or myself or the others like us. I want to add the most important thing of all and that is how to be saved from the 'pre-Messianic pangs' and how to act now, and this is very crucial information for the Jewish people.

Indeed, in the very near future we will see some very frightening things and some wondrous miracles and just as Ben wrote and as is already known:

The righteous will be glad from all this because at last the truth will become clear.

The people who are 'in between' (not righteous but not wicked), each one according to his or her spiritual level - eventually they will repent.

 The wicked, who are not prepared to change, will run away to the other nations and die there with them.

To the righteous and the people 'in between', I will tell you how to be saved from the fear and dangers ahead of us:

First of all, every person should sit and meditate and do real teshuva (repentance).

You must look into your hearts and examine each one of your transgressions; from as far back as you can remember until now. You must feel such a sorrow that will bring you to tears, because with every transgression, the distance between the person and Hashem grows greater and greater.

Therefore, the first thing a person should do is confess his transgressions and accept the fact that the things he did were truly wrong.

They must confess clearly to Hashem; "Ashamnu, Bagadnu..." (Confession prayer found after the morning "Shemoneh Esreh" prayer), but really repent over each transgression separately and feel utter sorrow over each one.

After crying and truly feeling sorry about all of our transgressions we must then decide to make an effort from now on to live according to the will of Hashem. Then we must clean our houses, our streets and our lives from all those transgressions.

After this has been done we must then work on our bitachon [trust] in Hashem.

We must know that no matter what happens, we are in His hands alone and whatever happens to us - He knows about it and makes it happen for our own good.

No matter how much pain we are in, it is for our own good.

We must believe this and be happy, because if Hashem has decided that it is for our own good to die before the Redemption - then it is for own good.

And if, G-d Willing, He decides that we are to live and receive the Moshiach (Messiah), this too is for our good.

And whoever dies before the Redemption, if he has repented, he will be resurrected and will also receive our righteous Moshiach.

Hashem does everything for our good and we must believe this and not just say it, but really believe it. Whoever believes this and does real teshuva, will survive and have a place in the World to Come.

The World to Come, the Moshiach.

The Sukkah is trust in Hashem. We sit in the Sukkah and trust that Hashem will take care of us, that He will take care of everything we need and this is what will save us - the trust we have sitting in the Sukkah.

The trust is that no matter what kind of weapons are used against us we will trust Hashem and do not need shelters. Our shelter is the Sukkah and even if it happens after Sukkos (the holiday of the sukkah) we will take the sukkah with us - not literally, not just in our hearts but with our whole bodies. 

That is the Sukkah - trust in Hashem.

[This translation has been checked and approved by Daniel]

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