Chapter 5 - First Facilitated

Chapter 5 - First Facilitated Communication with Binyamin Golden, Jerusalem -Thursday 09-28-06

(Translated from Hebrew).

Binyamin began carrying out facilitated communication about ten years ago, and his communications were published in books and pamphlets.
A number of young autistic boys, the host and I sat around the table.
Binyamin Golden sat opposite me and the one with whom he communicated was at his left.

The boy with whom Golden communicated held Golden's hand above a board of letters, and Golden's finger "drummed" quickly upon it. The communicator reads and I write.
I managed to write most what was said.
My own questions and notes appear in parentheses.

Here Its starts:

I am very sorry about Daniel.
  He is a noteworthy neshama (soul).
The neshama is noteworthy but it suffers greatly.

  He has a tikun (rectification) that is not easy,
  and he cannot rest until the full geula (redemption).
The situation is worsening.
  Pray for him, pray for the Jewish People.
  He is suffering for Yisrael.

  He is 100% neshama. The neshama suffers.
  It suffers and your neshama needs to pray.

  He suffers both for himself and the Jewish People.

  You need to pray and he needs to suffer since
you both are one neshama with a single

I:  How can I explain him to the other children
     at home.  It is difficult for them to accept the way
     he behaves.
Explain to them that he is a special neshama.
  True, it is frightening, but he is going through
   a difficult tikun.
  Do not be  afraid of him. They need to pray for him.

I:  Is it possible to take him home?
     Right now he is in the Tel HaShomer Hospital.
He cannot live together with regular people.
  He needs to be in a separate place.
Not at home. He needs another place.
It is impossible to bring him to any house -
  if he is not at ease.
  He is intensively connected to what is happening
  in the world.

  His being beforehand in your house
  (it seems he meant the house that he stayed in until
   a month ago) is also your tikun.

And as you already sense, you are very close to
  each other.
You were together in other gilgulim -
(reincarnations), especially you and Daniel.

  You are from the source of one neshama.
  But this is not news to you. You know this.

  You know more than your wife and everyone.
You feel him intensely within yourself.
  You and he are sometimes truly identical,
  and together you are accomplishing one tikun.
  You do one part and he does the other.

Do not feel sorry for him, and certainly do not
  feel so when you are connected since he and you
  are producing a tikun together,
  and that tikun will be enormous and significant.

I:  How can one help him?
His help (perhaps he meant "for him") is only
  tefillot (prayers).
  You need to pray but he (Daniel) is not obligated
  to pray.

  His suffering is his tikun.
  It is indeed difficult to look at what is happening
  to him,
  but he needs this for his own good and for yours.

I:  I bought for him a Mastermind Machine that
     displays lights and makes sounds.
     It is supposed to calm him down ?
     Will it help him?
No. It is not for him.

I:  Can I communicate with Daniel?
You are too close to Daniel to communicate
    with him.

(After he referred to Daniel, he began to speak in general)
We are going to encounter a lot of suffering and we must save Jewish neshamot.

You should dedicate your efforts to your work and also to bringing Jews closer to Judaism.

The biggest problem is in the USA.
American judaism has become the golden calf donning a yarmulke and wearing tzitzit.
We must wake them up.
They do not see things correctly; they do not see the picture. Except for few individuals, they do not comprehend the message.

To abandon the material life, to assemble within our neighborhoods and return to being good Jews without external influences. Only this will save us.

Even the Torah-observant have their heads buried in the earth, but our Divine test will be exceedingly difficult with much foreboding.

Wait. You will see what will happen.
The fall of the Twin Towers was not the beginning.

It began with the Six Day War; afterward with the Yom Kippur War, etc. People do not hear the message. They simply do not hear it.

The next time the message will be stronger. They do not hear. They do not hear. They do not hear.

The buildings (Twin Towers) symbolized Olam Hazeh (This World).

It was the symbol of the materialism of Egypt. It fell and became ashes. Even those who did their best to save others and clean up the area became sick from this and are sick until today.

There was a strong message sent to us with the episode of the wigs, but people did not hear it.

There was a strong message sent to us about Shabbat, but people did not hear it.

There was a strong message sent to us through the last war, but people did not hear it. HaKadosh Baruch Hu performs miracles, but people forget Who creates the miracle.

There was a strong message sent with the kashruth episode in America (for years people ate neveilot and treifot) but people did not hear it. Also here in Israel there are problems with kashruth but not all of the problems were found.

The state of affairs is enormously difficult. The salvation will come in its predetermined time.

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