Chapter 6 - Second Facilitated

Chapter 6 - Second Facilitated Communication With Daniel in Jerusalem, Tuesday 1/17/06

(Translated from Hebrew).

In this meeting I wanted to check several things

1) Was the hostel that Daniel was staying at  (after he was
     discharged from the hospital) suitable for him?

2) Is the medication that he is receiving helping him
     (he was taking four different drugs)?

3) I planned to take him to another psychiatrist, one of the
    greatest experts in Israel, in order to have him diagnosed,
    and to confirm if his current medical treatment is appropriate.

    I wanted to ask Daniel what he thinks about the above.

At the facilitated communication were present Daniel, several autistic people, the one carrying out the communication, the host, my wife, and I.

The communication was extremely slow and took about two hours. Not at all times was there any connection between the sentences. Daniel jumped from one topic to the other.

Here its starts:

(Even before I started asking Daniel any questions he began

Yes, Yes, I know how heartbroken you are. I am very sorry.
You know that I am sorry.

But one needs to listen to Mother, and Father you are very attached to me.

Mother also loves me, but she is right that I cannot be at home.

(I asked, "Does the hostel that you are in now suit you?")

Yes, it suits me. There is no place that suits me exactly, but I must be there.

(I asked: "Is the medication that you are receiving helping you or do you need another type of treatment?")

The purpose of any treatment is only so that people can live with me. Do not play around without a doctor.

If not (I suppose that he meant if he will not receive any medicine) I cannot be in any place except in a cage.

(I asked, "Is the medicine Rispardel helpful?")

It is not pleasant, but it calms me down.

(I asked: "What about meeting with Dr . . . ?)

What difference does it make? Everything is from Heaven.

(I asked: "Is there anyone at home, perhaps one of the brothers, who can communicate with you?")

I do not want to communicate with anyone at home.
I do not want to reveal my feelings, all of my thoughts.

(Over the years some doctors claimed that Daniel's problem started from his mother's pregnancy. Others maintained that it started from his birth, and my impression is that it developed over the years. I asked: "When did your problem start?)

Before I arrived at all to my Mother. It was sealed in Heaven.

(I asked: "Is there another medicine that is better?")

Perhaps, but Daddy I have another thing that I want to do.
I have a message to transmit to the Jewish Nation.
It is important to me. I know Ben (Binyamin) Golden's book.
I want him to let me write the introduction. I. I. I.

(I said: "Daniel. You cannot just go and write an introduction to someone else's book. You need to receive his permission to write it.")

I know that Ben won't disagree. I want it to be written with my name clearly on it. Not now. I believe that he will agree. Next time I will come in order to write.

(In order to understand Daniel's next sentence it is necessary to know that when Daniel left the hospital he received a treatment of four different drugs, seven tablets a day. He seemed to be weakened by this and I asked the one responsible for dispensing medication to him to give him one tablet less of the drug that seemed to me to be weakening him. After a long argument I told him: "Let us try a few days. If his condition will not improve, we can return to the original dosage." That person agreed and Daniel did not know about this).

I need one more tablet for this (for the next communication) since my body will disturbs me. I do not want my body to disturb me from writing.

(I asked him about the development of a certain computer program in which I was engaged for the last several years. I have doubts whether I should continue with it or not. It is an extremely interesting project, but I am doubtful if I can gain anything through it.)

It doesn't matter since everything is nonsense and soon time will end.

You do not have twenty years to play with this. Perhaps you do not have even a half a year.

(At this stage there was a short recess. Daniel stood up and instead of him, Shmuel, another autistic boy who was present during the above facilitated communication, sat down. I asked him what does he think about the development of that project-my previous question to Daniel).

Facilitated Communication with Shmuel, the Autistic Boy

Like your son (Daniel) says. I do not know whether you will have enough time to finish before the world will change. It is worthwhile to rake in everything spiritual.

I also want to say what he (Daniel) wants to say-Make a gigantic tikun for him, and also have in mind (maybe he said another word) the Jewish Nation.

This is something so important, but do not feel bad about Daniel since he is making an enormous and noteworthy tikun. He is a tzaddik that did not give to other Jews. He studied. He was a tzaddik in all, but besides his talmidim he did not sense the nation.

Now he has to perform a tikun to help the whole nation, and if he will write an introduction, that it will be the first thing in the book, it will help shake up the Jewish Nation and perhaps they will do teshuvah.

(I asked about A., Daniel's older brother)

He is a real tzaddik. Not someone run of the mill. Daniel said that he is a greater tzaddik than him since he is normal. An abnormal person cannot sin. A normal person who is a tzaddik (who does not sin) is much greater and I bless him that he will be fortunate enough to greet the Mashiach (Messiah), that he stands on his feet and is going to meet him.

(A message to the mother. I do not remember if this message was after I asked him or a result of Shmuel's initiative) She must realize that it is for his good that he cannot remain at home. There is no reason to feel bad about it. It must be that way. She loves him. She is a good mother to all of her children but Daniel cannot be within the family.

Daniel is making a difficult tikun, but since he is with a loving family, and they truly love him and ensure that he is being well taken care of, that is sufficient.

He does not need you in order to finish his tikun. Just the opposite is true. It disturbs him to be at home.

(Shmuel concludes)

I bless you with livelihood, good health, and a speedy recovery.

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