Chapter 7 - Third Facilitated
Chapter 7 - Third Facilitated Communication with Daniel in Jerusalem, Tuesday 1/24/06

(Translated from Hebrew).

(This FC was carried out with Daniel in view of his request
 during the previous session to write the introduction to the book
 "A Still Small Voice" by Benjamin Golden).

My name is Daniel; I am regarded as an autistic boy.
When I found out that Ben Golden wishes to publish a book
with all my statements I felt that also I want to participate.
Not only want but must. 
This is because I have what to say
and I did not have an portunity to speak.
I am a strange boy
and other than normal and my parents suffer much from me.
They also suffer the fact that I scare normal people and cause
them to laugh and also because I cause my parents and the
entire family a lot of problems. 
First I want to say sorry,
I ask my parents for forgiveness. 
I love them very much
and I thank Hashem that He has sent me to them.
This makes my tikun much easier.

And now we pass on to more important things:
We live in a very scary world and every thinking person who
knows what is going on in this world knows that there is what
to be afraid of. 
And this whether he lives in Tel Aviv,
Chicago or Amsterdam or Kuwait or any other place in this
world, the fear is great.  A
nd they are afraid of people
(such as) from Iran, North Korea, Russia or China, etc., from the nuts who run these countries, but after all, they are just a human being.
But there is another fear that is more frightening and deeper
which come from a place that is not seen.
The believers know that this is the fear G-d forbid, from ashem.
They do not believe, they do not know from where to fear, but
they know that there is danger outside their ability of sensible
And this fear - is the truth.
Iran, China, etc., all these countries that frighten the world,
they are not dangerous at all.

Without Heavenly assistance - We, the Jews, lose the
protection - the Heavenly assistance, because of our sins -
and this gives power to the wicked against us.
Unfortunately (I feel sorry), the falsity/lie that has entered into the Jewish nation during the last years removes from us a major protection and this makes me very sad as well as Ben Golden and many of the boys and girls that are regarded as retarded or other brain-damaged.

Why does this disturb us in particular?
This is because of us being detached from this world we are tied closer to the True World, and hence we see the truth clearer and more alive.
We cannot be mixed up like those who are regarded as normal, because of this in the last decade there arrived in this world very important souls whose mission is - to tell the truth and to make an effort to save the Jewish nation.
And this is also a personal tikun for each one of us, but we are not that successful because falsity/lie is so strong that it cannot be easily broken.
And it is hence that the book that tells the truth is very
To read this carefully and that you should know
that all this is true and there is no one in the world that can say
that this is not true, and a part of the warnings have already
happaned/materialized, because a part of the articles was
written 10 years ago and hence proves the truth.
However, more than everything else this is to bring Jews to
teshuvah (repentance), because only teshuvah will save us.
Everybody sees that we are at the end of the world as we know
Everything will change, great dangers, enormous fears,
how shall we go through this unharmed?
Only by means of complete Teshuva/repentance, to leave the
falsity/lies of this world and to re-establish ties with Hashem, in order that we be perfect and then Moshiyach will come with all the good together with him, and then we shall ascend to the Holy Temple with joy and song, but if we shall not repent, G-d forbid, there will not be left many to meet him and to ascend to the Holy Temple there will be G-d forbid very few, and there will be no rejoicing, because these will be those that will remain after the major and difficult wars.
I Daniel bless the entire Jewish nation that we should merit meeting Moshiyach with joy, with great joy and that all of us should reach perfection and real closeness to Hashem.

This is not for the book.

(Daniel asked that the second part of the FC communication,
as appears further on, should not be included in the introduction
to the book, I saw it proper to publish it here).

I also want to tell everybody that this book is very important and one should not wait. Father, contact R. and publish it
This must be immediately, there is not much
time, we should expect many wars, many wars, great fear.
Every soul must be saved. 
Father, I am a very high soul and
you know this that I fix up everything by means of this life
that I find very difficult.
The fact that I am unable to study
[Torah] this is the greatest suffering. 
And now, Father and R.
please do work on this and publish this. Please.
After all, you will get some return on all the suffering that you suffered for me.  But at the same time there will be those who
will yell against this, but not so many, most are seeking
teshuvah, but not from rabbis, but from all kinds of other
sources, such as autists.

They need something like Bilam's donkey that talk,
To such a donkey they will listen -
 to such an out-of-the-way thing.
To regular speech they will not listen!

The time has come, during the past several years, falsity has become ever stronger, and black clouds have covered the
spiritual clouds, but now they time has come that the
truth fights back and the lights breaks here and there the
And now this is the time, do not waste the time
because the world passes from one situation to another at
lightning speed without stopping for a moment. And here is no
time, there is no time.
Father father, this book must go to the entire world and at a
lightning speed without stopping for a minute, it must,
it must.
This is my tikun and of all who are here - even if I hit
you, even if I run wild, you are ready for everything,
now I ask from you, this is my tikun, my tikun has to be made.

(I asked him whether to set up an Internet site with this book)
Of course put it on the Internet, but there is also a need for a book, there must be a book that one can take in one's hand.

I repeat, this is my tikunI have arrived at the matter of most
importance to me in the world.
Another thing - place my
photograph on the introduction, in a facial photograph it is
close that we look normal. 
The introduction that I wrote should
be also translated into English.

(I asked him - when will the Redemption come about, how much time more?)
How much time we have I don't know, but little.

(I asked: is there any connection between the Detachment and the Lebanon war)
This entire war in Gaza and then in Lebanon is to show the Jewish nation where we stand. Their entire army broke down and their dream was shattered and they belief was shattered.
There is no war in which they will be victorious - only Hashem
will win.
Lebanon is just an introduction to what is yet to come
and much, much worse.
This was stopped in order to give the
Jewish nation time to repent, but shortly it will start in a much
more frightening manner.  
The world is at the brink of an
I wish to thank you, it is so important to me,
so important to the Jewish nation, so important that you have
no idea.

(Somebody asked: Daniel, do you have anything to say to your mother?)

My mother, she doesn't need that I write her,
she knows how close I am to her,
she knows how much I love her and how important is she to me.
I am connected to father in a different way. I am connected to father because we are from the same soul.
Mother - is my mother, she cares for me, she loves me.
(End of session).

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