Chapter 8 - Excerpts
 Chapter 8 - Excerpts From Facilitated Communications

(Translated from Hebrew).
All wars that take place in the world are actually one big war-
since Islam wants to rule over the world and Edom (the Christianity) will not allow them to gain control.
The two world
powers -Edom and Yishmael -will fight a dreadful war with
one another. 
They will not stop...they have no problem to
fight...if 500 are killed another 3000 appear. If 3000 are killed
another 9000 appear...they even do not have any problem to
die.  They have no problem to fight and know how to fight.
Yishmael have enormous merits...They are zealots for Hashem. They hate promiscuous behavior and the materialism of the West...They have the brit milah and behave modesty - at least externally - and that endows them with spiritual merits.

The Western World is a "wolf in sheep's clothes" (Externally) -
it wears the clothing of justice, freedom and equal rights.

(Internally) - it is led by physical lusts of this mundane world
(the golden calf). 
The Jews have more spiritual merits than Yishmael and the Western World, but if a Jew behaves like a
non-Jew, if he lives in a world of obscene films, he lacks merits.
(In the war of Yishmael and Edom) one power will overcome the other and the one that will remain will afterward fight the Jewish Nation with its armed forces.(2)
Iran is already assembling an arsenal of long-range missiles and are supplying them to terrorists and also to Syria.
Syria keeps a warehouse of ammunition...and all of them...are altogether unbalanced people...who believe they are messengers of God to save the world, and not only from the Jews...We are not the worst nation on their list...America, England, Europe are what they want, but they will also take care of us...The whole world will be afraid...Throughout everyone - both non-Jews and Jews - are afraid-even if it seems that business is as usual...but everyone internally senses that our present situation is very much not normal.
They all know, even the army, that there will be an enormous and difficult war that will break out from the north.
Not an easy war as before. It will not be easy.
It will be much more difficult. Lebanon was only an introduction to what will a little time it will begin in a much more fearful way. And this time, may God protect us, many more people will be victims...and the world will tremble, and not only Eretz Yisrael.
In the whole world wars will take place that we never dreamed about...and Edom will be destroyed...
No one should be mistaken - Two thirds of the world will be destroyed...
Hashem Himself without any intermediaries will throw on them all hails of fire and ice that will fall on the world...
Things that we never saw...and this will wipe out many countries...and this will not happen in the remote future.
Now open your eyes and look carefully.
You will see all the signs, all the warnings and all the messages that Hashem sends us.
These are messages straight to the Jewish Nation!
It may be messages that are out of the ordinary and enormous floods, earthquakes, strange deaths, brutal wars...all sorts of bizarre occurrences.
The physical world is changing. Icebergs are melting both in the north and the south of the world and are causing seas to rise.
This is all happening lightning-quick and not at a slow pace as people thought it would come about. Even scientists are scared about what is happening. They have no explanation for it...
(I copied the following excerpt from a film called - 
  "An Inconvenient Truth" - that was shown over the Internet
  today on Dec. 31, 2006 that deals with problems of global
  warming, which is the burning world problem that many are
  engaged in preventing. If the great majority of scientists are
  correct, we have another ten years left to avert a serious
  catastrophe that can turn the whole world climate into a
  destructive whirlpool that includes extreme weather, floods,
  droughts, plagues and powerful heat waves that are greater
  than we ever thought could happen.)
Open your eyes and understand that Hashem is directly speaking to us! Directly! Through nature, through wars, through what is happening in the world.
Jewish Nation! Open up your eyes! Open up your eyes and save yourselves. Hashem is taking apart the world of falsity just a
moment before the birth of the world of truth...
Listen carefully.
We are facing the greatest danger that ever was for the Jewish Nation and mankind, and most people in the world comprehend this clearly.
Some people are searching for the true solution.
Some prefer to claim that no problem exists.
Some do not even know what we are talking about.(9)
You should not say that you did not know! Do not say that someone did not tell you! Your future is in your own hands! win...Until now you overlooked...No more!
We want to
enjoy a good life. We want money, success, a good wife,
a good husband, good and healthy children, cars, and credit
cards. You want everything, but what are you giving?
Hashem wants one simple thing - that we live according to the Torah...and do not look for anything else...
You dare not oppose the King of Kings. If you are indolent and live without any conscience, you will then have to face the consequences.
The lust for money, for material gains hurled us downhill and this decline expresses itself also in adultery and infidelity...
You must understand how this works...when a Jew thinks he can live like a non-Jew he removes from himself the protection of HaKadosh Baruch Hu (The Holy One, Blessed be He)...I am now telling you that you lack any are not are not protected...(11)
We who are living in this last generation...are slumbering and Hashem is trying to wake us up...
I am looking out for the Jewish Nation. I am a simple person, an unfortunate autistic man who wants you to return to Hashem and do teshuvah. Save yourselves...
...We are going in the way of Hashem and we will be break the falsity to which we have become accustomed and come nearer to reduce our involvement in the material...we must stop living as in Hollywood...We must return to the truth...
Each one must change himself immediately. One must do it this moment, and it does not take more than a moment.
...This is the message and the truth. It is like a letter from Heaven...I am only the tell you unambiguously what is expected from you...

(Excerpts from a facilitated communication with Binyamin Golden 2006).

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